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Top 10 Things To Ask Your Jewelers

By Tom Moore

Those new to jewelry shopping might not know what to ask a jeweler when it comes to picking out the right necklace, ring, loose stone, or other precious gift. In order to get the best value, a great shopping experience, and of course, the best jewels for your needs, it’s important to ask these ten questions.

  1. “How long have you been a jeweler?” The more experience that a jeweler has, the more knowledgeable he or she may be about diamond jewelry. This means that they will be able to teach you everything from the four C’s of diamonds to which karat you should choose for your daily wear ring.
  2. “What is the true value of this gemstone?” Let them show you the ins and outs of the jewelry trade. You will find out what a value (or lack thereof, in some cases) you are getting by purchasing that jewelry. A great jeweler will find an amazing jewel deal for you.
  3. “What is the best cut for this quality gem?” Asking a jeweler which cut suits a certain gem ensures that you will get a gem that will sparkle and reflect as well as it can. The wrong cut can actually make flaws in a gem more noticeable.
  4. “Is this an investment piece, in your opinion?” If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a precious stone, you might as well know whether or not it will increase in value in the future.
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  6. “How long has this store been in business?” A long track record is a very good sign.
  7. “Where do you get your diamonds? Are they ethically collected?” For those who worry about the social impact of buying ‘blood diamonds’ ask your jeweler about their sources. A reputable jeweler likely will not want to buy diamonds from a source that promotes social problems.
  8. “Tell me about how you find out about how you can figure out the clarity of this diamond…” Asking your jeweler to teach you how to find the value of jewelry, as well as the quality is a great way to learn about what your buying.
  9. “Do you have payment plans?” If you are searching for a wedding ring, it doesn’t hurt to ask. This way you can make your wedding ring more affordable.
  10. “What are the most popular buys lately?” People who have a hard time choosing might want to know what others are buying, and why. Although trendy jewelry is fun, remember that classic popular cuts and designs are classic for a reason.
  11. “Do you have any advice?” If you don’t know where to begin, ASK!

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Tom Moore is a blogger and internet marketing specialist with enthusiasm for jewelry , fashion and expertise in diamonds. This article was written for Brillianteers – Engagement Ring Designers


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