By Shane Darbey

For thousands of years people have been interested in Crystals, they have used them as jewelry and as money making objects. It is only in the last two or three hundred years or so that they have been used as more than just a meer object from the Earth. But more so in the last 15 years.

In the last 20 or so years I have Studied and Researched Crystals. Gained qualifications and learnt knowledge, experience and wisdom on Earth stones, rocks and gems. In this time I have collected a vast variety of different Crystals, Gem Stones, Rocks and Fossils.

The Healing properties of Crystals has always made me ponder about just how much energy is stored within the crystal (in some of them it's limitless). Some have energy for a specific purpose and then crumble away to dust.

As time accelerates at a even faster pace, we evolve and transgress towards enlightenment, the crystals help us to move positivly forward on our way to assention.

crystal skull I found that, when working with a Crystal, I could link in with the crystal to get the healing propities from it to help me in my life, or for those around me who I would use the Crystal on (Crystal Healing).

Like a lot of people, Crystal Healing has become a way of life for us. But for me it would only be the start of a wonderful journey.

Being Mediumistic I love Mind-Body-Soul Shows and try to attend as many as possible when not standing at them as a medium, doing readings for those in need. Or selling Crystals (lol I wish I was selling a Crystal, I give more away than I sell), usually to those who I feel need it more than I need the Cash.

I came across a stall that had Crystal skulls on it and was amazed at them. However, I linked in with the crystal skulls and thought - wow this was something amazing. The Crystal Skulls had a personality, a personality of a being, and it didnt have to be of a human either.

Over time I have experienced and Researched so much about Crystal skulls that I started to collect them, something I am very proud to say I am glad I did. I now run Workshops using and working with my Collective of Crystal Skulls, going around the country giving talks and workshops, Meditations, readings from the Crystal Skulls to help people Heal and change their lifes for the better.

My website has some great information on it.

Since I started Workshops on Crystal Skulls, this subject has progressively become more and more popular here in the UK. We on average take our Skulls Workshops to at least two different locations every month, and are being asked to do more events and Mbs shows as well as private functions or parties.

What I have found is that the Skulls have the same qualities as the same kind of Crystal Has, but The Skull has a Personality too, so it makes the connection with us more easier.

The workshops are proving very successful in helping people to positivly move forward and upwards, help their selfs to regain their happy lifes back and positively move forwards. Something Everyone is entitled to do.

Thanks to the Aid of A collection of Crystals and Collective of Crystal Skulls that Mother Earth has provided for me to use.

We can try to bring more peace and harmony to people's lives thanks to the Crystals help

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Written by Shane Darbey. Visit for information on crystal skulls.


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