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Unusual Engagement Rings Designs For Your Loved Ones

By Whiteflash

The most stressful part with engagements is choosing unusual engagement rings designs that would catch the attention of your girlfriend as well as the friends and family of your girlfriend. In choosing engagement rings, you do not consider only what your girlfriend will think about the ring but also what the family and the friends think about the design of the ring.

Truly, choosing engagement rings are an ordeal but exciting. Let us make the tasks simpler and convenient for you. The following tips could make the selection and the purchase less time consuming and less expensive.


Allocate a certain budget for the ring. There are three aspects to be considered with regards to budget namely the stone, the metal, and the metal setting services charges. The most affordable engagement ring is the band. You select the not so expensive the platinum metal setting engagement ring. However, if you like more drama and sophistication in your engagement, choose unusual engagement rings design. Start with a colored diamond stone. Not much couples are using colored stones. Colored diamond stones would certainly have an effect on the recipient.

Some websites provide an engagement ring calculator. You may enter your monthly salary and the calculator will give the specific budget that you can afford buying engagement rings. You can then view the different ring designs based on your budget. Normally, men would allocate a month or two months salary for the ring. If you can afford to buy a more expensive ring, then you should go for it because engagement rings are the best investment you can have that go with priceless memoirs as family heirloom or jewelry collection later.

Consumers are normally glued up with the designs of engagement rings but not much with the quality. Most people think that there are only two types of diamonds, the natural and the synthetic. Most people are not aware that jewelers are able now to modify the flaws of the natural diamonds to improve its appearance. Look for stones with certificates. This is the only way that you can have a good deal on the net.

Metal carat and stone carat

The one thing that could appreciate the price of engagement rings is the metal and stone carat. Browse in the internet for the appropriate metal and stone carat before attempting to make a deal with the stones. The carat could be dependent on the color of the metal. Have an 18 carat white gold, platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold. Modern and less expensive rings are those that have the solitaire design. Try to ask your girlfriend if she like one big stone or one big stone with surrounding smaller stones. This way you can decide for the carat of the big stones and the carat of the smaller stones.

Choose the diamond carat weight that would suit your budget. The focal point of the budget is the diamond stone carat weight as this determines the overall appeal and feel of the ring. Higher carat weight could make your diamond ring a good investment because it is more valuable and is likely to increase its price in the future. Always choose the natural stone so as not have any problems with the quality of the stone later. One carat is about a fifth of a gram. If you want to buy lesser carat weight, then you can just adjust the price of the metal. In this case, it is best to opt for higher diamond stone carat than the metal.

Diamond stone color and clarity

Looks are always tempting and would always attract any man or woman. This does not hold true with the looks of the man of the woman, but with the looks of diamond engagement rings. Although people usually think that all diamonds have perfect white or colorless color, most diamonds suffer their own imperfections. These imperfections known as inclusions have been categorized into different clarity grades of IF, VS2, I1, I3, and many more. You need to learn about the clarity categorizes as well as the price range of specific engagement rings grades.

Cut and shape

The cut and shape of diamond engagement rings is crucial on its ability to reflect light. The round shape gives optimum brilliant shine. The rest of the cut may give the same level of light reflection. Do not compromise price with the cut. If you get a good carat and good color, but chosen the wrong cut, the overall effect would not be as attractive as you would want it to be.

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