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Water Charging by Using Crystals

If you have an already charged crystal you can use it to charge and sort of purify (in the metaphysical sense) your drinking water. This procedure is very similar to using crystals for preparing crystal elixirs. Primarily you can charge your drinking water, but also you can positively affect your cooking water, bath water, the water you use for your animals, plants, and so on.

It is important to know that ONLY certain crystal can be used, that is, NOT all crystals are suitable for charging. In fact, some of them can cause considerable problems and be a health hazard. You should check every potential crystal or stone you intend to use and find out if they are potentially dangerous, that is, if you are allowed to put them in water and use them for charging (see the last paragraph for some examples of such crystals). That said, you can certainly use a great number of crystals that are safe, and in doing so, you can charge your drinking water with different types of energy.

Because of the considerations in the previous chapter, here we are going to limit ourselves to using just plain Rock Crystal - Quartz. In particular, I would suggest using clear quartz single crystal points. Your chosen piece of Rock Crystal should be spotlessly clean. It should be without cracks or impurities of any kind. If you don't have Rock Crystal in a crystalline form you can use tumbled Quartz. That is basically the same material. Avoid using raw pieces as they may break and cause ingestion concerns. Also, if you want to use a quartz geode or a cluster, you may find that it is not so easy to clean all the areas. In addition, with geodes or clusters there is a matrix present which might contain foreign elements. Therefore, avoid geodes, and stick to the single pieces, or if you have to use them, put them on the outside of your water container. Yes, that's an alternative method of charging water, to put your crystals close to the water container, not actually in it.

tumbled rock crystals

Even better than rock crystal I personally like to use Herkimer diamonds. They are natural double terminated silica points, of basically the same microscopic structure as quartz. They are not as expensive as their name suggests and everyone can afford them.

herkimer diamonds

What You Will Need

You will need your chosen crystal, several glass containers and a plastic wrap.

Step by step guide

If you are starting from a newly acquired rock crystal point use the following steps:

  1. Rinse your crystal by using running water. Let the water run for at least 2-3 minutes. This will cleanse not only the surface dust, but also the accumulated "inner, energy dust".
  2. Charge your crystal prior to using it for charging water. Use your own energy, or some external energy source. In the first case, hold it in your hands. Project into it your positive thoughts and emotions, for example your energy of healing, prosperity, or0 love. Don't rush the process - give your rock crystal some time so that it is properly charged. In the second case, use for example the energy of the sun. Put your crystal in the early morning sunlight, and let it absorb sun's active energy for several hours.
  3. Take a glass container filled with water. Instead of using tap water, use natural mineral or spring water. Use tap water only if you absolutely have to. Place your crystal into the container and cover it with a plastic wrap to prevent dust and other particles to pollute the water. Note: I have seen some webpages recommend using distilled water for charging. Don't do that. You shouldn't use distilled water, as it lacks all of water's electrolytes and and all of the trace elements which are as important at the water itself.
  4. Find a spot in your house where you can leave the prepared container undisturbed. Leave the glass container overnight and your drinking water is ready. If you want to use it for bathing or as water for your garden, you can leave it there for several days.
  5. Once the water is charged, take the crystal out and pour it into a glass bottle. You will get a brilliant, charged water.
charged water

That's it. Once charged, this type of water will carry a more intense, vitalized vibration and if you used your own energy for charging, it will be loaded with your positive energy and intention.


If you intend to use other types of crystals, rather than Rock Crystal, check first for potential health hazards of that particular type of crystal or stone. Remember that you are putting a stone into water, a stone that potentially might release some harmful impurities and not so healthy elements into it. Also make sure that you have a single phase specimen.

Here are some examples. They do not exhaust the entire list of hazardous stones. First, crystals that contain copper or lead should never be used. This group includes Azurite, Malachite, Galena, Chalcopyrite, and others. Hematite as an iron based stone should not be put in water as prolonged exposure to water makes it rust. Some salt crystals dissolve in water, so they should be avoided too. Other stones, like for example Tiger's Eye, contain asbestos and likewise should not be used for charging water.


Thompson says:

I got green aventurine and green amazonite green, i mean can i combine in porket to use. Again how long will it takes gemstones to accomplish your wishes.

sunnyray says:

Hi Thompson. I'm not sure what your question was. Gemstones can sort of "support" you in your attempts to accomplish your wishes, but they are just auxiliary tools, so that you can better focus your energy. To that end, you would need to program them.

