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The Story Of Christmas Traditions

By EPoSSoftware

The story of Christmas has been one told thousands of times and in thousands of ways. From the spoken word to magnificent paintings, the Christmas Story has been represented in any number of manners.

Nativity Scene

The Crib is a depiction of the birth of Christ from the gospels of Luke and Matthew. Its origins come from Naples, where St Francis of Assisi is credited with creating the first nativity scene. This scene inspired the creation of pantomimes of a similar fashion across Christian countries. Static wax and ivory figures were then used to depict this scene at home, becoming increasingly popular in the 18th century.

Willow Tree figurines and ornaments are an example of beautiful creations that can really capture a sense of what the story is about. The creations, which are carved by hand from willow by  Susan Lordi, Willow Tree's founder, create certain elegance, peace and serenity, which are ideal for the subject at hand. Willow Tree figurines capture the manger and its serenity through their use of colours and form and really can play a great part for those looking to add to their nativity scene.

willow tree close to water


The origins of the Christmas Tree lie in Germany in the middle ages. Churches often featured an evergreen tree, similar to the ones used today, to represent the Paradise tree' from which the first apple was plucked. Trees were also decorated with sweets and fruit for children at Christmas time.
In time upper class Protestant, houses used cribs as a counterpart to Catholic's Christmas Cribs.

These became decorated in time with candles and other items. However, the tree became popular in most homes after the German's placed them in military hospitals during the 1870s. This example impressed upon people the attraction of such trees, which then became mainstream.
Christmas lights and decorations, such as Willow tree figurines can add to the Christmas spirit. The elegant designs stand up well with the clear lights and can really create a beautiful prospect for Christmas.

Mistletoe on red background


We're all aware of the idea of kissing under the mistletoe, though where did the tradition come from? It seems Scandinavia, more than likely. There are a number of rules for mistletoe.
It must not touch the ground when used as a Christmas decoration, though it may hang for the whole year and is used as a ward against bad look in the household.

Kissing under the mistletoe is of Northern European origin and a man, or woman who meets under the plant are obliged to kiss. However, each time a berry must be plucked from the plant - when all the berries are picked the privilege ends.

Candle In The Window

Many Irish homes place a candle in the window for Christmas. This traditionally meant anyone who was wandering without a place to eat could come into the home and would receive food. This still continues, and candle holders are now seen as a thing of beauty, some Willow Tree figurines also double as candle holder and make elegant ornaments for such means.

These are just an example of many Christmas traditions across the world, with many more set to be performed on December the 25th.

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