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Birthstones - Their Story

By Parriss

Birthstones make fantastic gifts for numerous people in the family. Giving someone a birthstone can be something very special and is something that can be attached to a wide range of other jewellery, or items.

Birthstones are often given according to the month the person is born on, or as a Zodiac-related gift, depending on the person's star sign. There are different birthstones for each of the respective months, or signs, though there is much crossover between both in terms of the stones used.

Different Months and Zodiac Stones

July birthstones, for instance, do differ. Those who are born during the month will find that a ruby stone is the modern July birthstone given to them. ruby birthstone However, in the case of the Zodiac birthstone, those born under Cancer will receive an emerald - which is a very different stone.

Traditionally, birthstones for months were different. If we use the same month as an example, the July birthstone is either turquoise, or onyx - which is different again.

If choosing a birthstone for a person, you should perhaps decide whether they have more of an interest in star signs, or are just more interested in the month they are born on. This means that you can then decide on whether you think they will be happiest receiving the birthstone relevant to them. The confusion of a July birthstone is different for all months, and some are a lot more clear cut than this month.

Modern Stones

Modern birthstones came into effect around 1912 with the hope by jewellers of standardising the stones for a particular month. There have been numerous changes on top of this throughout the years and the latest in the 'Modern' section of birthstones has been the adding of tanzanite in December. This means that this month now has three choices, including turquoise and zircon for those born during its 31 days.

Funnily, there are also birthstones for the days of the week in which a person was born. Most of these days have in fact two stones according to the day they were born. However, those born at the weekend have the most expensive deal, and the diamond is one of the stones for Saturday, or Sunday. This of course means that anyone who's in a relationship with someone born on such a day should beware, or be willing to suffer the consequences on their wallets.

Other Birth Items

There are also a range of other items that are associated with the birth date, day, or month you are born. These include things such as flowers, rings jewellery, gemstones and others. These are all specific to a number of different areas, though do make great gifts for those who are interested in such things.

Purchasing something along these lines can make a great gift for anyone. Buying someone a birthstone is a personal gift and something that can really make someone happy.

Just hope the person you're buying for is born during the week.


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