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Christmas and Crystals — 5 Gemstones You Cannot Miss This Festive Season!

By Hwh Crystals

The most awaited time of the year is almost here. Everywhere you go you can see that the Christmas trappings have made their way into the shops, homes and lots more. The end of the year is fast approaching and yes, the festive season is here to make your life more cheerful. It is a popular time for family gatherings and celebrations.

Well, among the goodwill shared, it is also important to maintain a light and hearty cheerfulness. Also it is important to keep those unwanted aggravations away. And here comes the crystal power. Yes, it is the best way to make Christmas time cheery and safe from the negative energies and bring peace into the home. Though there are several crystals which would be suitable to you and your loved ones in one way or another, there are some crystals offering remarkable energies to make your time memorable.

If you are looking for certain stones you can bring home or gift to special people around you, just go with the ones listed below.

Chiastolite as a sphere

Chiastolite: The power to balance one’s perspective in both practicality and creativity, which makes it a perfect Christmas crystal. Generally, chiastolite is considered as devotion towards awareness and yes, it dispels negativity significantly. It helps understand the realization of immortality and assimilate during times of change. Giving a proper insight to the answers when problem solving, it is used as a gateway into the mysterious. It assists facing reality and overcoming fear and anxiety.

Jade as an egg Jade green egg

Jade: When it comes to choosing a stone with several benefits, jade is a clear winner. The reason being, it is a stone used for emotional balance, stamina, love, courage, wisdom, justice, mercy, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, harmony and much more. In Ancient Chinese culture it has been used for centuries as a health, wealth and longevity stone. Having a gentle healing energy, it helps get rid of negative thoughts and energy. Moreover, this humbling stone benefits both physical and spiritual senses.

Gold stone egg

Goldstone: It is known to be a man-made stone and it is available in different colours like green, blue, brown, and red. These stones are usually accented with glittery metallic material in it. Goldstone is mostly used for a gentle uplift and to reduce stomach tension, protecting the centre of the human body.

Opal stone

Opal: It is another multiple functioning stone which can be used to boost visualization, imagination, healing and dreams too. Opal correlates with your emotions and can store your emotions and thoughts. It can be used to clarify and amplifying those buried emotions and desires, such as love and passion.

clear quartz

Quartz: Also known as the "stone of power", it is widely used as a multipurpose healing stone. It can both draw and send energy. Being easy to cleanse, store energy program or amplify energy, it has been used for healing purposes. It has natural harmony and helps transformation in healing. Perfect stone for complete Aura balancing, it stimulates the bodies’ tissues and fluids to resonate at the highest healing frequency.

In short, crystal power ensures peace, goodwill, love, harmony and co-operation at your gatherings. Hence, it is important to add crystal shopping to your list this Christmas. Have a blissful and the happiest Christmas ever with crystal power!

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