Anne Six says:

I usually charge my crystals under a full moon. Can I do this when the moon is a blood moon and a super full moon at the same time?

sunnyray says:

I believe you can, provided that you know exactly what kind of energy impact this combination has on your crystal.

shae says:

My question is can I charge my color stones in charged water?

sunnyray says:

I don't see why not, although one usually uses stones to charge water. But I guess, the other way around should work as well.

Vaishnavi says:

I heard through word of mouth that Sugilite and Kunzite cannot be directly immersed in water for charging. Is that so? In that case, can I use them in the secondary charging technique? Thanks!

sunnyray says:

I don't think you will have any problem cleansing or charging either of them by using water. As for charging water with them, that's another question altogether.

Vaishnavi says:

Sorry about sounding ambiguous. Yes, I wanted to know about the safety of Kunzite and Sugilite elixirs.

sunnyray says:

It depends on the quality and purity of the stones. The stones shouldn't be raw or rough. Also, you never know what impurities there might be present. That said, you can still use them for charging, even if you are not sure about their safety. Just don't immerse them in water. Put them immediately outside the water container.

Maria Luisa Diaz says:


Kris says:

I have bought a Rose Quartz. Is it safe to charge water and drink it? And how offten can this water be used, amounts? Thank you

sunnyray says:

Yes, provided that the Rose quartz is pure, clear, without foreign elements, and with smooth surface. If you are not sure, you can always place your stone close to the water container, but on the outer side. You can choose the frequency and amount of water to serve your needs.

Lackren says:

Can i use natural water to charge Amethyst pendulum also as well as Green Adventurine pendulum. if so, how long the Amethyst pendulum would stay inside the water.

sunnyray says:

It is usually the other way around. Use crystals to charge water, not water to charge crystals. But, nothing speaks against using the element of water to charge your crystals if you want to do that for some special purpose. Make sure you have as pure a water as you can find. I would leave each pendulum for at least 24 hours immersed inside.

Summer says:

Besides quartz & herkimer, what are your 3 or so favorite crystals to charge water for drinking? -side note, what crystal do you use to mitigate EMFs in your home? Thanks for this great info, on my way to pick up a herkimer!

sunnyray says:

I personally only use quartz and herkimer. Never had the need to use anything else. As for mitigating EMF, I would suggest Fe and Cu based minerals, or any other good grounding stone. For example, pyrite, hematite, malachite, black tourmaline.

RESHMA says:

I have bought a rose quartz egg crystal. I want to charge my drinking water with it. Kindly advise.
Also if you can recommend how i can use it to derive maximum benefit.

sunnyray says:

Rose quartz is generally considered a safe stone for water charging. If you want to be extra careful, put it on the outer side of the water container, it should do the job just fine.

Summer says:

can a smokey quartz crystal be used?

sunnyray says:

Smoky quartz crystals should be safe too.

Joe says:

I just charged my water. I used several stones. And i used a tigers eye stone is it safe to touch the water ?

sunnyray says:

Just to be safe I wouldn't use Tiger's eye for charging inside the water container. You never know the actual composition, impurity elements, etc.

Jo says:

If the water was not intended to be used for consumption would charging be more potent with demineralised water?

sunnyray says:

Very interesting question indeed. I have to admit I haven't given much thought to this idea. Of course, you are right, it wouldn't be wise to drink demineralised water. But, if it will be more potent for other purposes? Could be. Maybe someone has tried that and would care to share?

Edina Worthington says:

Which is the best crystal to buy to purifi water and it is safe to use.

sunnyray says:

Hi Edina
Just to be clear here, you cannot purify water by using crystals. You can only charge clean water to activate it, and make it more potent and pure in the metaphysical sense of the word. If the water is polluted, crystals won't help. Of course, with polluted water one could try using Zeolites, and active carbon, but that's not something you should be doing on your own. There are systems developed for that use specifically. So, don't ever try to purify polluted water with crystals!

Tracy says:

Is it safe to drop crystals into my well? And which ones? Feeling the need to do this. Thanks

sunnyray says:

You should explore the potential safety issues with every crystal you would like to drop. For starters, I would use rock crystal. Preferably, well polished transparent bulky specimens.

Estelle says:

Hi I have a rose quartz, an am????thyst geode, angel aura quartz And carnelian. Which one can I charge water for my pets to be living long healthy lives.

sunnyray says:

I wouldn't use the geode, as its matrix may crumble in the water. Tumbled or single-crystal Rose quartz, angel aura quartz and carnelian should be fine.

