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The Evolution Of The Birthday Card

By jonathanbentz

The evolution of Birthday Cards Lets date back to the 15th century some 6,000 years ago back when Christopher Columbus first landed in the Americas. Greeting cards had just started becoming popular between the Europeans and Germans. Europe had developed these hand made paper greeting cards while Germany was printing their cards from woodcuts for Valentines and New Years celebration. Today Europeans are so serious about showing their gratitude toward others its been said that the average European mails 55 cards per year.

As much of our history portrays, innovations in technology have progressed the advancements in cards around the world. Below you will find a chronological evolution of cards from their first existence to what ends up on our window sills today. Papyrus Scrolls

New Years was a very popular time even before the 1400’s for the Chinese and Egyptians. They used these scrolls to convey their greetings to others. The material used for this scroll was produced by the pith of the papyrus plant which was very abundant Egypt. Handmade Paper

Handmade paper was a very popular substitute to us when writing in the early 1400’s. This handmade paper was created by soaking thin wooden fibers in water. Once they absorbed the water and became flexible they were drained through a screen where they naturally interwoven. These fibers where then pressed to remove water and then dried to make paper. The Europeans found this to be a great material to write on and therefore used it to exchange greeting cards during New Years and Valentines.

Printable Stock After a 400 year grace period (now in the 19 Century) these greeting cards had been transformed into a relatively inexpensive means of personal communication thanks to one of the biggest inventions of all time. The printing press was fully developed in the mid 1800’s allowing for mass production of literature. With the help of a postal system, greeting cards where being mailed to family and friends. This paved the way for holiday cards.

Recycled Paper Hallmark based its entire business around greeting cards when it was first established in 1910. Color printing was a huge success which helped propel the greeting card industry forward. A couple years later humors cards became popular and can still be found funnier then ever in today’s society.

Printable & Personalized Cards A few years after the Internet was created and email became increasingly popular so did e-cards. These were perfect for sending family and friends cards on more then one occasion. For example, birthday cards, sympathy cards, wedding cards, holiday cards, etc. One of the best E-cards I have ever seen comes around during Christmas called Elf-Yourself. Printable birthday cards gave us the opportunity to personalize our messages allowing us to convey exactly how we felt and print them from the convenience of our home computer.

Recordable Cards (No Words Required) Now cards are sold just about everywhere we shop and organized by the emotions they portray. One type of card now has its own section amongst the extremely large selection that are like nothing else. When you open these cards they play a tune to help convey the message that much better. Some cards go as far as allowing the recipient to listen to a message that was previously recorded by the sender, no words required!

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