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Archangel Gabriel and His Mission

The fourth of the seven Archangels is Archangel Gabriel. He is responsible for all and every act of Resurrection and Ascension. He rules over the Angels of the White Ray.

Archangel Gabriel is a messenger of the Holy Spirit and a herald of the Divine secrets. He usually appears in front of us holding a branch from Paradise and a mirror made of a colorful jasper stone.

The name of Archangel Gabriel has several meanings: “The Hero of God”, “The Strong Man of God”, and “The Messenger of Good News”.

He is known as the “Heavenly Awakener”, “Peacemaker”, and the most important, “Angel of Annunciation”. He is the main herald of God, bringing Divine revelations wherever needed. You can call on to Archangel Gabriel to help you interpret your visions and prophetic dreams.

Archangel Gabriel helps us realize our dreams and hopes in the light of mercy, truth, knowledge, justice, joy, and love. He comes to announce the birth of Christ in our hearts, as well as in every child’s heart in the mother’s womb. Archangel Gabriel also announces all important spiritual events, such as an impending enlightenment, and brings visions of birth and death.

symbolic representation of the white flame of Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is an Angel of transformation. He teaches us how to use the White Flame of Resurrection to defeat fear and achieve real mastery over the external conditions that often determine our lives more than we want.

The energy waves of the White Ray are especially strong every Wednesday. Among all Angels and Archangels, Archangel Gabriel is in charge of the procurement and channeling of the energies of this Holy Ray.

Archangel Gabriel is the most important Angel of edification. He keeps the Divine plan untainted and perfect for every person, for every incarnated Angel, and for the entire planet Earth.

the white ray instills purity

His skills, especially intense in the area of purity, art, resurrection, and ascension, are bringing us hope and are teaching us about the values of true religion.

Call on Archangel Gabriel and ask Him for more mercy and inner purification, to help you get rid of any old memories, deeply rooted bad habits, and utterly erroneous thought patterns that reduce the vibrations of your world. Pray to Him for order and discipline in your life, for things to go smoothly and without friction.

Your true nature is the glory of the Spirit of light. This Spirit should break free from the material cocoon it has been captured in, and shine as bright as the sun.

Imagine the pure White Flame of this Ray all around you, and let your Spirit find its way to the surface of your consciousness.

Pray to Archangel Gabriel to fill you up with His cosmic power of love. It promotes resurrection of everything that is beneficial and good in your life stream. With His help, you can resurrect your eternal youth, beauty, perfect sight and hearing, infinite strength and energy, perfect health, and a total Divine abundance of money and all good things.

Pray for the fulfillment of the Divine plan karmically designed for you. Be patient and consistent in your prayer. Keep your spiritual growth moving forward and you will succeed.

His Divine Complement, the feminine part of Archangel Gabriel’s nature, is Hope. They act as the highest Angels of God’s Purity, Resurrection, Ascension, and Discipline. They prepare us for our own Resurrection in the Light of God.

We can call on to them to help us stand against everything that goes against that magnificent event. They purify our consciousness and bring hope to the humanity as a whole.

Archangel Gabriel, Divine Complement Hope, Archangel of the Resurrection, says:

“Religion is not just a matter of ceremony. Religion is, above all, a matter of every day, every hour, every minute life. Religion is a matter of comprehensive, normal, and broad mind, and a matter of discipline, self-composure, and contemplation.

Religion infers being able to develop love and gratitude toward all life, toward God Who Has given life, and Who supports our presence in the Universe for so many billions of years, hoping that we will fulfill our own predetermined destiny, something we can do only through ourselves. That is our contribution to the magnificent cosmic fabric, which only our life stream is capable to weave and become.”

Prayer to Archangel Gabriel

Every Wednesday, you can direct the following prayer to Archangel Gabriel (also check out this invocation):

“Beloved Archangel Gabriel, I love you and bless you for everything that you mean for me and for all people. Please send your cosmic energy of love to help me execute the following decrees:
I am the resurrection and life of everything that is good in my life stream!
I am the resurrection and life of my eternal youth and beauty, my perfect sight and hearing, my endless strength and energy, and my perfect health!
I am the resurrection and life of my unlimited God’s Abundance in money and all good things!
I am the resurrection and life of the absolute perfection of my world and my Divine plan, which is now accomplished.
I thank you so much.”

With this prayer we can associate the Muladhara chakra and crystals of red and black color.


Based on the book "Angels" by Olga Rezo.


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