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Giving Gemstones/Crystals As Gifts - Kate's Story

By Kate

In the past, it wasn't uncommon for me to give gemstones/ crystals away. One day, a missing crystal I had, appeared in a frequently visited box of jewelry. It was missing for over 10 years. Once I saw it, I knew it didn't "belong" to me anymore and it needed to move on. Instantly, the person to give it to popped in my head... my best friend.

After that moment, if a gemstone or crystal in my possession "requested to move on", I would give it away.

Last August, bought a beautiful Tiger's Eye pendant in Asheville, NC. A month later, I friended a girl and instantly had a big-sister, little-sister relationship. She always commented how much she loved my Tiger's Eye. So, one day, I gave it to her. Deeply moved, she insisted that, in exchange, I must take the Carnelian she always carried with her. I should have known then that this situations wasn't right.

About a week after carrying her stone, loaded with guilt and regret over what I had done, I lost it. Needless to say, panic rushed through every fiber of my being!

Refusing to become reactive and completely tear my home apart, I simply meditated and set an intention that I must find her Carnelian and return it to her immediately. 3 days later, it appeared... in a place I visit... several times a day. Less than 2 seconds later, I was on the phone with her insisting that her stone belonged to her. Selfishly, I was hoping she would do the same.

After I shared with her the news of their upcoming reunion (I left out the part that I had misplaced it), I was surprised to hear silence. A moment later, she confessed to me that she had lost my Tiger's Eye. She and her boyfriend tore their place apart looking for it. Poor girl, she was devastated. Greeted with humility, I was instantly humbled. I confessed that I had lost hers for a few days and reassured her that my stone will appear when she's ready to be found. It goes without saying, this was a beautiful lesson for us both.

Almost a year later, no Tiger's Eye. Normally, don't hold much attachment to "things" and am pretty good at 'letting go' when I do. I am surprised that this stone still keeps popping up in my head.

So, finally, my question to you is... why do I still feel so connected to this particular stone? Is it the stone, or do I need to visit a "lost-gemstone-crisis-center"? You'd think I lost my cat! lol! %-}

Thank you for your time in reading this and for any input you may have regarding this Tiger's Eye.


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This article was provided by Kate as an extended comment to one of our regular posts.

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