Moods and the Endocrine System

The kingdom of emotions can be depicted as a vast energy stream in which there is a constant movement of various patterns, structures, and energies. We talk about energy blockages when there occurs an opposition somewhere within this stream. These blockages are usually caused by negative emotions — anger, sorrow, fear, etc. Such disturbances actually appear at the level of our astral body, but they are not localized, their influence may be spread everywhere throughout our microcosm. They can effect the etheric and physical body especially strongly, manifesting there in a form of physical illnesses.

a person in a bad mood

Thus, to maintain good health it is of prime importance to get rid of the blocked energies that reside in the astral body. In fact, there are special emotions that correspond to each of the main glands of the human endocrine system. These glands, in turn, are closely connected with the chakras of the etheric body (Fig. 2.). Our spine can be seen as an elevator, with the chakras representing different floors. By relocating our consciousness up and down the spine, we can contact these stale emotions and eventually get rid of the blockages that prevent free energy flow.

You should go deep down to explore the cause of your blockages. This is never an easy process, but once you have discovered the cause of your anger, fear, frustration, etc., you will be able to change and improve your mental attitude. When you combine correct mental attitudes with positive emotions, the energy within your astral body is able flow freely again, bringing in pleasure and a general positive mood.

We exist at multiple levels of consciousness. To each of these levels we can assign a single endocrine gland. Also, the feelings that are suppressed deep down in us sooner or later may emerge and effect the corresponding endocrine glands. The pineal gland is especially receptive to the emotions of love and joy. A state of enthusiasm also effects this gland. The pituitary gland is receptive to emotions of pain. This gland is also effected by an inner state of conservatism. The emotions of rage and intense boredom are reflected upon the thyroid gland. The thymus is especially receptive to emotions of fear and antagonism. The emotions of sorrow, anger, and insensitivity effect the adrenal glands. The pancreas is susceptible to emotions of apathy, hidden hostility, empathic over-arousal, and flattery. The sex glands are effected by dullness, times of crisis, and unconsciousness.

Say yes to life and choose what way you are going to express your love. In reality, there are only two ways: through fear and suspicion or through wisdom. While we are in unity with the Highest, we are in harmony with all life. Everything runs smoothly and the most complicated things become simple. Divine love pours out from the depths of our soul, revealing itself in its great beauty. When we feel love we are happy, we fly, we radiate positive, high frequencies, and the people around us are also happy.

The nature of God is Love. The basis of our life is to be able to love, here and now. Never doubt, God is in your heart, you just need to take a peek inside.

Excerpt from the book "I Am Who I Am" by Olga Rezo.


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