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Murano Glass Jewelry: Meanings and Uses

By Murano Lover

Murano Glass Jewelry is a one-of-a-kind, filigree jewelry produced from murano glass. One has to be a specially trained Venetian glass makers in order to be able to master the craft of glass making. They are real artists capable of producing hand crafted Murano earrings, pendants, Murano bracelets, beads, Murano sets, and even Murano watches of extraordinary quality. Silica is a type of amorphous quartz material - SiO2. The masters of murano glass jewelry use it as a starting material for glass production. In their jargon they call it Crystallo. Crystallo is a type of glass of highest standards and therefore very suitable for jewelry manufacturing. It is as perfect and transparent as the best specimens of precious or semi precious stones.

What's the Rough Material?

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Instead of using ordinary sand, quartz pebble from the rivers Ticino and Adige is being used for preparation of this type of crystal glass. The pebble is being selected without yellow or black veins on its surface. It is also desirable to have as little as possible of impurities of any kind. After the selection process, the quartz stones are being heated to high temperatures, and then quenched in water and pulverized. The powder is then mixed with certain plant-base substances and heated again with constant stirring. The top of the molten mixture is constantly being skimmed - which results in elimination of most of the unwanted chlorides and sulphates. The crystal glass is cooled in water and remelted several times. The stirring helps the elimination of bubbles and defects from the melt.

At the end, manganese is added to help remove any traces of color from the glass. When the jewelers are pleased with the quality and clarity of the produced glassy substance, our crystallo material is shaped in rods to be used later for production of best Murano jewelry and Murano decorative objects.

The fact that quartz is being melted should not affect its metaphysical features, as the melting is happening in the bowels of the earth as well.

The second invention of Murano glass makers is lattimo glass, which is opaque white glass resembling milky quartz. It is being used in form of thin rods to produce a lace-like pattern within the transparent glass.

Colors and Techniques for Murano Jewelry Production

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The colors, techniques and materials are very dependent on the glass maker. It is well known that the Venetian artists avoid using artificial coloring of their glass - instead they produce remarkable effects using a combination of different metals. The mastery lies hidden in the exact dosage and proportion, that is, a very precise mixing is required. For example, Aquamarine Murano glass is made using copper or/and cobalt compounds. Aventurine Murano glass contains gold particles, etc.

Murano Glassmakers

Murano glass is a product of the famous island of Murano near Venice. The beginning of glass making dates back somewhere around the 10th century. The Murano glass producers held a monopoly on quality glass making for centuries, and have developed many different technologies, including enamel glass, glass with traces of gold, multi-color glass - millefiori, and milky glass - lattimo.

Some of the finest and most refined jewelry - earrings, glass rings, pendants, necklaces, brooches and charms - can be made from Murano glass.

Where to Buy Murano Glass Jewelry Online

Probably the best way to buy Murano jewelry is to travel directly to the Venetian Lagoon and visit the island of Murano. If you have been amongst those lucky travelers who have actually visited the glass makers and their stores, please let us know your experiences by leaving a comment below.

The other option is to purchase Murano jewelry online. We have had very positive experiences with Pugster, as one of the most reliable suppliers of this type of necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, brooches, and bracelets.

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The Metaphysical Properties of Quartz

Since Quartz (Rock crystal) is the basic material for Murano Glass production, their metaphysical properties should be basically the same. Let us see what the spiritual, healing and metaphysical properties of this type of jewelry is.

Quartz is a symbol of the unrestrained spirit and sharp intellect of a human being. It can be transparent or milky, with glassy appearance. It can have various shapes. Quartz increases the energy of all the other crystals. Simultaneously, it can be a receiver, emitter and transmitter of various metaphysical energies. It cleanses the aura, promoting welbeing in the whole organism. It enables easier communication with the dimensions that are beyond our visible plane of existence.

murano ring Quartz increases the frequency of vibration of our thought forms and feelings forms, leading our human consciousness in an elevated state of consciousness. It stimulates the natural crystal formations present in our tissues and bodily fluids to vibrate at a new, healing frequency. It works with all the chakras and major endocrine glands. It protects and brings spiritual insights and enlightenment, peace and tranquility. Quartz encourages emotional clarity and purity of the heart.

Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of general purpose. A lot of these haling properties are naturally transmitted to the Murano glass jewelry. It is perfect for healing the wounds of ones traumatic childhood and raising self-esteem. This wondrous crystal jewel will not allow you to grieve in self-pity for all those things that you cannot change. It can be used in all states of our being, for example to stimulate our immune system and prevent some of the most serious diseases. It can cleanse the blood vessels with success, facilitating the proper functioning of the heart, preventing heart attacks, and bringing oxygen to the brain. Quartz can stabilize the blood pressure.

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Quartz is held in ones hands to reduce fever. It strengthens our energy field when used in meditation together with hematite - which is a grounding stone. For deep cleaning, use the most transparent quartz specimen (or Murano transparent jewelry item) you can find that has been previously charged on morning sun. Quartz crystal spheres can be exposed to the light of full moon to increase their strength. Wearing quartz jewelry or murano jewelry will enhance our intuition, and other psychic powers. If placed under the pillow, we will have peaceful dreams. In jewelry it can be found in form of earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants, charms, etc.

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Regarding the island of Murano, I found the chandeliers to be the most impressive pieces, like works of art.

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I find the glass factories a must see on the Murano islands. You can get an enjoyable demonstration and even buy something. But be warned however that the best craftsmen don't like to show off in front of tourists. They are hidden behind closed curtains perfecting their masterpieces, rather than selling them to the crowd.

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