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The Only 5 Crystals You Need To Boost Your Mood By Marcus

chevron amethyst

Crystals and rocks contain the same ingredients and minerals that exist in human body. They possess vibrational energy which can transport their healing power into our bodies. Each crystal has its own benefits, and the ones that are especially helpful with emotional balance, stress relief and relaxation are listed below... Read more

Common Gemstones With Their Uses By Hwh Crystals

chiastolite egg

Gemstones are considered as the most stunning things that are firmly associated with the Earth. And, they have a special connection with every person’s date of birth. Each of us has his or her own birthstone. Also, that birthstone is the stone you are unequivocally associated with and will react to... Read more

Christmas and Crystals — 5 Gemstones You Cannot Miss This Festive Season! By Hwh Crystals

chiastolite egg

The most awaited time of the year is almost here. Everywhere you go you can see that the Christmas trappings have made their way into the shops, homes and lots more. The end of the year is fast approaching and yes, the festive season is here to make your life more cheerful. It is a popular time for family gatherings and celebrations... Read more

Which Crystals Can Help You to Boost Your Mind and Intuition Power? By Hwh Crystals

malachite pyramid

Since ages people have been using and believing in crystals for different purposes. Their power to heal, attract and protect make them worth using. Not only this, these sacred gifts from Mother Earth are now highly valued for boosting the mind power and enabling to change life for the better... Read more

Is Crystal Healing Safe?? By Hwh Crystals

various crystals

A lot of people have a fascination about crystals. They believe that the crystals possess mystical power, which are used for healing purposes. Many others believe that crystals also encourage spirituality and can bring a positive transformation in their life. But, is it really safe to be actively involved with crystal healing and their power? Let’s explore more... Read more

Wholesale Jewelry Findings: Contrast and Complement By wjf

wholesale jewelry findings

Sometimes you need a little extra to feel complete. So all the pieces come together, until it makes perfect sense; sometimes the magic is in a piece of jewelry. Jewelry findings may not add to the show of an ornament, but they are just as important as all the other pieces. Clasps, eye pins, head pins, bead caps, lever backs; trust them to keep it together, literally. Wholesale jewelry findings come in a range of metals. Sterling silver with a divine glimmer, gold filled with a sensational majesty, copper with a rustic allure, and brass – chic and unique... Read more

The World's Largest Cushion Cut Diamond By sunny breeze

large cushion cut diamond

What do you think, where would you go in order to see the one of the biggest diamonds in the world? Many would probably point it the direction of some of the European Royal Families, but in the video below you will see one gigantic faceted diamond of over 200 carats. Please note that you're going to have to wait till near the end of the video in order to see the jewel, but it is worth it. This, to be exact, 218.08 carats diamond is simply fabulous... Read more

Peace Dove Charm Bracelet By sunny breeze

charm bracelet

If you are looking for a charm bracelet that incorporates a note of classic symbolism and a really nice funky style fashion, the Peace Dove Bracelet could be your best choice. This is a very affordable bracelet, rated very highly by the customers who purchased it online. For a fraction of money often needed to buy a single euro bead or Italian charm, you will get five charms hanging on a serpentine chain with a lobster clasp nicely shaped in a form of a beautiful heart... Read more

Top 10 Things To Ask Your Jewelers By Tom Moore

diamond rings

Those new to jewelry shopping might not know what to ask a jeweler when it comes to picking out the right necklace, ring, loose stone, or other precious gift. In order to get the best value, a great shopping experience, and of course, the best jewels for your needs, it’s important to ask these ten questions... Read more

Man-made Diamonds and Real Diamonds By moissanite

created diamond fancy color

Have you ever wondered how different man made diamonds are when compared to their genuine, earth mined relatives? Here is a post that will try to clear up that dilemma. While some replacement stones, like moissanite diamonds or cubic zirconia, are also intended to simulate real diamonds, they are of completely different composition and structure, so we will focus our attention only on the artificially created diamonds... Read more

Dosha Gemstones By sunny breeze

dosha stones`

In addition to the visual attraction, wearing gemstone jewelry has other, less known benefits. All gemstones possess powerful vibrations that radiate into the aura of the person wearing them, and into the surrounding space. This is a well known fact in Chakra Healing. Dosha is a term related to the Vedas. It has its origin in the ancient wisdom of India. As a part of the Vedas, Ayurveda is a Hindu system of traditional medicine. It literally means science of life... Read more

