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Getting Festive Early

By Isaac Bullen


As we approach Christmas many of us will be look at ways in which we can spend our festive vacation. The Christmas period provides plenty of opportunity for us to relax and use the time productively. Actually getting into the 'Christmas Spirit' may take more time.

Christmas provides perfect opportunity for Families and Friends to catch up and spend some real quality time together.

Day to day life our work commitments release to us only weekends and public holidays, for such organised social events, we should cherish and use as best we can this freedom.

I would like to propose a few suggestions for activates over the Festive Season which will get you in the mood.

Putting up your Christmas decorations need not be a chore, there are many methods that will make this task more festive and involve all of the family. Putting up the decorations is perhaps the first major sign of Christmas in our homes.

Involve the Family

Everyone can help decorating the tree and hanging various decorations, this includes Adults and Children. Getting stuck in will build the mood early on, for all involved. Children especially will enjoy decorating the tree with lights, tinsel and bauble's.

People take Christmas decorations one step further and decorate the fronts of their house and lawn. If you have a spare evening during your vacation, have a drive with your family to some of these neighbourhoods. Some of the displays are a real pleasure and you may begin to feel the magic of Christmas.

Ice skating in December is one of the most magical experiences and vivid memories I have from my childhood. Gliding along with my family dressed warmly around a large snowman really brings out the festivity especially for children.

All family friendly activates just seem better at Christmas and followed by a welcomed warm beverage provide the perfect end to a day. Zoos, aquariums and short walks are all activities around Christmas that will help release the spirit of Christmas. Ensure that you dress for the occasion, as not to catch a chill.

Carol singers will no doubt visit your house or be collecting at local Churches. The Christmas Carols being sung will positively prepare you for Christmas. Get involved and sing with the Choir, alternatively take your Children around with you to neighbours, friends and families houses and sing your favourite carols.

Any one or combination of these activities is likely to help produce a feeling of festivity and prepare you for the rest of the Christmas holidays.

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