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Energy Healing as Alternative Method

By Geru Chouglu

I can only imagine how you must feel if you are just starting your carrier in the field of energy healing - so many new things have to be learnt, so many new phrases, new strange terms like, chakras, nadis, auras, pranic energy, just to name a few. If that is the case, you are probably wondering what the real meaning behind these expressions is. Moreover, you would also like to see a short and precise comparison of the most important healing methods. Read on.

All important alternative health methods rely on one very important principle. This principle involves the link that exists between our body, soul, and spirit. Furthermore, there is the association of all individual human beings with all the other life forms, living or seemingly inanimate. This association enables us to see and feel how our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being is being affected through everything else that comes in contatct with us and is present around us.

The differences and similarities between the various methods of energy healing

The eastern Hindi scheme of healing is based on two key words, prana and chakra. These terms should be known to every beginner: Prana, meaning vital energy, and Chakra meaning center of energy. Owing to the fact that manipulation and transformation of this basic life energy is in the core of this system, the name Pranic healing was given.

Aura is additional term which has some connotations with Pranic healing. The word Aura is related to the intangible bodies our microcosm consist of. There is not only one aura, there are more of them. How many actually depends on the different classifications schemes. Usually we speak of seven auras, wherein the physical, emotional, intellectual, willing and spiritual aspects of our body find their expression.

There are extraordinary individuals capable of detecting the color and shape of our auras. This way they can tell about the health state and other aspects of the individuals. There are many nuances, but in general 6 dominating colors can be seen there, and interpreted the following way. Green color in the aura means the person is an ambitious achiever. Red is more passionate color, depicting an activist, or an individual entangled in passions. Purple is the most spiritual color, indicating psychic or spiritual powers of some kind. Blue in the aura depicts a person determined to bring peace in the world.

Another form of healing is Reiki, was originally invented in Japan. This art of spiritual medicine was discovered relatively recently, some 100 years ago. Despite this fact, the roots of Reiki can be traced down to much earlier times, although not as early as Pranic energy healing. Reiki means universal energy, a term somewhat different than vital or pranic energy. This energy can be intercepted by an experienced Reiki practitioner or student that have undertaken a proper training, and afterwards it can be used for healing various forms of illnesses.

Although the energy used in the Hindu and Japanese arts of healing seems to have different qualities, it all comes down to the various manifestations of one and the same spiritual power.

Do alternative healing methods work?

Despite the advantages of modern medicine, an even growing number of people is attracted to Energy healing, either in form of Pranic healing, Reiki or some other method (ajurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, bio energy healing, herbs, faith healing, crystal therapy, homeopathy come to mind). What is their motivation?

First of all, the most obvious reason is that modern medicine fails to help in healing their ailments and alleviating their conditions. Many seriously ill or critical patients, would willingly take the risk and resort to alternative health approaches to improve their conditions. In addition to that, in contemporary medical treatments patients are often treated as mere hosts of the illness, not as complete human beings. The holistic approach is missing, which means that only one aspect of the person is being treated, and not the whole microcosm. This approach is changing, however, and in the last few years we can see an ever increasing number of hospitals educate their medical personnel in holistic and alternative methods of healing.

Secondly, energy healing and natural health methods in general are non-obtrusive methods. This means they are safer, more affordable, and less stressful. We need not say much to illustrate this - it is enough to just mention surgical operations as emotionally, mentally and above all physically traumatic for the patients.

Sure there are cases when alternative methods of energy healing are neither possible nor acceptable. But, whenever there is a chance, going with the natural techniques is the right way to improve one's health.

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