Trecia says:

I would like to know can a tourmaline quartz be soaked in water and used as drinking water to get rid of negative energy and prevent negative energy from surrounding me

sunnyray says:

You can try, it certainly can't hurt. Relying solely on charged water to get rid of surrounding negative energies might be overly ambitious. Depending on the source of negativity (radiation, negative people) you might want to use other methods too. For example, regular meditation practice can do wonders.

Donna says:

I charge my well water with herkimer quartz crystals. Is it OK to leave them in a glass container that we tap the water from into a glass as we need? (Don't take them out) and how often should those quartz being used be charged?

sunnyray says:

I believe herkimer is one of the best crystals to charge water with. That said, if you use them as you describe, make sure their surface is smooth, without impurities or other crystalline phases mixed in, and without cracks that could possibly erode into your drinking water. I don't think any special charging of the herkimer crystals is needed. Once in a while, just let them stay out in the morning sun for a couple of hours. That's it.

Tony says:

Contains Natural antioxidants called fullerenes that attract and neturalize waterbourne contaminants.

Been using it for a while.

Otherwise tape a small ziplock bag ontop of your water filter and put in some others like malachite for stress or apophylite for higher frequency.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for sharing Tony. If I may ask, what's your take on charging water with Shungite? Is it only the physical benefits or you get some metaphysical ones too?

Tabatha says:

Can you put the crystals in a glass then put inside a container of water where the level is of course below the glass.. that way the crystal does not get wet and water does not get contaminated if the crystal is water soluble?

sunnyray says:

Yes, that's a good idea not to contaminate the water whenever you're not sure what's in the crystal or how pure it is.

Medicine says:

Hey, I need some advice.
I charge/cleanse my gems often, either in the sun, meditation or putting it under the ground.

I want to start putting my stones in a cup of water.

My question is; can I combine a variety of stones in the bucket, for how long, and what are the effects/benefits by drinking it?

sunnyray says:

I would suggest to start with a single type of stones, and work your way up from there. Each type is supposed to bring a certain type of energy and benefits, but you will have problems tracking how they affect your body if you mix all of them together.

SU says:

I am using a small crystal ball quartz are there any particular energies from balls?

sunnyray says:

Yes the ball shape is thought to have distinct characteristics. Check out this post.

BETTY says:

It has been recommended to me to charge my drinking water with Tourmaline. There are so many different types ... Any recommendation would be helpful before purchasing. Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi Betty. If I had to choose for myself, I would choose Green Tourmaline. That's the type of Tourmaline I am attracted to the most. I suggest you also choose the one that "speaks" to you.

Anne-Maarit Ahomaa says:

Hello. I have used 3 small and beautiful hematite stones in water for a bit over a week now. Wanted to check if that's alright? Water tastes great!

sunnyray says:

Not really sure if that's the best way to charge water. Hematite is an iron based stone, and iron in water is not the best combination. I would suggest checking out the possible safety issues with an expert.

Steph says:

Hi, I just wanted to ask if amethyst is safe to put directly in water or of the indirect way is best? Thank you!

sunnyray says:

Hi Steph. Amethyst should be one of the safer stones to be put directly in water. Still, before doing that check your crystal for impurities and its surface for irregularities.

Agung says:

What about using green serpentine that looks like a jade or black serpentine to charge the water? Thank you..

sunnyray says:

I would be very careful with serpentine. A lot of different stones including asbestos are being sold as serpentine. If you are not sure about the chemical composition of your serpentine, place it outside the water container to be 100 percent safe.

Sue says:

I have put a quartz into a plastic water bottle, I fill it half way freeze it overnight then add water in the morning so I have ice cold water through the day at work I did this with three bottles to get the crystals out I would have to cut the bottles open so when I am finished with them I fill the bottle with water again refreeze it and put water in it the next morning to have my ice water bottle that is when I hold it and say a prayer to the crystal will this work or am I cleansing the intended Energy's every time I freeze it I didn't know that freezing cleansed it until I read up on it so I'm wondering is there no point to charge the crystal before I put the bottle into the freezer what is the best way to do this if I don't want to take the crystal in and out of the bottle every time . I'm also wondering when I put it in the freezer in my cleansing the crystals unwanted energies into the water and then drinking that water which is not what I intend or can I still drink that water if I charge it with thought the next day I'm wondering if I am doing this right or wrong thank you thank you

sunnyray says:

I have several concerns here. First is the use of plastic bottles, which is not the best choice in my opinion. Plastic bottles have their own health concerns, like Bisphenol A in some types of plastics, etc. Thus, I always use glass containers. The second is freezing. I fail to see what freezing would bring to the charged water. When I charge my drinking water with crystals, I leave it during the day and overnight on the table. That way the water can also pick up some of the natural irradiation, like for example infra red or visible light. I always use previously charged crystals, so they can transfer the intention they have been charged with to the water. Hope this helps.

