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Comfort and Convenience: Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Review

People wear sandals for fashion, for safety, for day-to-day normal use and for many reasons. Sandals are made of different materials with various qualities. With the development of novel technology and with the people who begin to be engaged in meditation and Yoga more and more, new and exciting inventions have been made by various people and companies.

The Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop is one of those inventions designed by the Sanuk Company to help women feel great while practicing Yoga and meditation. This is a pair of sandal which is made from special material and it can be used on various occasions. By wearing this pair of sandals you can have many benefits and it has some impressive features.

a women is wearing pink yoga sling 2 flip flow
sanuk yoga sling back view

We know that Yoga contains special kind of physical exercise that should be done following the instructions of a specialist in the Yoga field. Yoga also includes a mental component, because our body and mind are connected, and when we affect the body, we also affect the mind. Due to the reasons like excessive weight, heart problems, issues with bone joints, and many others, the specific Yoga practices have gained in popularity. Yoga indeed gives solutions for these health conditions and helps transform our entire life. And yoga exercises can also be useful to release your stresses and to relax your mind and the body. They help you regulate the proper blood circulation and give you so many other benefits. But in order to be able to rip these benefits easily and efficiently, you will need some yoga accessories.

sanuk yoga sling bottom view

When it comes to Yoga, there are some things that you need to include in your practice. After all, today's yoga is highly commercialized, and we can do nothing about it. For example, a relax dress and a Yoga mat are some of them. The Yoga mats are made by special materials and they give you comfort while you are performing Yoga poses. The main reason to use a Yoga mat is to provide you with better traction. There are many more benefits that you get from the right Yoga mat. Also, when you perform Yoga poses it is necessary to land your feet solidly on the ground. Otherwise you might face certain injuries. And side by side with these yoga accessories, we can put a pair of properly selected and specially designed yoga slings.

sanuk yoga sling top view

The midsole of the Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop is made of real Yoga mat and therefore the pair of sandals provides all the benefits that you get from a Yoga mat. As it is cushioned, it delivers you comfort and convenience. The foot of this sandal is sealed and it is stitched. So you can be assured that you can use this pair of sandals for a longer time. It is extra light in weight, so it doesn't feel like you are wearing sandals at all. The upper part of the sandal is made of stretch knit fabric which offers you more comfort. Because of this design, it delivers you the feel of a full shoe and it intensifies the safety of your foot. The outsole is made of rubber and this is not waterproof.


  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Cushioned
  • Midsole is made from real Yoga mats
  • The range of colors and patterns is amazing: citron, black, white, gray, coral, black/white, charcoal, tan, chocolate, hot pink, ocean, neon pink, black/white Hawaiian, tomato tie dye, teal, ocean tie dye, neon orange, orange, chambray floral, blue stars, watermelon/multi, tea/multi, Rose/Dusty Blue Hawaiian, purple, patriotic kaleidoscope, ocean/fuchsia Congo, charcoal floral, red stars, black/multi/blanket red, black/natural Congo, black/white tile, eggshell, eggshell tile, lavender, melon tile, white stars, black cheetah, indigo pinwheel, melon pinwheel, and rose.


  • Stains easily

How to wear sanuk yoga sling

Here is a nice video that could help you get started with the Sanuk Yoga Sling sandals! I hope you will enjoy this video and maybe buy a pair for yourself. They are unbelievably comfortable, and it feels like you are walking on a cloud!

sanuk yoga sling side view

Sanuk women’s Yoga sling 2 flip flop comes to the market in forty three color combinations and various sizes. So almost anyone in the world can find their favorite color and design. One disadvantage that we see in this sandal is that it stains easily. So manufacturers should have looked with more care into that. If we exclude that single fact, this is a very good product. Now you can purchase this for an affordable price from the Amazon marketplace.

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