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Popular Charm Bracelets Brands

By sunny breeze

There are many different brands of charms, including Zoppini, Pandora, Boxing, Rembrandt, Juicy Couture, Carisma, Linx, Pugster, Passavinti, Patrizia, Tiffany, Puzzle, Ryry, Casa D Oro, Disney and many others. It is hard to list them all, and in this article we will make no such attempt. Instead, we will concentrate on a couple of them, based on our personal preferences. Feel free to make a comment below and include any brand that we didn’t include, and yet you find it to be important and influential in the world of charm bracelets.


Disney Mickey mouse charm bracelet

Disney has always managed to entertain us with delicious tales and most fascinating characters. Disney cartoon characters have been amusing children, and not only children, since decades. Some of the most famous Disney classics are still live, touching our souls and the souls those we love. Thus, there is hardly a better example of imperishable quality.

Even when not in front of your TV set, you can cherish the magic of Disney’s characters (Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Cinderella, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Jimmney Cricket, Pinnochio and many more) with a unique and original Disney jewellery creation – Their Charms and Charm Bracelets. There you can find a host of various Disney characters that all of us have enjoyed since earliest childhood.

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a typical pandora bracelet

Pandora is one of the best known brands of charm bracelets. The origin of these unique designed charms is in Scandinavia. Made from sterling silver or 14 k gold, the beads are arranged on a snake chain, where they can be easily changed by a simple operation of twisting. This way, you can easily create your personalized charm bracelet that will suit your aspirations and desires. There are beads and charms that come at affordable price (usually starting from $40) – those are mostly silver charm. The bracelets themselves start at the more or less same price. The more expensive alternative is, naturally, selecting from the 14 karat yellow gold Pandora charms. In between, there is a range of moderate price articles, to accommodate every possible taste and style.

Pandora Bracelets are designed in such a way that the clasp, when closed, gives the impression of a bead. This creates an effect of perfect integration in the bracelet. For security reasons the beads are screwed onto the bracelet, and the charms are less likely to stay in place when the Pandora bracelet is unclasped. This ensures greater aesthetics as well.

Pandora Bracelets are segmented in three parts, separated by fixed beads. This enables even distribution of charms throughout the bracelet. Creating different combinations of charms to match your own individual style is thus easily achievable.

As for the authenticity of the Pandora charm jewelry, there are, of course, numerous imitations. It is enough to do a search at eBay, and you will find a lot of less expensive, but not authentic charms. The catch is that they are all made to fit Pandora bracelets – but they are not all genuine Pandora style. How can you discriminate? Usually if it says “fits Pandora bracelet”, “Pandora style” or “Pandora compatible charm”, it means that it is not genuine Pandora charm. Genuine, original or authentic is what you should be searching for, if you are purchasing from eBay, or similar auction sites. If you are looking for the original version only, you should know that most of the original Pandora charms, will be quite costly – some of them well over a couple of hundreds dollars.

Pandora jewelry is definitely a good choice, either as a precious gift to somebody you love, to celebrate a birthday or an important anniversary. This can be a memorable present that lasts for a lifetime. You can even design your own personalized bracelet online very easily.

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rembrandt gold poodle charm

Rembrandt charms is a collection of stunning, one of a kind, hand finished charms that are made out of several different metals. It is no surprise that this brand of charms carries the name of the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. Much like the superb craftsmanship of the charms, Rembrandt is considered one of the keenest painters in the art history of the world.

Event though the charms may look the same at first glance, each charm is derived out of 5 different metals – sterling silver, 10k and 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, gold-plates. Naturally, the use of different noble metals is reflected on the price, where the price of the white and yellow gold is basically the same.

If you are just getting acquainted with this variety of charms, a good start will be choosing the Rembrandt silver charms. Each design and each symbol is made in different metals, hence, you are free to choose the price of your liking. A possible scenario could be starting with a sterling silver, or gold platted charm, and if you like the charm, later you can choose the same style made out of 14k white gold. Here we are speaking of one of the largest charm collection of the world.

The five different metals make choosing your favorite Rembrandt charm so easy. Just select your favorite symbol and the metal that corresponds to the amount of money you would like to spend.

Their silver charms are usually rhodium plated. This means that rhodium, a metal from the family of precious metals is used over the sterling silver to protect the charm and prevent oxidation and tarnish of the silver. Likewise, in the case of gold plated charms, a thin layer of gold is put over the silver.

2011 Graduation Cap Charm – Different Metals

To give you an example of this type of charms here is the 2011 Graduation Cap Charm in the corresponding metals. Some of them may look the same, but the metals are different which is seen in the price – from around $20 to more than $140.

different versions of 2011 graduation cap charm

This is a hand polish charm with a very high polish. As can be seen from the photo, it is a 2-D charm, flat on the rear side. As with every other Rembrandt style charm, it is equipped with a jump ring that can be easily attached. For all Rembrandt Charms, and thus for this one too, you are getting a life-long guarantee.

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zoppini charm bracelet

Zoppini Unique Italian Charms and jewelry have been invented by Maurio and Manuel Zoppini. The origin of this brand is in the picturesque Italian city of Florence. Since their debut in the world of charm jewelry, they have been present all around the world. The charms are stretchy, modular, exchangeable and come in a great variety (over 1,000) of designs. Zoppini should be one of your first choices if you are searching for a fashionable charm bracelet.

The Zoppini charms are made of stainless steel, but without loosing their style and attractiveness. All Zoppini charms are easily distinguishable as they have been stamped with a unique Zoppini brand on them. This means that when the veritable Zoppini Italian charms stand out amongst the other brands of Italian charms. They are much classier, but still possessing the strong allure of feminine charms.

Zoppini is renowned for their modern design and superior quality. Apart from charm bracelets, they offer watches and fashion accessories.

They embed their jewelry with Swarovski crystals and natural materials (leather, rubber, semi-precious and precious stones). They have a number of series with jewelry items such as pendants, cubic zirconia pendant, earrings, and bracelets. They also have a collection of stainless steel watches.

Their variety of charms is produced in such a way that it is embedded with colored enamel. Various symbols are depicted, such as, flags, signage systems, and alphabets. These colorful stainless steel links can be assembled together to produce singular and customized charm bracelets.

All aspects of the Zoppini charms are excellent. They use only the highest quality anti-allergic stainless steel. The enamel of their charms is hand decorated and the finishing detail are made of18 carat gold.

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