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Large Size Break Open Geodes — High Quality Kit

Are you looking for a product that would best serve the needs of education and fun side by side? Geodes which are Greek for earth are very beautiful and unique geological structures which are essentially secondary in nature. They tend to occur in only particular sedimentary and volcanic rocks. They are formed as a result of chemical precipitation. Gem Centre, USA and Amazon have partnered together to bring to you a kit of 12 geodes. These high quality set of 12 geodes are for you to break yourselves and explore. The geodes in this kit are absolutely naturally occurring which you can break easily and explore the world of minerals.

several geodes of different types

This kit consists of a variety of geodes which are of different structure and composition. Their sizes also vary which gives each and every geode certain uniqueness. This makes the kit even more intriguing and enjoyable. Not only are all these crystals natural but they come with a guide which will help you in exploring the geodes. This guide is aimed at making your experience much more learning and fun.

This kit of geodes makes an ideal present for children who have just started learning about rocks at school. You can gift these to any child and help him get a better understanding of minerals, crystals and rocks. The guide will help you guide your kids through the process of breaking and learning from the geodes. Since these geodes tend be of size ranging from Golf Ball to Racketball, you need to use appropriate pressure while breaking these. An appropriate pressure will help you break them into exactly 2 halves thereby giving you a better look at the crystals and minerals inside.

Following the instructions on the guide which come within the kit you can open your geodes correctly. Thereafter you can use the same guide to understand the minerals that you have discovered within. You can find anything from quartz crystals to amethyst crystals inside these geodes.

In addition to clear quartz and amethyst, you may also find the following types of crystals as primary crystals: druzy quartz, quartz scepter, smokey quartz, and stalagtite/stalagmite quartz. As secondary crystals there might be angel wing calcite, clear calcite, geothite, hematite, mordenite, and pagota calcite. The geode shell is usually made of banded agate, chalcedony, quartz, igneous rocks, and siderite.

description of what's inside

With the kind of educational experience this product promises to give your children, the entire family can sit together and enjoy. This gift of education can be given to any other child above the age of 8 years who you feel can benefit from it.

Gem Centre, USA has taken immense care in ensuring that these geodes are very hollow such that the crystals found inside are not too clumsy for you to see. All the crystals contained within these geodes are sure to be clean and shiny and in many vibrant colours.

Where to buy?

This product is backed not only by the expertise of Gem Centre, USA but also by Amazon which is the largest player in the online retail. What is more is you can get your kit gift wrapped and sent it to anyone living anywhere. You can get your geodes within 24 hours of ordering them on Amazon.

break your own geodes kit

This Geodes kit can be purchased online from at an affordable price. You can bought this kit for your niece or nephew for Christmas or any other occasion. They will simply love the sparkly crystals they find inside the geodes. And, chances are, you will be hooked too. You may even end up purchasing one of these kits for yourself as well. Have fun!


jenny says:

These are great geodes and even more beautiful once you break them open. There's amethyst, quartz, druzy crystals. That said, you should know that because you buy unopened geodes, there is always some risk involved, because there's only so much you can tell about what will be inthere. Another issue might be the size, particularly if you buy the larger sizes, because it might happen, like it happened to me, that some of the exterior of the geode was clay which lends nothing to the goedes themselves. Thanks.

Ed Dellinger says:

My 7yo grandson lives with me. His Dad brought him over a Geode that has been in his basement for some time now. He purchased it years ago in AZ. for a table 'whatnot'. It is cut in half and has one side cut off. It weighs about 9lbs. The 'cave' is full of beautiful white/clear crystals. It is smooth and polished on the cut side. The cut end has a clever crystal 'bridge' across it. Last night, Jan. 20, we left it in the front yard during the Blood Moon Wolf Eclipse. This is my first dealing with crystals. I've read your articles and learned a whole lot, but what now? How should we handle our beautiful crystal from this point? Thank you.

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