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The Lemurians and the Seed Crystal

By Rachael Avery

Have you ever wondered where Lemurian Seeded Crystals come from? Or about their name in general?

Lemurian Seed Crystals were left here by an ancient civilization called the Lemurians.


Lemuira used to be a huge continent between India and Madagascar back when the world was the land mass known as Pangaea. It was thought to have sunk beneath the ocean do to a cataclysmic event, which is the most plausible place that that could have happened since the ring of fire located there and that portion of the world, that Lemuria would have been in, has the most frequent earthquakes over anywhere in the world. This was later disproved by the discovery of plate tectonics. If anything, Lemuria was shifted and squished up into India and is now part of the Himalayas.

What started the theory behind the missing landmass was actually about animals- particularly lemurs. There were animals that appeared in Madagascar and also in India but not in Africa or the Middle East. The only answer? There was a land bridge from a missing continent. In the 1800's, the answer to life's questions was often land bridge.

beautiful lemurian seed crystal

This may sound suspiciously like Atlantis and you would be right. In 1896, Charles Leadbeater published The Story of Atlantis followed eight years later by The Story of Lemuria. Given that it is by the same author, there are bound to be similarities.

What happened to the Lemurians?

There is some lore that suggests that the ancient Lemurians, being a very advanced civilization, were wise enough to foresee a horrendous event that would wipe out their continent and they flew away. Before they left Earth, they preserved or 'seeded' their knowledge and traditions inside of these crystals and left them on Earth for us to find.

There is a much less happy theory floating around that suggest that some dabbled in bestiality and they gods were angered, destroyed the Lemurians and replaced them with Atlantians who were later destroyed.

picture of mount-shasta-california.jpg

The most popular theory says that the Lemurians left their crystals in South American and moved to Northern California to reside in Mount Shasta, which has jewel lined corridors deep inside.

A young man named Fredrick Spencer Oliver- in 1894- was up by Mount Shasta and claimed to have seen the Lemurians. He said he saw their jeweled caves they walked in and their spaceships that could become invisible. He also said that, inside the mountain, they rode around on panther-sharks. He said that the Lemurians are between seven and nine feet tall and walk around in long white robes.

panther shark

After this encounter, Oliver went on to publish his book on the matter- A Dweller on Two Planets.


The Lemurians must not have need of their crystals at any rate because they are all located in South America.

Lemurian Seed crystals have only been found in Brazil. They are milky clear in color and usually have at least one flat side with parallel striations, much like a bar code. They are thought to have originated in the country of Lemuria and were placed in their new location intentionally. It is thought that the Seed crystals were made to preserve their knowledge after they departed.

Regardless of where they came from, it is undeniable that Lemurian Seed crystals have the most powerful energy in the crystal world. It has a high energy level and is thought of as a communicating and healing crystal. It has very strong abilities to communicate with angels and the spirit world. It also seems to transfer wisdom, possibly from the Lemurian culture. It has been described that when you have an issue and you meditate with this crystal you will "just know". They are also used to clear the chakras and are good at removing any of your energy blocks.

About the Author

Rachael Avery is a writer for Gem Quarry from Boise Idaho. She enjoys costume design, bouldering, and most recently, acroyoga. Her favorite crystal to channel is the amethyst.


Edwin says:

Lemurian Crystals are good but I noticed they lose power over time.. I am trying to recharge them but have no clue as to how.

The sun is not enough, I tried.

Any help would be appreciated.


sunnyray says:

Hi Edwin and thanks for taking the time to comment. Have you tried visualization? Pure and simple visualization of white light pouring into it. It works for me most of the time.

elvencat says:

Hi. I experienced the same with my Lemurian crystals--losing power over time. Two solutions: 1. Cleansing with essential oils, especially frankincense. 2. Energizing them with a pendulum. In my experience, a high vibration crystal pendulum (Herkimer Diamond or Lapis Lazuli) give the best result. Another option to try is an Egyptian designed brass pendulum (Isis type). I hope this helps those who have the same issue with their Lemurian crystals.

sunnyray says:

Thanks elvencat for sharing and commenting. Great tips for dealing with Lemurian crystals that lose power over time!

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