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Authentic Meditation Mala — Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Beads

Bodhi seeds are the seeds of the tree under which Lord Buddha meditated and attained His enlightenment.

These seeds usually measure some 10 to 14 mm in diameter. Since a long time ago, they have been dried, drilled, and strung into Bodhiseed Malas. Being so hard and durable, they are very convenient for chanting or mantra meditation and can be used in any meditation practice.

Historically, Bodhi seeds have been used in the Tibetan and Hindu tradition, but if you need a tool to move forward your meditation practice or prayers, they will work equally well in any tradition or spiritual school.

Bodhiseed Malas are generally the most prevalent religious malas for Tibetan Buddhists. For the wast majority of meditators, the Bodhi seed does serve as the "seed of prayer."

The Bodhiseed mala we are presenting here is extremely appealing. The beads are of excellent quality and aesthetically pleasing. This mala slides well with your prayers to God and can be worn effectively as well. It accompanies a lovely sack for safety's sake.

image of bodhi seed mala and a yellow bag

How to Use This Meditation Mala

  • Utilizing this mala, or any mala for that matter, by any Dharma practitioner is straightforward and simple. Before anything else, you have to set your goal by carefully selecting a mantra, prayer, or affirmation. If you are not sure what your mantra should be, check out this review of popular mantras for meditation.
  • Once you have set your goal, locate a pleasant spot in your home where no one is going to disturb you. You may sit in your favorite meditation posture, or use a special meditation bench.
  • Next, hang the first mala drop tenderly on the center or the ring finger of your dominant hand. Place your thumb on the master globule and start reciting your mantra. Toward the end of the mantra push the mala bead away with your thumb and move onto the following bead for another round. Proceed until you've achieved a goal of 108 repetitions.
  • In the event that you wish to do another round of chanting, don't adjoin the master globule. Rather, turn the mala around and move the other way.

The number 108 is very significant in the Yogic tradition. It has cosmological, metaphysical and practical implications. If you use this mala in a mantra meditation, the single most important thing is to repeat the mantra with truthfulness, dedication, feeling, and full consideration.

Tibetan Buddhist Mala in a hand


  • High quality beads that feel natural in your hand.
  • Genuine Bodhi seeds.
  • Great Mala for Meditation and Compassion.
  • Well strung on Multi strands Nylon thread.


  • Because of its length, this mala might be too large for wearing around your wrist. In case you insist wearing it on your wrist, know that you would probably have to wrap it 4 or 5 times. For use in your home or around your neck, though, there should be no problem.
  • The bag might be of different color with respect to the red bag shown on the site.
  • The beads are relatively large, some 13 mm on average, which might be a problem for some meditators.

What The Customers Are Saying

The beads are amazing. They are a lot larger than I had expected though. So much so, I can't wear them on a daily basis. (I posted a photo with a normal sized remote for comparison). However, for the purpose they were made for, they are perfect. If you have been looking for a set and, like me, you are tired of the cheap ones, these are great.

Tibetan Buddhist Mala near a remote control for size comparison

Where to Buy

As far as we know, this Tibetan Mala is available on the website.

This meditation mala is sold by DharmaObjects from the Amazon website. Click HERE to see this product on Amazon.

The Bottom Line

This mala is fantastic and rather inexpensive. It has the obvious advantage that you get to meditate with beads produced from the same type of tree Lord Buddha chose to sit under and attain His ultimate spiritual realization. Namaste!


boo says:

I've used several malas before, but this is absolutely the best. The beads have a nice feel to them and are well made. The individual beads are just big enough to get a nice feeling in your fingers but still soft and nice. The package came fast and I'm very thrilled to have them.

jean pierre dhotman says:

Hi, those mala look so beautiful, writing from Mauritius Island where we can almost any kind of tropical tree, is it too much to ask what is the real name (Botanical name) of this tree? I would find it very rewarding to make my own Mala. Thanks for your quick answer.

sunnyray says:

"Bodhiseed" is the material for this mala. At least that is what the manufacturer says on the Amazon site: "Bodhiseed is the seed of the tree under which Lord Buddha meditated and received enlightenment." The Botanical name of the Bodhi tree is "Ficus religiosa", and it is native to the Indian subcontinent.

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