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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel Review

Does your child like and love drawing and painting but you don’t want them crouching or bending forward just to create their masterpieces? Then you don’t have to worry anymore, as you can get the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel and give your child his very own standalone activity board. The board can be used as the ultimate option for kids who both love painting and drawing without letting parents think about the difficulty of cleaning it.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

Why Choose Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel for Your Child?

Any parent would love how the standing easel from Melissa and Doug works, as it can be considered as a valuable all-in-one art activity board that your kids will surely adore. It can either be used by a child or 2 children on both sides. The other side has the chalk board while the other has the dry erase board. If your child likes to paint, you can put a butcher paper roll on the dowel between the boards and give him the space he needs for painting. Holding the paper in place while he is painting is a breeze since this easel comes with sturdy paper clips to let your children enjoy big individual arts.

Providing a place where he can put his chalk, dry erase pens and also his painting materials will not be a problem since the standing easel comes with plastic trays for storing the art items mentioned. The other tray is placed on the chalk board area for holding the chalks and pens while the other tray is designed to hold several paint bottles while your child enjoys his painting session.

Clean up is definitely the best feature that any caregiver or parent would love with the product as both boards are equipped with this features. For the chalk board, you can just erase the images your child has drawn and same goes with the dry erase board. The paper where your child has painted his masterpiece will not be a problem since you can easily tear the paper and let it dry completely.

Though the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel may not include the butcher paper roll as well as the art supplies, parents can always purchase the items separately under Melissa & Doug brand. This way, you are assured that the art materials that you have purchased are the ones suited for the standing easel that you got for your child.

Verdict for Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

Summing up the features that Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel has to offer, there is no doubt why there are many parents who have chosen to purchase this standalone activity board for their child. Aside from parents, there were also others who have purchased the item for their nieces and nephews who also love creating art works. Since the product has small parts included, it is necessary that parents would supervise its use especially those under the age of 3 and of course those in their toddler years.

Where to buy?

standing art easel for kids

This Easel is available online, on The price is quite affordable, given that it gives your children their own standalone activity board.


Myb. Steveon says:

I got this for my daughter. She is over three years old and it was love at first sight. She loves it and uses it almost every day! I love it too.

This melissa and doug so perfect that I would recommend it to any one.


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