The Color and Quality of Jadeite and Nephrite By jadegemstone

nephrite jade ornament

Under the name of Jade we refer to two different types of minerals, both of which are very well known for their application as jewelry materials. One of them is called jadeite and the other one is nephrite. In practice, it is important to be able to tell the difference between the two. Both jadeite and nephrite can look similar to each other. Judging from the color alone is usually not enough to be able to discriminate between the two materials. Today there is still some confusion, even amongst the experts... Read more

Popular Charm Bracelets Brands By sunny breeze

charm bracelet charm

There are many different brands of charms, including Zoppini, Pandora, Boxing, Rembrandt, Juicy Couture, Carisma, Linx, Pugster, Passavinti, Patrizia, Tiffany, Puzzle, Ryry, Casa D Oro, Disney and many others. It is hard to list them all, and in this article we will make no such attempt. Instead, we will concentrate on a couple of them, based on our personal preferences... Read more

The World’s Largest Jade By Stephanie

huge jade stone

The world's largest pure gemstone quality jade named "Polar Pride" was discovered in British Columbia in the vicinity of Dease Lake. It weighed 18 tones, and see the photo of this rough stone below. Note that this is the largest jade every found of gemstone quality... Read more

Moissanite vs Cubic Zirconia: the Beauty and the Beast By moissanite

moissanite gemstone

What is the difference between Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia? This question is not so difficult to answer given that both stones perform so differently in many respects. The main thing that they share is the fact that they are man made stones and that they are diamond simulants. That means that they try to mimic the look and feel of genuine diamonds... Read more

The Lemurians and the Seed Crystal By Rachael Avery

lemurian seed crystal

Have you ever wondered where Lemurian Seeded Crystals come from? Or about their name in general? Lemurian Seed Crystals were left here by an ancient civilization called the Lemurians. Lemuira used to be a huge continent between India and Madagascar back when the world was the land mass known as Pangaea. It was thought to have sunk beneath the ocean do to a cataclysmic event, which is the most plausible place that that could have happened since the ring of fire located there and that portion of the world, that Lemuria would have been in, has the most frequent earthquakes over anywhere in the world... Read more

Giving Gemstones/Crystals As Gifts - Kate's Story By Kate

tiger's eye

In the past, it wasn't uncommon for me to give gemstones/ crystals away. One day, a missing crystal I had, appeared in a frequently visited box of jewelry. It was missing for over 10 years. Once I saw it, I knew it didn't "belong" to me anymore and it needed to move on. Instantly, the person to give it to popped in my head... my best friend... Read more

Carbonado: The Amazing Black Diamond By Zeke Nicholson

carbonado stone

Traditional diamonds have a fair amount of variation in terms of carat (size), color, and clarity, but there is one particular member of the diamond family that may have an even grander origin story than its classic brethren: “The Black Diamond... Read more

What Are Crystal Water Pearls and What Can They Be Used For? By Crystal Water Beads

black toumaline

Crystal water pearls are an innovative and unique type of beads or pearls for cut flowers and plants. These beads are made of hydrating polymer that soaks in water and causes the beads to swell. Their consistency transforms becoming bouncy, squishy and slippery, almost gel-like. These colorful beads or pearls are placed at the bottom of decorative centerpieces and floral arrangements. In a clear glass container, these colorful shining beads look like crystal balls and they tend to change the color of water... Read more

Stones That Produce Negative Ions By l.m.

black toumaline

Although called negative, the negative ions possess a lot of positive health benefits and in general are capable of creating positive emotional states. Let us see first what the deffinition of positive and negative ions is. Physics tells us that positive ions are atoms or molecules that have lost one or more electrons, therefore having shortage of electrons. Negative ions on the other hand have gained one or more additional electrons, which, because of the negative elemental charge of the electron, make the system negatively charged as a whole... Read more

Ill-Treated Diamonds: A Girl's Arch-Nemesis By Kat

treated diamond

Beauty, perfection, timelessness: these are traits commonly associated with diamonds. We would all like to think that each and every diamond that graces every piece of jewelry underwent at least some form of tedious process of cutting and polishing--whatever it is that transforms them from translucent chunks of mineral to the perfect starry gem, looking like it was just plucked out, by hand, from the very night sky... Read more

Diamonds, Gold And Silver: A Look At Their Markets By Fran Delaney

gold coins

There are a lot of methods through which the price of diamonds are set. However, below are the some of the most important channels of distribution and guidelines the diamond business is using nowadays... Read more

5 Celebrity Jewellery Trends That We love For SS '12 By Zoe

cocktail ring

They live their lives in the limelight and every move they make, as well as every outfit they wear, is scrutinised with a magnifying glass. Celebrities have to acclimatise themselves to living in glasshouses and have to shoulder the responsibility of often setting the trends in fashion and jewellery... Read more

Peridot Jewellery And Its Properties By Parriss

peridot lose stone

With its glimmering green hue, peridot has been confused with emerald. Despite this confusion, it has become an attractive stone in its own right, often used in peridot jewellery and other decorative pieces.

