This post is a review about a very nice individually boxed stud earrings set I recently purchased online from Amazon is my favorite shopping place and initially I was looking to buy only amethyst stud earrings. However, as it turned out, there was an excellent offer that included a number of other stones besides amethyst at the same time: peridot, garnet, blue topaz and citrine. While initially not looking for other gemstones, I found myself amazed as to how elegant this set of stones was, and even more so when I considered the price which was more than reasonable. So here is a quick look at the earrings, although the photos below could never depict the real look and feel of them.

citrine earrings in silver

Citrine Earrings

peridot earrings in silver

Peridot Earrings

topaz earrings in silver

Blue Topaz Earrings

amethyst earrings in silver

Amethyst Earrings

earrings set in silver

The set of 5 gemstones stud earrings

Besides the affordable price, the great thing concerning these earrings is the fact that they are all made of genuine gemstones. There are so many CZ simulants out there, so it is a refreshment to find a set of natural stones like these. If we neglect the more or less obligatory practice of enhancing the color of gemstones, that is.

The shape and cut of these earrings is also very attractive, measuring up to 8mm in one dimension. Each of the stones is separately shaped. If you have had the privilege of having 1c diamonds you will get a feeling about their approximate size. The total weight of all 10 stones is slightly above 8 carat. They are best watched from the front. All gemstones are brilliantly colored and vibrant, but by far the most beautiful is citrine. Citrine is one of my favorite stones, so I might be slightly biased here. The silver settings is quite pretty too.

If your earlobes are too tiny and slender, or if you are buying them as a gift for a teenager, you might face a problem as the earrings will certainly drop a bit. In this case you would wan to consider purchasing an extra stabilizer, just like this one here . Just a side note - if you are purchasing them as a gift, consider buying an extra wooden or plastic jewelry box. They will look so much more valuable than in their original package, even though each pair is separately boxed.

A couple of words about the individual gems. The blue topaz stones are understandingly light colored. This is the color you will find in many gems of this class. You can read this post about the various colors and shades of blue topaz. They look nice against darker backgrounds. The garnets are absolutely beautiful in their particular dark reddish color. The amethyst color is just perfect - neither too dark nor too light. And the citrine earrings are my favorite. This is my personal choice, of course, you might like some other stones more. You can read more about the properties of peridot here.

In conclusion, this earrings set is more than worth the money. You can check the current price for yourself HERE . I got them for around $60 at which is $12 per pair. It is an excellent deal and especially so for silver earrings with natural faceted stones.

These earrings are simply put exquisite , and unless you are looking for something extra special, you would definitely love them. It is not just me, the reviews on show that the majority of buyers love these earrings. They make a terrific gift too, and ... think about it. If you feel especially attached to a pair of them, you can keep it for yourself, while still gifting the rest of them.

Click on the following links if you want to read more about the meaning and metaphysical properties of the gemstones mentioned in this post: garnet, topaz, amethyst, citrine, and peridot.


CharmN says:

You can never judge the color of the stone from a picture.There are so many shades that come out of the piece and the light reflecting the stone it gets hard to see the actual color of the piece.Love all the stones.

sunnyray says:

This is very true. Web colors change just by virtue of changing the computer monitor setup. It is unwise to rely solely on this factor when doing your online shopping.

nina says:

They are beautiful colors and gorgeous stones.Cut in perfect pieces the shapes and the colors make them charming pieces.Marc by Marc Jacobs jewelry.

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