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Types of Odor You can Eliminate With an Air Cleaner By Mark Sedo


There are many different unpleasant types of smell that every household has to deal with. Even if you house is entirely clean, unpleasant odors can make it look (and smell) unclean. The usual way of getting rid of these odors is using essential oils with diffusers, incense, sprays, or scented candles. Not really the best solution, though... Read more

Common Reasons for Eczema and Some Solutions By Mandy Bular


Eczema is a skin disorder caused by many reasons. It can be recognized as skin rash initially. Typical skin rashes may appear suddenly, and they should go away automatically. Eczema stays and progresses sharply with the advent of time. That means, a small skin rash can spread on a large portion of the body if medications have not been used at the right moment of time. With effective medicines and a few precautions, it is possible to treat eczema completely... Read more

How I Lost the 25 pounds With Strict HCG Diet In Just Couple of Months By Aarti Singh

Have you ever gone shopping and felt like nothing fits right on you? It’s not the clothes you keep changing up the sizes as you put them on. It dawns on you when you stand there in that horrible changing room lighting that it is how you feel in your body. I was here in this position over a year ago. I did not feel good in my body. My self-esteem was almost non-existing that I would not join social outings because I did not feel sexy in those jeans or blouse. The only thing I felt comfortable in was in my PJ’s and I couldn’t attend a cocktail party in my sleeping wear?!? That one Saturday morning I dashed into Whole Foods in my PJ’s doesn’t count... Read more

Rapid Weight Loss Achieved But What Are The Risks? By Aarti Singh

If you are the many that did not keep that “New Years Resolution.” Don’t worry! Here is something new to try. People are raving about this new weight loss, especially that it was discovered by a physician. We all secretly want that magic potion, eat whatever you want and never gain weight. Don’t count on this diet to be it. What you can count on is that this new diet will allow you to loose weight or inches you want to achieve... Read more

Healthy Breakfast: 7 Breakfasts To Help With Weight Loss By Aarti Singh

Have you ever heard the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? Well, whoever said that wasn’t telling a lie. Why is that? The truth is, while we are sleeping our body goes into an overnight “fast” mode, where it feeds itself up of our macronutrients. So logically the best thing to do after we wake up is replenish them or “break” the “fast” mode, hence the name. A healthy nutritious breakfast is the best way to do that. I say healthy and nutritious because people tend to think that they should whatever they desire since it’s earlier in the day. Not true... Read more

30 Essential Oil Benefits (and the Cost per Drop) By Stephanie Lynch

Essential oils, which are extracted from plants, are organic compounds that offer amazing healing properties for those seeking to improve their emotional, mental and physical health. For thousands of years, different cultures have used these healing plants to treat a variety of health conditions, and aside from this, these oils are also used with cleaning products, beauty items and simply for relaxation... Read more

All about Cancer Risk Factors and Cancer-Causing Agents By Mandy Bular

Cancer is the most dreaded disease not only in the USA but all over the world. Cancer is actually caused by mutations or changes in the DNA within the cells. The DNA present in a cell is actually, packaged into several individual genes, each of the genes would be containing a number of instructions specifying the functions that need to be performed by the cell and also ways to grow and divide. There could be certain errors in these instructions that may negatively affect the normal functioning of the cell and could be allowing a cell to be cancerous... Read more

The Secret of the Reiki Symbols Revealed By Geoff

enzyme model

In Reiki, symbols play a very vital role. If we want to understand what task they can perform for us, we have to take a look at their origin, form, and basic functionality. But first, let me say that a lot of Reiki masters think that the Reiki symbols are sacred and, as such, they can be used only by the initiated students at the level 2 Reiki.... Read more

Effective Weight Loss through a Good Night's Sleep By Melanie Dong

enzyme model

A good night time sleep is seen as a very important health promotion activity because of its effect on replenishing the cells and helping to reset the bodily functions after a day of activities. During sleep, certain proteins and enzymes are also released, which are all essential for growth and development. A good night sleep also has direct benefits on the functioning of the organs. First, it lowers the incidences of metabolic conditions such as diabetes and also the risk for heart diseases... Read more

Activating the Vagus Nerve to Lose Weight By Christian Filter

model of brain

Our nervous system has always been important for the general well being of our body considering that it houses the master glands and the nerves that allows varied bodily functions to work. It consists of the spinal nerves that control the muscles in the body and also the cranial nerves that control the organs in the head and neck. The cranial nerves are mostly responsible for the sensory and the motor function of the head, neck and shoulder area, but their function goes beyond these... Read more

Looking To Cleanse? Here Is What You Must Know By Miranda Rose

cleansing juices

Cleansing has become big news recently as more and more people seek alternatives to improving their health outside of traditional medicine. While the awareness of the benefits of cleansing has grown recently, it is far from a new idea. Since ancient times people have understood that one of the best things you can do for your mind and body is to cleanse it of impurities... Read more

Essential Oils to Soothe Your Baby By Paisley Hansen

essential oils

Well-diluted essential oils are fantastic for soothing a number of discomforts in infants. Parents using essential oils can help ease fussiness, trouble sleeping, rashes, sunburns, and common congestion. Lavender is known for it's calming properties and is great for soothing a fussy baby to sleep, especially when combined with chamomile in bath water... Read more

