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White Ray - White Flame and Archangel Gabriel

The fourth Ray of white light (white flame), stands in the middle of the seven rays, and as such it symbolizes a central point, i.e., point of balance and harmony. The white Ray stimulates the creativity, art, and beauty. The white flame is especially sensitive to sounds and colors. Here we can learn discrimination, velocity and search for perfection. The intuitive strength is especially emphasized, as it calls for love, life and understanding. The white ray exhibits the greatest power of purification, which is being manifested through the ability of ascending all spiritual faculties of the individual.

On Wednesday we should perform the White Flame Invocation since the outpouring of this ray is at its maximum. Archangel Gabriel is the most prominent representative from the Angelic kingdom for the white flame, and His task is to channel and distribute the energy of the white Ray. From the choir of Elohim, this ray has Elohim Clair as its main representative.

Archangel Gabriel is an Angel of annunciation and edification. He sustains the perfection of the untainted Divine plan for every individual, for every incarnated Angel, and for the whole planet Earth. Archangel Gabriel is the messenger of God, Angel of the fourth Ray of purity, artistic creation, resurrection and ascension. He gives us hope and teaches us about the virtues of true religion. Archangel Gabriel teaches you that religion means developing love and gratitude for all life, developing love towards God, Who has given life and Who sustains your presence in the universe for so many millions of years, in hope that through yourself you will fulfill your preordination. This task you can fulfill through no other being but yourself, since this is your contribution to the magnificent cosmic texture, that only your life stream can weave and become.

Call up Archangel Gabriel and ask Him for grace and inner purification, to help you dissolve old discordant memories, deeply rooted bad habits, and thought patterns that lower the vibrations of your subtle bodies down. Pray to Archangel Gabriel for order and discipline in your life, so that everything can go smoothly, easily and without friction. Imagine pure white flame around your being, and let your spirit surface and rise to greater spiritual heights.

Ask for His cosmic strength of love, so that you can be resurrection and life of all that is good in your life stream, to be resurrection and life of your eternal youth, beauty, perfect vision, hearing, limitless strength and energy, perfect health, and achieve abundance of money and all good things. Pray to Archangel Gabriel for accomplishment of the Divine plan that has been karmicly determined. All people wear around their necks an invisible plate upon which their karma is clearly written. But hardly anyone of them is interested for this writings and even fewer are willing to work on this issue. So, you try to work on that, have hope and you will succeed. The Divine complement of Archangel Gabriel is Hope.

The most fundamental representatives from the world of crystals for the White Ray (White Flame) are ruby, red zircon, garnet, jasper, dragon eye, and coral, and from the group of black crystals of protection and grounding obsidian, tourmaline and black opal. We connect these crystals to the Muladhara chakra.


julia says:

I was looking absently not intentionally at a painting I had made of a tunnel with a white mare in it that was transport to the oter end. A world with clean air ancient trees and freedom. It is my alternative choice for the future. suddenly I became aware that a flash at the end of the tunnle had crossed my vision. I was shocked. My mind immediately said to me white flame. I then began looking for hints about this message.
. I found your site! Thank you

sunnyray says:

Thanks to you too Julia, and above all for sharing your inspiring vision with us.
With love and light,

Yan Indigo says:

On the day time of 21/12/2010 I had been up all night (GMT), so I laid on my bed late in the after noon. I laid on my back to maditate a little before going to rest, suddenly I see a ball with light pearcing out from it, then it opened up and I could see down a tunnel from the open of the ball which connected with my minds eye, then I started to see a point of light down the tunnel and an Angel figger with rainbow wings which were flapping slowly toward me, it then fadded away and I could see another world with clouds...this seemed to be grey in shades. It then all fadded away. (It was very much like the picture, hence why searched the internet, and I found you/it). However, I then turned over to rest and I could see rainbow colours in my minds eye or eye lids. I would love to hear from others that have seen the same.
Love & Light in One Christ Consciousness x

sunnyray says:

Wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing it with us. On occasion, other people have also reported similar experiences. In order to be able to say something more, it would help if you could say something more about yourself, such as age, sex, health,... and for instance your spiritual interests and aspirations.
With love and light,

Bella says:
I was looking for a date to your article when you state wednesday is the day the white ray is at its maximum.

It was around the last week of February 2011 when this phenomena started entering my life from a lot of ways.

I had a healing done where everything appeared white to the healer, the angels, unicorn, beings, animals, scenes that played out...everything was white. it was actually way too much to type out...ya tons of clues and synchronistic events.

the healer also was taking a picture of me on the beach and the green ray solidified in the picture and then in the next the magenta ray did. There was a blue ball that moved around and was on me in one photo....i usually see these rays come down but had never captured it on a picture before - i could send them to you.

Then today a lady said she saw white around me and that white tara was such an energetic match for me that i would be soon leaving my problems behind and purifying and cleansing and my life will soon blossom.

Then to top it off AAGabriel and I have a big history...that is too much to type too. SO i too would be interested in chatting or insights or links you may feel drawn to gift me with.


sunnyray says:

Hi Bella,

Thanks for reading and sharing your insights. Each day of the week, corresponds, roughly speaking, to one dominant ray. So, every Wednesday the Fourth White Ray has its maximal intensity. As for the pictures, I would be glad to publish them here on this page if you sent them.

Btw., if you like, your story with Archangel Gabriel could be published here in the guest articles section of my site.

With love and light, Olga



A says:


I would like to express my immense gratitude for your work in creating and maintaining this site. I consistently refer to it as a part of my daily routine, and it has supported me considerably on my path to mastery and the realization of my Higher Self. Your work has served as an aid and guide to me in establishing a connection to my inner source of light wisdom. THANK YOU.

With Love, Light, & Life,

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