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The Only 5 Crystals You Need To Boost Your Mood

By Marcus

Crystals and rocks contain the same ingredients and minerals that exist in human body. They possess vibrational energy which can transport their healing power into our bodies. Each crystal has its own benefits, and the ones that are especially helpful with emotional balance, stress relief and relaxation are listed below.

  1. Amethyst

tumbled amethyst

Aside from being the birthstone for the month of February, amethyst is known for its purpose of providing inner peace and balance. Throughout history, amethyst has been used to represent religious connotations, encourage bravery and contemplation in battle, represent humility and modesty in the Renaissance period and is even thought to enhance wealth in the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui. Today, amethyst has applications beyond its long history and is believed to target the cerebral cortex of the brain which controls mood and behavior.

Recent studies show that amethyst can assist in regulating sleep patterns and mood fluctuations. To be more precise, far infrared radiation-emitting discs were placed under the pillows of subjects during sleep. Subjects with the radiation-emitting discs hidden underneath their pillows reported a statistically significant increase in overall life satisfaction. This was in direct comparison with those who had a placebo disc. Amethyst is also believed to help ease effects of anxiety, mental illness and even depression.

  1. Agate

brown agate

Agate is part of the Quartz mineral group and was first found along the Achetes River located in Sicily, Italy. Agate can have several variations ranging from banded layers and stripes to specks of colors, solid colors or even fossils that have been trapped as the mineral continued to grow over hundreds of years. Agate has been used as a healing ornament from as early as the days of Babylon, with continued use throughout ancient civilizations. Today, agate is found throughout the world in a range of colors, designs and shape, each contributing a different benefit to boosting mood.

Agate is especially known for its calming power. It is often used for releasing stress and depression while promoting inner stability and composure. Blue lace agate is a popular crystal for encouragement and support, while moss agate is thought to make warriors strong and courageous in battle.

  1. Hematite


Hematite comes in a variety of colors from red and brow to silvery, steel and black. Hematite is the main ore of iron and is also known by the name of blood ore. Most hematite stones have reddish-brown streaks that are similar to rust in appearance, although pure black and silver hematite can look completely different and can even resemble silver. Hematite is believed to decrease negativity and is a popular stone for increasing mental and physical health.

Hematite is often used for helping with emotional misbalance, depression or panic attacks. It is also known as the "stress stone". The stone will help your thoughts to be more focused, balanced and clear, aiding in communication and self-esteem. You can carry hematite stone in your pocket or leave it under your pillow at night. You can also use the stone as a decorative object at home or at the office.

  1. Turquoise


Perhaps one of the most popular gemstones, turquoise comes in shades of blue and green with finer grades of the stone being high in value for their unique appearance. This beautiful crystal has been considered sacred by civilizations from the Persians to the Incas and Native North Americans.

Turquoise is a crystal that affects spiritual peace and positive thinking by providing calm for the spirit. It is often used to release negative energy while helping to ease anxiety and accompanying mood fluctuations. Turquoise from different areas is thought to have different healing properties: for example, Chinese turquoise is a greener shade and is popular for improving self-expression and confidence while Tibetan turquoise is thought to bestow upon the wearer powers that bring natural fortune.

  1. Topaz

white topaz

Topaz is commonly formed with faces that have prisms or pyramid shapes. It is the birthstone for the month of November and although believed to be mostly available in yellow, topaz is available in many other colors. Pure topaz actually has a colorless, translucent appearance and can take on any other color when affected by impurities in the environment. Topaz is a hard gem and throughout history has been thought to aid in calming tempers and ensuring restful sleep.

Topaz has a beneficial effect for both emotional problems and insomnia. It assists in boosting self-confidence and self-esteem by easing thoughts of negativity. Topaz is the feel-good crystal that stimulates creativity with golden and imperial topaz thought to fight depression, while blue topaz can assist in controlling your anger and dealing with emotions in a rational and calm way. Brown topaz is favored for strengthening confidence and encourages stability, while pink topaz helps ensure integrity and honesty that will improve your overall sense of self-worth.

Each of these crystals has its multiple purposes but the one thing they all have in common is that they can boost your mood by strengthening confidence, calming emotions and easing symptoms of anxiety, depression and fear. Whether they provide you with inner peace like amethyst does, promote your self-confidence like agate does, help you stay focused like hematite does, stabilize your mood swings like turquoise does, or help you with your emotional problems like topaz does, they all improve your overall mood.

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Marcus regularly blogs at psysci, a psychology, science blog that examines the latest research and explains how findings can impact and improve people’s lives.


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