How our Mind and Consciousness Relate to the Physical Body

Our physical body is an instrument of sense impressions and perception. We should be primarily concerned with fighting the bluntness of our mind and body, but in order to do that we should better understand both of them and how they relate to each other.

The root energy center, known as Muladhara chakra, a place where the Snake power resides, is the corresponding chakra for our body. Its most important features should be simplicity, wakefulness, endurance and purity. This is an ideal case -- we are all trying to achieve these ideal treats of our material body.

Senses and Organs of Action

Our physical body is constantly further perfecting itself by utilizing the Divine powers present in the Solar system. It is an instrument through which our Spirit functions on the physical plane. The Divine part in us can influence the objects and phenomena of the physical plane; it can alter them via the sense organs and the organs of action of the physical body.

Our body possesses the following senses:

  • taste,
  • smell,
  • hearing,
  • sight,
  • touch,
  • sense of interrelations,
  • sense of synthesizing

Probably you are not familiar with the last two, as those senses are of more spiritual nature and should be developed in the future. The human nature is seven fold, so there should be 7 senses, all in all. These organs are gradually developed in the process of evolution. They serve as instruments for attaining new knowledge related to the physical world, whereas the organs of action assist in producing transformations in our Soul.

Our physical body is a body of our conscious organization; and as we already said, it receives and transfers information through its seven senses. It is from the degree of their development that we more or less correctly perceive the outer world. Our senses should be properly balanced, so that, for example, our sight should be able to observe the good in the bad, and vice versa, the bad things contained within the good. Likewise, our hearing should be harmonious, our touch should be able to discover the truth about the multitude of various forms, our taste should be simple and fine-tuned, our sense of mutual relationships should be efficient and our sense of synthesis should be clear.

The Relationship of our Spirit to our Body

God is expressed through the miniature Universe of our bodies, and therefore we are able to feel and experience Him. The spirit and matter are inseparable -- they are one in every aspect of the existence. Our body is our visible Spirit, a part of the expression of the Spirit.

As long as we keep our attention on the physical body, we are prone to identifying with it. If we kept an eye on our body from within, observing it as a living mechanism more perfect than any other human creation, as a hollow clay sculpture ensouled with life, or as an empty manufacturer's hall, the illusion of identification would be less strong.

The physical body can be understood as an adequate materialization of our mental, astral and etheric bodies (these are the lower of the seven bodies).Our body is innocent. it should not bear the caprices of our ego, and the consequences of our passions, bad thoughts and feelings. We should respect our body. God is in us and we are in God. There is a Divine spirit dwelling in and manifesting through our body. Our body is its skin, its outfit. This Divine Spirit is our True Higher Self, our immortality which withdraws from our physical body, if we don't respect it.

The Foundation of a Strong Bodily System

We should be aware that good habits are notoriously difficult to develop, and often they are easily and momentarily lost. The constant perfecting, and investing time to attain good habits, requires a lot of efforts and perpetual struggle. The health of our physical body does not depend on what other people are willing to do for us, but on what we alone are willing to do for ourselves.

Our body needs cleansing, heat, light, oxygen, prana, positive thoughts and positive feelings. But above all, it needs to learn how to listen to the word of God and to conduct the Sweet God's Will. God is love. Hardly is there a single important thing that we can "think" for us that hasn't already been "written" for us. Our choice lies only in the way of accomplishing it. True freedom we can experience only through unity with the Sweet God's Will.

The Life of Our Body and Soul

When we have learnt how to take care of our body the proper way, we enter the inner life of our soul. Our body should master the art of sitting, It should be able to sit in total stillness. We should discover out our most comfortable posture, since that will lead into a bodily balance and relaxation of all our muscles.

Troubled thoughts cause tension and disquiet in our body. The restlessness of our thought will be temporarily stopped if we first let our mind think what it desires and the way it desires. The next step is to become its neutral perceiver. The peace discovered this way should be repeated countless times, as obtaining ceaseless peace requires self discipline and focusing of our own will.

A strong and healthy physical body is strongly coupled with a disciplined mind and a conscious endeavour. Likewise, a strong physical body is a basis for a peaceful mind and fulfilled life of our soul. For a successful spiritual development, it is of prime importance to have solid foundation. Spiritual growth is only possible if we have strong and healthy base. Good foundation is also necessary for good psycho-physical health. In order to preserve our health and wellness, we should be able to permeate ourselves and our environment with Divine harmony. In this, we will endeavor to develop new behavioral patterns, learn how to preserve our health, and positively influence the further course of our lives.

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