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Is Crystal Healing Safe??

By Hwh Crystals


A lot of people have a fascination about crystals. They believe that the crystals possess mystical power, which are used for healing purposes. Many others believe that crystals also encourage spirituality and can bring a positive transformation in their life. But, is it really safe to be actively involved with crystal healing and their power? Let’s explore more.


Bible says, “Crystals certainly are beautiful objects, for they were created by God. Portions of God's glorious heavenly city, the New Jerusalem, will be constructed from crystal.” (Revelation 21:11, & 18-20 NIV).

So, shall we continue to consider crystal healing and its effect efficient enough today? Have a look.

What actually is Crystal healing?

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Arguably, crystal healing is considered as an alternative healing technique in which crystal stones are used to treat various ailments and protect against illness. Protagonists of crystal healing strongly believe that crystals play the role of conduits in healing, which allows positive healing energy to flow in and negative energy to flow out of the human body.

A glance at what medical doctors believe

Despite an upsurge in the attractiveness of crystal healing among people, this alternative treatment is not popular with most medical doctors and scientists; they refer to crystal healing as just a ‘pseudoscience’.

Scientifically, there is no evidence of crystal healing to be a cure to the diseases, as diseases have never been found to be the result of any ‘energy flow’ in the body. Additionally, there is no scientific theory that proves the differentiation of the crystals by chemical composition or color in treating a particular ailment.

Perception or Reality?

Despite getting criticism from the medical world, healing crystals still stay popular at spas or saunas and at New Age health centers. Although, these effects are not backed by scientific evidence, the use of crystals in such environments is helping to provide a relaxation response.

Those who believe in Crystal healing say that this technique is not a substitute for conventional medical treatments. But, it is used to offer a complimentary solution to conventional medicine. For example, Quartz crystal is a powerful tool that helps in clearing out the dissonant energy forms of limiting beliefs. And, the client typically reports a sense of peace and well-being after receiving this treatment.

Another important thing here is that crystal healing has nothing to do with a person’s religious or spiritual beliefs. Rather, their entire theory is based upon scientific principles to ease an effective shift towards homeostasis at all levels. The only thing required is the ‘enthusiasm to change and the intention to recover.

Moreover, it requires obtaining a certification course to become a Crystal Healer. Often, these courses are offered over the Internet by "natural medicine" universities, many of which are not accredited by any central organization. However, there is no state or federal law currently that regulates or standardizes the practice of crystal healing or the licensing of crystal healers. At some places, crystal healing falls under the category of massage or bodywork therapy, where crystal healers are required to obtain a license in order to practice their trade.

Medical doctors tolerate crystal healing to a limited degree only because of the reason that it can induce relaxation. Ultimately, relaxation is therapeutic for stress management.

Whether it’s just a perception or truly a technique, Crystal Healing has been and still is helping people in their various physical and mental ailments. If performed by taking sensible precautions, Crystal Healing is a great “boon” for humanity.

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