Although a perfectly respectable gemstone today, peridot has rubbed shoulders with the great and the good. This is thanks to its aforementioned ability to camouflage itself as an emerald, albeit not through choice. Where precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds were set into jewellery, crowns and clothing, peridot would also sit sparkling. It is believed that many of Cleopatra's emeralds were peridot,.. Read more

Birthstones - Their Story By Parriss

ruby birthstone

Birthstones make fantastic gifts for numerous people in the family. Giving someone a birthstone can be something very special and is something that can be attached to a wide range of other jewellery, or items. Birthstones are often given according to the month the person is born on, or as a Zodiac-related gift, depending on the person's star sign... Read more

Most Popular Engagement Rings in the US By Emily

various bracelets

One of the most important purchases you will make in your life is your engagement ring.  An engagement ring will last throughout the ages and the memories around it will last a lifetime.  That is why it is important to be thoroughly informed and knowledgeable when it comes to picking out the perfect ring for her.  There is no need to rush or to pick a ring out on a whim... Read more

Bold Jewelry: Frost Yourself By Erin Prickett

various bracelets

Remember that scene in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” when Andie (Kate Hudson) “frosts” herself with the Isadora?  Women everywhere watch this movie moment in awe, wishing they too could bedazzle themselves with a beautiful yellow diamond.  Hudson completely transforms her simple, elegant dress with one piece of jewelry.  That’s what makes “frosting” so special and desirable.... Read more

Jewelry Through Time By Cameron Harris

ancient jewelry item

Jewelry has long been a favored way of enhancing one's appearance. For thousands of years, people throughout the world have transformed precious stones and metals into beautiful jewelry used not only for decoration, but also to show religious beliefs and commemorate important occasions. Traditionally, a bride and groom exchange wedding rings to symbolize their union. Many espoused Christians wear the crucifix to illustrate their spiritual conviction. Millions of men and women wear jewelry simply because they enjoy accessorizing themselves. From the past to the present, there are myriad reasons for wearing jewelry, be it simple or elaborate... Read more

Murano Glass Jewelry By Murano Lover

Murano Glass Jewelry is a one-of-a-kind, filigree jewelry produced from murano glass. One has to be a specially trained Venetian glass makers in order to be able to master the craft of glass making. They are real artists capable of producing hand crafted Murano earrings, pendants, Murano bracelets, beads, Murano sets, and even Murano watches of extraordinary quality. Silica is a type of amorphous quartz material - SiO2. The masters of murano glass jewelry use it as a starting material for glass production... Read more

Blood on Your Hands - Conflict Diamonds Explained By April May

Blood diamonds, or Conflict Diamonds as they are less emotively known are those believed to be funding military action by illigitimate forces around the globe. The United Nations defines conflict diamonds as, that originate from area controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments, and are used to fund military action in opposition to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the Security Council.... Read more

Unusual Engagement Rings Designs For Your Loved Ones By Whiteflash

The most stressful part with engagements is choosing unusual engagement rings designs that would catch the attention of your girlfriend as well as the friends and family of your girlfriend. In choosing engagement rings, you do not consider only what your girlfriend will think about the ring but also what the family and the friends think about the design of the ring... Read more

The Triskele - Deciphering An Ancient Celtic Symbol By Ciara O'Brien

The hypnotic curves of the Celtic Triskele will always retain their air of mystery - however, throughout the centuries, historians have worked hard to gain a deeper understanding of this ancient triple spiral design. Composed of three curving spirals, linked at the center, this symbol is also known as the Triskelion... Read more

Crystal Skulls By Shane Darbey

For thousands of years people have been interested in Crystals, they have used them as jewelry and as money making objects. It is only in the last two or three hundred years or so that they have been used as more than just a meer object from the Earth. But more so in the last 15 years. ... Read more

The Current Economics of Gold and Silver By Andy M

In the past year the price of gold has increased dramatically, being brought into the public perception by the adverts and under-designed and fitted shops claiming cash for gold. With the gold market firmly in the publics eye, we take a moment to understand if the demand for silver has increased and what is happening to the price of this precious metal ... Read more