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Most Popular Engagement Rings in the US

By Emily

One of the most important purchases you will make in your life is your engagement ring.  An engagement ring will last throughout the ages and the memories around it will last a lifetime.  That is why it is important to be thoroughly informed and knowledgeable when it comes to picking out the perfect ring for her.  There is no need to rush or to pick a ring out on a whim.  Take some time to learn about the different styles, different cuts, and different meanings of each ring before you go out and buy an engagement ring!  Before deciding which ring to buy, make sure you know what kind of a budget  you are working with.  Rings have a wide range in terms of cost; knowing your budget will help you narrow down your choices much quicker.  

With so many different choices and options, how do you decide which one to buy.  Better yet, where do you start?!
When shopping for rings there are two main components you should keep in mind:

1. Jeweler: Unless you have a predetermined decision on which ring you want, the best way to start shopping for rings is to start shopping for a trusted and reputed jeweler.  Not all jewelers are the same.  Some will try to rip you off, some will offer you poor quality diamonds, and some simply have no clue what they are talking about.  It is important to weed out poor jewelers.  Once you have a few trusted jewelers picked out in your local area, you can start narrowing down your choices.  
2. Quality of Ring:
After having great jeweler picked out, you want to consider the individual quality of each ring.  Just like jewelers, not all diamonds and precious metals are equal.  You want your jeweler to explain to you the different cuts and what makes a diamond better than another one or what makes a certain precious metal better than the next.  

Popular Metals:
1. Platinum:
Platinum is increasing in popularity by the day because it is the rarest precious metal.  In addition to it’s rarity, it is also a very high quality metal that is very durable.  The initial investment in a platinum band maybe pricey, usually at least 3 times as much as high quality gold, but this precious metal will never tarnish and is very hypoallergenic.  
2. White Gold:
White gold is a popular choice as well for people who like the look of silver, but cannot afford or desire having platinum.  The composition is the same as yellow gold, the only difference is the color and presentation of the metal.  
3.  Yellow Gold:
Yellow gold has been the standard for engagement rings since the introduction of engagement rings, however they are losing their popularity.  More and more women prefer the silver look.  However there are different shades of yellow gold as well as different combinations between yellow gold and white gold that can make a unique ring.  

Another important factor to consider is the shape of the diamond.  Here is a list of top three popular diamond shapes for the finished stone.  

1. Princess Cut:
This is one of the most popular shapes.  The basic look of a princess cut means that the diamond has a initial shape of a square.  The square is then cut with corners that are 90 degrees.  The great aspect about princess cut diamonds is that inclusions are not as apparent in comparison to other cuts.  This is because of the special polishing and the special cutting method.  It also goes well with different setting styles.  

2. Classic Round Cut:
The classic round cut has been a timeless choice for couples.  The cut of a round diamond is able to expose a multitude of facets, making this diamond very brilliant, shiny, and striking.  This cut is a great fit for a medley of different settings.  It is always a good choice for those who are weary of what kind of diamond to pick.  Great choice for three stone engagement rings.  

3. Emerald Cut:
The shape of emerald cut resembles that of a princess cut, but with more of a rectangle appearance.  Emerald diamonds have beveled edges as well as step facets.  The diamond is made with clear cuts to give the diamond more inclusion and thus more clarity.  Emerald cut diamonds are a great choice for those working on a budget, providing the next best option after princess and round diamond cuts!

About the Author

Emily is a writer living in Atlanta. She loves to blog about all things including how to pick out the perfect diamond wedding band and engagment rings!


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