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Wholesale Jewelry Findings: Contrast and Complement

By wjf

Sometimes you need a little extra to feel complete. So all the pieces come together, until it makes perfect sense; sometimes the magic is in a piece of jewelry. Jewelry findings may not add to the show of an ornament, but they are just as important as all the other pieces.

Clasps, eye pins, head pins, bead caps, lever backs; trust them to keep it together, literally. Wholesale jewelry findings come in a range of metals. Sterling silver with a divine glimmer, gold filled with a sensational majesty, copper with a rustic allure, and brass – chic and unique.

They are also available in stainless steel, base metals and silver plated varieties. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, the people surprise you with newer, slicker kinds of wholesale jewelry findings. Gold filled split rings for example or ornate brass clasps.

You have the opulence of choice and you must make the most of it. Many jewelry makers take jewelry findings and such components for granted. You must recognize how important they are to the overall look and feel of your jewelry. Nobody wants to wear trinkets with rusted clasps, let alone wear earrings with corroded ear wires.

For one, they will cause infections. Most people have sensitive skin, jewelry should touch like silk, and not like hand cuffs. Don’t compromise comfort for style when you can have both. Wholesale jewelry findings are easily available online. You don’t have to visit busy markets or expensive jewelry supply stores.

Nor do you have to make a trip abroad. That’s right; findings from other countries can also be purchased over the internet. In fact most wholesale stores are a one stop shop for all your jewelry making supplies. Look for a shop with a wide selection, some stores offer beads and findings from exotic Indonesia and minimalist Italy, in addition to other popular destinations for jewelry supplies.

Among wholesale jewelry findings, particularly appealing are magnetic clasps and toggle clasps, they are extremely dainty; while magnetic clasps are modern, toggle clasps have a vintage appeal. Magnetic clasps are good for necklaces while toggle clasps make enchanting charm bracelets.

If you are new to the art of jewelry making, practice with base metal findings. Using findings isn’t as simple as stringing a bead into a cord. It requires a little patience and some technique. You don’t want to waste 14 K gold filled crimp beads because you broke them while attempting to press them.

Base metal findings are cheap; you can make as many mistakes as you want. Once you are confident about your skills switch to precious metals. You must also ensure that you have the right tools. Use bead crimping pliers only, when working with crimp beads; opt for flat nose pliers when working with eye pins.

If you’re wondering where to buy these tools, look online of course. Jewelry supply stores have everything, from cord to wire, from adhesives to tools, from beads to findings. When picking out your supplies, also consider spacer beads. They come in different dimensions and colors.

You can choose metallic tube spacers or roundels of glass, gemstones, metal and the like. These elements are intended to blend in to the

whole design. The amalgamation of spacers and findings with the rest of the trinket must seem only natural. Just like a wave in the ocean is nothing without the still waters that surround it, jewelry making is a matter of contrast and complement.

Combine seemingly opposing elements with one another. Don’t be afraid to express yourself with your work, and settle for nothing but the best.

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Don’t compromise comfort for style when you can have both. Wholesale jewelry findings are easily available online. You don’t have to visit busy markets or expensive jewelry supply stores.


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Some of the best manufacturers of chains are in Italy. Actually, superior quality machines for production of sterling silver chains, such as those nowadays present in China, are designed and made in Italy. As for findings and other jewelry components, the Italians are less known.

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