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Peace Dove Charm Bracelet

By sunny breeze

If you are looking for a charm bracelet that incorporates a note of classic symbolism and a really nice funky style fashion, the Peace Dove Bracelet could be your best choice. This is a very affordable bracelet, rated very highly by the customers who purchased it online. For a fraction of money often needed to buy a single euro bead or Italian charm, you will get five charms hanging on a serpentine chain with a lobster clasp nicely shaped in a form of a beautiful heart. The 5 charms included are two peace symbols, one peace dove, one heart and a disc.

For the same price you will also get a number of very colorful silver, bronze, and green-gold colored beads of various styles and sizes. This will make an excellent combination to match your colorful life style. The complete visual aspect of the charms could easily make you believe that they are made from semi-precious stones, which of course is not the case. With real semi-precious stones included the price would be much, much higher, and anyway that's not something to be expected with charm bracelets in general.

Peace dove charm bracelet plus peace sign

The metal color is shiny silvery. You need to see that in person in order to get the right feeling, as the intensity of the colors cannot be depicted on the photo. The clasp heart shape adds a very nice touch to the bracelet. That's the reason why this bracelet can match many different outfits.

What’s Included?

  • Silver-plated serpentine chain
  • Lobster claw clasps type
  • Various Charms (see the description and photo above)
  • Regal Blue Sueded-Cloth Pouch Package (see the photo bellow)

The Meaning and Symbolism of Peace Dove

Out of countless peace symbols that have been used in different cultures and civilizations around the world, the peace dove is probably the best known today. One of the first symbols of peace was the olive branch, whereas the dove was endorsed in the new era by the early Christians. The dove was popularized by Picasso in the later 1940′s and was used by the peace movement after the Second World War. The peace sign, on the other hand was developed to represent the upside-down V hand signal and the peace flag.

A single dove is considered the most important symbol of peace. Interestingly, two doves symbolize the indestructible bond of love. So, in a way, the dove is also a symbol of friendship, loyalty and monogamy.

What Other People are Saying?

These are some of the observations of people who bought this peace dove bracelet at the Amazon website:

  • I was skeptical that this charm bracelet wouldn’t look as nice when. It is absolutely beautiful. I am very happy with my purchase. It is great for everyday wear or casual attire.
  • What a nice surprise to receive this item! It was beautifully packaged in a velvet pouch within a nice jewelry box and it is just beautiful.
  • Bought this for my niece and she loved it. I thought it was a very nice looking bracelet and came pretty quick.

Where Can I Buy This Peace Dove Bracelet?

Given the affordable price of this charm bracelet, and considering that the visual aspects hint toward a higher price range, this is indeed a great buy. One of the best place you can purchase this bracelet online is the Amazon website here.

About the Author

Sunny breeze is a member of sunnyray's staff.

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Nancy says:

this is a cute bracelet. i'm enjoying it right now and i'd like if i could afford them more.

Nancy says:

is this a pandora style dove bracelet?

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