Alice Vanesa says:

READ book
The 2 authors are scientists and they say only need
amethyst or quartz crystals.
I also have used herkimer crystals as well!

There is a water called Penta Water.
It's in a safe plastic ( for it only.)
It's gone thru a multi million patented scientifically proven process
This process purifies the water better than anything man has on the market.
That means it doesn't have minerals in it.....
Get your minerals from veggies and foods.
Details on that reasoning....I can give later.
Penta also is broken down with sound so your
body can receive it as single pentamers.
Your body doesn't hydrate when you drink water! You have to use energy to break down billions of molecules of water just to get less than 3 % of it in your cells! WOW!
I teach people this and that means we are all dying slowly of dehydration.
We need to get those molecules in the right size and structure to hydrate/enter our cells!

When You put the Quartz or Amethyst in
Penta water it's amazing! The charge works within a few hours and is the closest you'll get
to an aquifer charged by mother earth for 100's of years .
I don't know any other water I would drink today....Penta does NOT pick up any plasticizers from the bottle because it's repelled by the oxygen that is put in to stabilize the structured single pentamer molecules into continual suspension. This is truly amazing.
No gimmick. All proven and patented. I don't have any affiliation with company.
I help people with their health, while I am working to completely heal myself.
In June 2000 I had my first Penta water. It changed my life in one bottle!

Although I understand the above reasoning for NOT using demineralized water.....
I disagree and believe in recharging with the pure silica and minerals of the quartz to create
a pure hydrogen delivery system to our cells!

Alice Vanesa

Alice Vanesa says:



sunnyray says:

Thanks Alice for the great tips and suggestions. Nothing speaks against trying with Vogel Crystal, that's for sure.

Jen says:

I've been using aqua aura and angel aura in my water to charge it. I can't find any info about their safety. What do you think?
Thank you

sunnyray says:

Both are varieties of quartz, with some (artificially) incorporated gold, silver, or platinum impurities. Quartz is very safe. If the implanted impurities are firmly attached to the quartz crystal structure, then I would say that the whole combination is safe. I am not familiar with the way of manufacturing of these crystals, so I cannot say anything for sure. And I guess it also depend on the particular process of production.

Charlotte says:

Is Tourmaline infused crystal water safe to take internally ?

sunnyray says:

People do prepare Tourmaline elixirs, but there are so many different types of tourmaline with different quality that I would be very careful.

Marleena says:

Isn't Onyx a rock chrystal?
Is it a good idea to charge drinking water with it?
Should I possibly show it to some one who could tell if there is any impurities in it?
Thank you for your answer!

sunnyray says:

No it isn't. It's another structure. You would need chemical analysis to know for sure, so if you don't know anything about your onyx stone, its impurities and origin, don't charge water with it. Thanks for commenting.

Carlen Vasbinder says:

I have some quartz crystals that I mined myself in Little Rock, Arkansas. I have cleaned them several times very well and used some type of acid (can't remember what) in a slow cooker even. That was several years ago. Are these safe to use to charge water?

sunnyray says:

It's hard to generalize, but quartz crystals are among the safest crystals to be used for water charging. I use them myself (in the form of Herkimer diamond, which is a special type of rock crystal) every day to charge my water. Unless the acid has created some sort of chemical reaction (or products thereof) on the surface. I have no idea about the reactivity of rock crystal, so I cannot say for sure. I hope this helps.

Anita says:

I am just learning about crystals in water. I get tension/migraines. Also looking for weight loss. Which crystal do you recommend?

Thank you,

sunnyray says:

Hi Anita. For migraines you may want to try jet, lapis lazuli, or rhodochrosite, but DON'T put them in water. For water charging alwasy use pure perfectly clear crystals without any impurities, like rock crystal.

Georgia says:

I have just been hearing about crystals in water and the metaphysical energy the body receives from it. I'm going to find some Herkimer diamonds right now. Do I just let them sit in the bottom of my glass bottle? and take them out when I'm ready to drink it?
And you mentioned in the last post that jet, lapis lazuli and rhodochrosite help with migraines. How would I use them to help with my tension migraines?

sunnyray says:

Exactly, you can do the procedure just the way you describe it. As for the other crystals, the best way is to program them with your intention and keep them by your side.

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