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Review of Woodstock Solo Zenergy Chime

How you start your meditation practice or yoga exercise can make a huge difference on the end results of your spiritual practice. A good suggestion is to use some kind of a tool to purify your body and mind as well as the meditation room you are in.

Meet the Woodstock Solo Zenergy Chime!

Chimes are very simple music devices. You just use a mallet and tap on the metal tube and a beautiful sound is produced. The sound lasts 12 seconds, at least the audible part. The vibrations that cannot be heard last even longer.

Not only the sound is pleasant, but it lasts for quite some time, given you enough space to concentrate and relax just by following it.

Unless you've heard the beauty of this sound, it is hard to describe it. What's really beautiful about it is its calming and relaxing effect both on the body and on the mind.

In today's world of various discordant sounds, having a musical instrument that can remind you of the purity of a single tone is a blessing.

Woodstock Zenergy Chime with Mallet

It is especially suitable if you want to do meditation, alone or in a group. This Zenergy Chime can be effectively used to purify the atmosphere in the room before meditation.

I am always amazed at the beauty and power of this sound. It resonates a long period of time and during that time you can be reminded to maintain focus and concentration on it.

Sure, you can use it as a musical instrument, but the real application of this Woodstock chime is in Aura cleansing and sound therapy. In addition to cleansing the room prior to meditation, the sound is powerful enough to penetrate your own energy field and help you clear negative energy blockages and enable auric energy flow.

All you have to do is tap with the provided mallet and the chime will give off a penetrating and calming sound.

You can use this sound for

  • self-healing,
  • relaxation,
  • meditation,
  • concentration,
  • aura purification, and
  • room purification.

Other Things You Need to Know

When playing this Chime make sure that you are not pressing with the mallet too hard or leaving the mallet rest on the tube too long. That will dampen the sound.

You may want to visit the website of the manufacturer here

Where to Buy

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