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A Throwdown on the Manduka’s PROlite Yoga Mat

Manduka is the Rolls Royce of all yoga mats. They are trusted for providing outstanding comfort between the yogi and floor, protecting body joints especially the hips, elbows, and knees when flowing from one pose to the next. Among their PRO series yoga mats is the PROlite. They are an excellent all-round yoga mat suited for most yoga disciplines.

Product Features

High Performance

manduka's prolite mat in blue color For user comfort, the PROlite is made of high density cushion for joint protection. With a fabric-like finish to prevent slippage (even when wet with perspiration), it is versatile enough for use on hard floor, carpet, timber and cement flooring. The bottom of the mat uses a proprietary dot-pattern for slip resistance. And, because the PROlite is free of latex, it is safe for yogis who are sensitive to latex. All of Manduka’s Pro series mats are certified safe for human contact.

Generous Footprint

Although the PROlite is classed as a travel yoga mat due to its light weight (4lbs at its smallest version), it has a generous workout surface. A typical yoga mat is 68" in length but this particular mat comes in a choice of 71" and 79", with a 24" width. Your yoga mat represents a boundary for personal space, especially in a class, and a large surface means you hold that down-dog face pose within a safe distance from the next person’s bottom.


The PROlite is made of superior material which will not peel, flake or fade with use. In fact, the PROlite improves with use and age; and is backed by a lifetime guarantee which no other travel mat in the market offers.


Manduka PRO series mats are Oeko Tex certified. This means that their yoga mats are manufactured in a way that does not promote toxic emission. A typical yoga mat may need replacement every 5 years or so but the PROlite’s longevity means that it won’t need to be replaced often (or ever), hence reducing landfill waste.


manduka's yoga mat as delivered

Some yoga disciples often induce perspiration which could feed into a yoga mat and breed bacteria. The closed-cell surface engineering of the PROlite yoga mat prevents moisture from penetrating the mat and keeps it hygienic and germ-free.

Easy to Clean

While the mat promotes good hygiene, it is still recommended to clean your Manduka mat every so often. Cleaning can easily be done by using any non-solvent household cleaner with a damp cloth and left to dry in the sun.


The Manduka PROlite is offered in three sizes - 71"x24", 79"x24" and 71"x30"; and a variety of six colours - purple, brilliant, midnight, thunder, pulse and shade. Manduka also offers limited edition colours which at the moment is ’merge’. The difference in prices between size versions is miniscule from around $2 to $10, depending on colour.

What Customers Are Saying

Yogis who purchased the mat rave about how comfortable the mat is. The fact that it lasts long and never slips also fares well with yogis. Although it has good stickiness, a few do find that it gets slippery when wet. The issue is perhaps more of the yogi’s sweat production? Also, new mats are often slippery at first but with use friction improves. You can also find some great yoga sandals that go with it.

Here’s what some customers had to say:

yogis in action with Mandukas yoga mats
  • "It is very comfortable and feels very solid and stable when in balance poses or when moving on the mat."
  • "Their density makes it far and away a completely different experience...more stable and cushion without being squishy."
  • "This is good as a mat will get!"

Where Can I Buy This Yoga Mat?

Usually, is one of the online stores with the best deal. Click here to view this yoga mat on Amazon.


prolite in red

For many of us, other than colour, one yoga mat is akin to the next. But for the yogi, a solid mat is almost obligatory. Manduka’s PROlite is an excellent all-rounder yoga mat that will win any yogi with its unsurpassed performance, quality and durability. Better still, they’re pro-environment and let you practice yoga while saving the planet!


james e. says:

This is by far my favorite yoga mat ever. Here are my experiences with it. I liked it from the first moment I removed the packaging. Till that time I had been buying mats that were priced at around $25. Manduka was recommended by my yoga instructor and I'm glad she did that. It can be rather slippery at first, until it wears off, and especially so if you sweat a lot. Use this yoga mat with a towel if you sweat a lot. I love the color (blue), it relaxes me. Prolite is not as heavy as PRO, but it is still heavy when compared to the cheaper alternatives. You can put it on any surface, even outside, and you won't feel any bumps beneath it. As it is lighter than the PRO, you won't have to carry that much weight if you carry it around. And also it dries fast, so it is a huge plus if you travel a lot with it.

mina says:

I love it...

kalgee says:

This is a fantastic yoga mat well worth every cent. At first, the price seemed too high, but when I bought it I realized that it was a great purchase. It is great for yoga or pilates, and what I like the most is that it feels so much better than many inexpensive mats out there. It is firm and heavy, it has a great balance and a stable non slippery base. When you get it out of the package, there may be an odor to it, just leave it be for a couple of days and the odor will disappear. I love the flexibility and ease of carrying this mat to my yoga class.

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