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What Are Crystal Water Pearls and What Can They Be Used For?

By Crystal Water Beads

Crystal water pearls are an innovative and unique type of beads or pearls for cut flowers and plants. These beads are made of hydrating polymer that soaks in water and causes the beads to swell. Their consistency transforms becoming bouncy, squishy and slippery, almost gel-like. These colorful beads or pearls are placed at the bottom of decorative centerpieces and floral arrangements. In a clear glass container, these colorful shining beads look like crystal balls and they tend to change the color of water.
Top quality crystal water beads remain colorfast throughout. Water is readily absorbed by them and is leached out to plants. They are reusable and non-toxic. When they begin shrinking they simply need to be rehydrated. Thus, these beads are creative, decorative and functional. Transforming a simple tabletop deccor into a vibrant looking and stunning floral centerpiece is just one of the lovely things these beads can be used for. These beads come in natural dazzling and vibrant colors, so it compliments the interior decor too.

There are various other purposes these water beads can be used for, such as:

  • Keeping tabletop cut flowers and plants fresh without the mess of water
  • Growing plants without any soil
  • Home decorations and handicrafts
  • Additive or soil replacement for garden and house plants
  • Decorative base for candles
  • Decorative item for parties

These beads or pearls can bring beauty and performance to craft and floral arrangements. Once water is soaked up, the beads begin looking like glass decorative marbles, but their weight is much lighter. Moreover, they can be used for growing plants as a unique soil alternative. They can also be used to supply water to fresh-cut flowers and plants. These beads are flexible, soft so they do not damage the flowers or plants.
Making these beads swell up and the unique appearance they are popular for is quite easy. These crystal beads simply need to be put in water and they expand after absorbing the water. Excess water can be poured out once the beads have attained the desired size. These beads are bio-degradable, non-toxic and odorless. They are colorfast, which means the color remains with them even after the beads have dehydrated. They do not discolor the water or stain other items. They are non-polluting, can be washed and reused, which also makes them eco-friendly. These beads can be used over and over again as long as water is added almost every seven to nine weeks to rehydrate them.
They can also be used to:

  • Nestle candles as a decorative item in a clear glass bowl
  • Soak cut flowers in a clear glass bowl or vase
  • Grow plants such as bamboo, dracaena, spider plants and palms
  • Decorate clear glass jars

When buying these crystal beads or peals, make sure you stay away from the lesser quality and lower price ones. These low quality beads remain rubbery even after absorbing the water and do not leach the water out. Beads such as these will be useless to your flowers or plants. So, whether you are buying them for a decorative or practical purpose, make sure you get quality crystal beads.

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This article was published by Crystal Water Beads, a trustworthy retailer of quality crystal water pearls. You can use these beads, whether you are tired of the mess that water makes around your flower vases, or you just want to compliment your interior decor in a unique way. These colorful and vibrant crystal beads are sure to liven up your interior and provide your flowers or plants with sufficient water.


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Are these safe for three year olds to play with?

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Hi Shirley. I don't know for sure, but I think they are not 100% safe, primarily because they are relatively small and can be easily swallowed.

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