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Guest Articles >> Natural Health

Homemade Earache Remedies

By MemeBridge

Earache is one of the most troublesome problems in the life of a child or an adult. You will find that the pain experience by a person having earache differs. It may be sharp, dull, throbbing, severe, mild etc. This condition usually occurs in winter and sometimes even in spring.

What causes earache?

The usual cause for an earache is infection in the ear which may occur for several reasons. Some of them are –

1.Any kind of fluid or moisture trapped in the ear, which will put pressure on the eardrum.
2.Allergies of any kind.
3.Any kind of injury to the inside of the ear, caused by scratching the ear.
4.Cold or a throat infection.
5.Excess wax in the ear that has been accumulating in the ear for a long time.

Now that we know about the causes for earache, let us have a look at some of the home remedies for ear infections. Luckily these tips are simple and provide really good results. These tips will help ease the pain as well as provide relief.

1.Garlic Juice –
If garlic juice is poured into the ear when there is pain, it will help relive it almost immediately. To get the juice all you need to do is using a clean safety pin; poke a hole in the garlic pod. The juice will spurt out and you can pour it in the ear. The reason why garlic juice is so effective is because it has natural antibodies in it, which will help fight the infection in the ear.

2.Olive oil –
A few drops of olive or mineral oil in the ear will also instantly help to ease the pain. You can even warm up the oil a little, by placing it in a small bowl of hot water or even running it under hot water. Make sure the oil is not too hot otherwise you may end up burning yourself. After applying it to one ear, wait for about 10 minutes before applying to the other ear. This is one of the most effective and simple home earache remedies.

3.Vitamin C –
Vitamin C is usually recommended to a person with earache, as it builds up the immune system. If you have a cold or fever along with the ear ache, a diet rich in vitamin C will reduce that as well. It is best to ask your doctor which foods are be included and which are to be avoided, to get best results.

4.Wrap a towel on a hot water bottle, and use the towel as a pillow. This provides soothing relief for an aching ear.

5.Castor plant –
If some castor leaves that are freshly plucked and dipped into warm sesame oil are applied to the ear, it will help reduce irritation as well as the infection.

Even though these earache remedies will give you relief from the pain, it is best to have a doctor look at it. Following simple tips such as removing the wax from the ear by a professional on a regular basis, not scratching the ear with a sharp object that may cause infection and wearing a scarf on cold windy days will also help decrease the chances of an earache.

About the Author

MemeBridge runs several site including and


The above guest post is published based on the premise that it will be helpful and informative. The opinions made within it are those of the author and not of The links you may find within this post do not necessarily imply our recommendation or endorsement of the views expressed within them.


Tom says:

Very clear and structured post. The olive oil tip was great - a quick pain relief, that immensely helped my 2 year old daughter to sleep in the last week :).
Thank you.

mandy says:

My 2 year old was crying and kept tugging at his ear. He was clearly in pain so I decided to try anything I may have in the house. I used the olive oil suggestion and it did work immediately. He just said "thank you mommy thank you" as soon as I put it in his ear. So it works!

sunny says:

Hi mandy,
Nice to hear olive oli works so well. Indeed, every now and then the homemade remedies can save the day. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Martin says:

In Germany we prepare a very effective garlic tincture. Garlic is great for other types of health problems besides ear problems because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties. The ingredients are as follows: one liter of schnapps and a half kilogram of garlic. Remove the skin and chop the garlic very fine. Put the chopped garlic into a glass jar. Put twice as much schnapps into the jar (you can use vodka or vinegar instead).

Now, put a lid onto the jar and shake it thoroughly. Then, leave the jar stay in a dry and cool place for 30 days, but don't forget to shake it daily. After a month, strain the garlic from the liquid and your tincture is ready.

You can use it for earache, but also for skin infections and ulcers. Garlic is a natural remedy for flu, colds, respiratory problems and high blood pressure. Garlic is great!

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