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Elohim Clair, Elohim of the Fourth Ray

Elohim Clair is one of the Seven Great Elohim that work on our planet Earth. Elohim Clair serves, alongside Archangel Gabriel on the Fourth White Ray of Purity, Artistic expression, Ascension, and Resurrection .

The Great Elohim Claire - Divine Complement Astrea - says:

I Am the Elohim of purity, a living, breathing purity of the electrons that accompany the atoms of your physical body.

I Am alive in each and every body cell whose atoms revolve around the central core.

I Am a living, breathing electronic light of purity in your emotional body.

I Am a living, breathing flame of pure light that you can call upon and permeate the vast sea of your emotional world.

I Am an electronic light also in your etheric aura where the records of your past transgressions have been preserved.

I Am a living, breathing electronic light also in your mental body.

I Am a flame of pure light in all of your auras. I encompass your entire microcosm.

I Am now the expansion of my purity from within every cell and every atom of your microcosm.

I expand from my true nature. It represents cleansing of the entire Earth, cleansing of every single thing on, in, and above Earth.

I instruct that the purity in the heart of every electron in your body is now expanded, expanded, expanded, until there are no limitations or things that keep your life from unraveling, until all the shadows have disappeared.

Prayer to Elohim Clair

To Him you can say the following prayer every Wednesday:

"Beloved Elohim Clair, I love you and bless you for your great service to me and all people.

Permeate me and all people with your pure blazing White Light, which drives away all negative energy streams that would even try to diminish the rates of vibration of my Divine Presence.

I instruct purity in every electron of my aura, my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional body.

Let this purity now be expanded, expanded, expanded, until there are no more limitations or shades of darkness in my entire world.

I thank you so much."

white flame

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Based on the book "Angels" by Olga Rezo.


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