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Dosha Gemstones

By sunny breeze

In addition to the visual attraction, wearing gemstone jewelry has other, less known benefits. All gemstones possess powerful vibrations that radiate into the aura of the person wearing them, and into the surrounding space. This is a well known fact in Chakra Healing.

What is Dosha?

Dosha is a term related to the Vedas. It has its origin in the ancient wisdom of India. As a part of the Vedas, Ayurveda is a Hindu system of traditional medicine. It literally means science of life. The science of Ayurveda is holistic, meaning that each individual person possesses a unique constitution determining his or her combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics. This Unique Constitution is Dosha. Therefore, each of us belongs to a specific type, or dosha: air and space (ether)Vata, fire and waterPitta or earth and waterKapha. If you know what your particular dosha is, Ayurveda can provide information about how to balance your energy, what your best colors to wear are, what types of foods to eat, etc.. And, in accordance to your personal dosha, you can select your gemstones too.

short description of the 3 doshas

If you are of mainly Vata constitution, you will have mental and physical qualities inherent to the elements of Space and Air. So, a Vata type of personality means being a quick thinker, fast moving, and having a lean body. If you are a Pitta type, you will have some of the Fire and Water aspects, meaning, for example, a fiery personality. If you are a Kapha type of personality (Wather and Earth), in most cases you will have a solid bodily frame and your temperament will be calm.

Usually, one dosha is dominant in every one of us. But, a second dosha may also have a strong influence, which makes us of "dual-dosha" constitution.

Don't think that the doshas are given once and for all. They change on a daily basis, responding to our thoughts, feelings, and actions. The global circumstances, like the time of the year and our broader environment, also play a role, as well as our lifestyle and diet. Unhealthy eating habits and addictions influence the delicate balance of doshas and may lead to physical and psychological imbalances.

The doshas are in balance if they reflect your birth constitution. Then you are in an equilibrium. If the doshas deviate from that natural state of equilibrium, there is an imbalance. The imbalance can be reflected as a certain dosha being in either a state of excess or a depleted state. The former is when a certain dosha is present more than in its normal proportion, while the latter when it is reduced.

How can we impact our individual Dosha?

Some of the ways of impacting the Dosha include using a proper diet, meditation, exercises, seasonal aspects, relationships and gemstones. Using Dosha jewelry is a well known practice of affecting one's individual constitution.

Going back in time, gemstones have a long tradition as healing objects and spiritual tools. Once you determine your dosha, you can select the proper gemstone to wear and they will help you promote your health and keep your inner balance. You can find out the dosha of your friends and family too and help them choose their type of crystals and stones.

When you put your type of jewelry on, you strengthen your aura with the stone's healing properties. For short term effects, you can place suitable jewelry on the associated energy center for some time, say, 10 to 15 minutes during one session. To get a long-term benefits and maximum healing, you can wear the appropriate necklace, ring or bracelet for a couple of days, a couple of weeks or even permanently.

For instance, when someone requires grounding, it means that they need help to open toward the Earth. By using gemstone jewelry specially designed to resonate with the root energy center, we can increase the feeling security and help them connect with the balancing energy of the earth.

Another example is contacting the stream of the water element (one of the 5 universal elements, water, earth, air, space and fire) to unlock our creative life force. By using suitable jewelry, we can do exactly that: awaken our creative potential, and open up toward the deep emotional side of us. This will help us to remove the physical, intellectual or emotional barriers accumulated in the second energy center.

Stones for Balancing the Doshas

As we have seen, each dosha represents two of the five main elements. Ayurvedic science believes that each of us contains certain percent of each dosha. In general, one or two doshas are dominant in each of us. Having one dominant dosha does not mean that you are in a imbalance. Rather it means who you are in your natural, healthy and balanced state.

This harmony, as well as your physical and mental health can be questioned in case any of the doshas gets out of balance or aggravated. Identifying the potential imbalances, is the key of keeping your health in balance.

Different gemstones can help you balance and calm the type of dosha which is in excess or out of balance. If you are not sure about the combination of personal dosha you possess, you can check it online or even better consult an expert in Ayurveda.

ruby for Vata

Non-balanced Vata is often manifested in different worries, anxiety, high or low emotional states, insomnia and tiredness. Some of the stones that promote balance are ruby, garnet, yellow sapphire, peridot, emerald, aquamarine and onyx.

garnet for Kapha

Non-balanced Kapha is often manifested through depression, loss of desires, lethargy, obesity, dullness, and a tendency to live in the past. It can be balanced by wearing ruby, garnet, blue sapphire, iolite, cat's eye, red tourmaline and copper. The red color of most of the enumerated stones this stone vitalizes the bodily energy and alleviates the effects of too much kapha in the body.

diamond for Pitta

In the case of aggravated Pitta, the list of stone that can help include coral, carnelian, agate, diamond, opal, emerald, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, silver and pearls. Too much pitta leads to sweating and increased body heat, ambitious attitude and violent and hyperactive behavior. The cooling energy of the pitta stones helps calm the aggravated emotions and hyperactivity.

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zania says:

I was looking for vata dosha gemstones. I am going to try onyx as suggested, to see if it will help me keep my emotions down.

rui says:

In case of Diamonds, the doshic action is dependant on the color. Blue Diamond cool and calm the pitta dosha, while at the same time increase the kapha dosha. Red Diamonds stimulate the pitta dosha. White diamonds also calm pitta but increase kapha and vata.

guisha says:

How can I balance Vata other than using crystals?

sunnyray says:

Yes, there are other methods of balancing Vata, for example massage, heat treatments (sauna), or meditation. Some people suggest warm food with sweet, salty, or sour taste. I would avoid sweet food though. In my opinion, the best method by far is meditation.


Excellent the extra reco for vata too thanks


Pita is made of fire and air. wouldn't that mean that both of those elements need to be worked on at the same time? Which in gemstone usage makes it very complicated? Should I wear jewelry let's say of ruby and diamond at the same time then in that case?

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