5 Top Ways To Improve Your Long-Term Memory in 2013 By Faith Strickland

nuts for memory

Remembering information is a skill we must use every day. As the years go by and leave the student years behind, people often find that their long-term memory becomes unreliable. This may occur because of lack of opportunities to use memory, or it can even be because of poor nutrition, insufficient sleep or high levels of stress. You can increase your long-term memory by following a few tips that work for educators... Read more

Establishing a Bedtime Routine - The Science Behind Consistent Bedtimes By LakewoodRanch

cute sleeping dog

One of the most puzzling and confusing habits among the animal kingdom is one that continues to cause a conundrum for scientists to this day, and that is the concept of sleep. From what we know, it appears that every known species of animal performs some sort of sleep-like action... Read more

Personal Health Management - 20 Myths That Are Truly "In Your Head" By Revenflo

dog with cold

We have all heard as many myths about medicine and treatment as there are sicknesses and injuries. Following are 20 common myths and misconceptions about ear, nose, and throat issues, remedies and medicines. You may be surprised at what you read... Read more

Anxiety & Panic Disorders By Kara Gibbons

anxiety in the eyes

Do you feel constant, pervasive anxiety? Have you ever been so totally overwhelmed you felt like you were having a heart attack? You may suffer from anxiety or a panic disorder. Working with healthcare professionals, you can gain control of anxiety and panic, and you may look forward to recovery... Read more

5 Foods That Will Keep You From Overeating By Dannybud

salad greens

I have to admit, one of my favorites things to do is to watch TV and pig out on a bag of chips.  I’ve got a pretty big appetite and my stomach has no problem with chowing down on some chips only an hour after I’ve eaten a meal.  But now that I’m reaching my late twenties, I’ve noticed that my eating habits have started to catch up with me.  I’ve learned that one of the main reasons I overeat is because my meals aren’t all that nutritious to begin with.  So I decided to bare down and go see a dietician for a better meal plan and I’ve learned some pretty amazing tips... Read more

The Nuances of Being Gluten-Free for Life By Pete Wise

gluten-free bao dough cut in half

The gluten-free movement began as a way to treat celiac disease. The disease, which causes an immune reaction that attacks the lining of the stomach after you digest gluten-filled foods, has possible long-term effects. For instance, the disease interferes with nutrient absorption and can increase the risk for cancer, anemia and bone disease. The only way to avoid the symptoms associated with celiac disease and possible medical conditions is by incorporating a gluten-free diet into your life forever... Read more

Help for Coping with Motherhood and Depression By TherapistSchools

Many women feel that motherhood will deliver them into a blissful state of happiness. But in reality, many new mothers get into an awful state of depression months after giving birth. It may be due to hormones, medical issues, exceedingly high expectations, and many others. Post- partum depression is perfectly normal. What makes the situation bad is when these new mothers try to hide their depression because of guilt. Some mothers feel as though they’re betraying their child by not being a happy mother... Read more

How to Live Better & Longer By Stephania

March is National Nutrition Month and this should be a time we all reflect on our health. The top three causes of death in America are cancer, heart disease and stroke but fortunately these can all be prevented by adopting healthier lifestyles.

You can start living a healthy lifestyle by targeting four aspects for your life... Read more

The HCG Diet... Fraud By Joshua Garner

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is produced by both the embryo and the placenta during pregnancy. The pituitary gland of both sexes also produces a form of HCG continuously throughout the human lifecycle. HCG was first introduced as a weight loss aid by a British endocrinologist, Albert Simeons. His studies indicated that use of HCG helped patients lose fat without losing any lean muscle tissue. His method involved injections of HCC combined with a 500 calorie a day diet that was high in protein and low in carbohydrates and fat. Since Dr. Simeons’ death, the HCG diet has spread all over the world and become exceeding popular with dieters... Read more

Do Pharmaceuticals Help or Harm? By Brandi Tolleson


When “Big Pharma” is talked about in the headlines today, the tone is often ambivalent, as the increasing cost of pharmaceuticals does not mesh with the billions of dollars in profits that these companies make each year. Stories about questionable overseas business practices, as well as horrific accounts of failed drug trials continue to fuel debates about the need for new drug safety regulations and price controls. However, there is no debate about the necessity of pharmaceuticals in improving quality of life as well as the fundamental role they have played in medical science... Read more

Gluten Intolerance Doesn’t Have to Affect Your Lifestyle By Jenny


Gluten intolerance is a hereditary condition, which causes severe physical reaction when triggered. People that are gluten intolerant experience reactions when they eat food that contains gluten, such as barley, wheat, rye and other grains. Symptoms include diarrhea, malnutrition, and weight loss, mild weakness, bloating on the abdomen, bone pain, fatigue, and nutritional deficiencies... Read more

Herbal Stress Remedies: Little Known Ways to Reduce Stress By ezabielska

passion flower

Stress is inevitable in our lives. In our workplace, school, and at home, we encounter a lot of difficulties that makes us anxious and stressed-out. But dealing with it does not have to be expensive. There are herbal stress remedies available just everywhere! Most people nowadays recommend it due to its effectiveness. Also, people are worried about the possible harmful side-effects of commercial medicines, which are not present in herbal medicines.

Just scroll down these page and discover some of the most wonderful herbal stress remedies... Read more

The Bees Knees of Nutrition By Oktay


Did you know that the nutritional value of bee pollen is one of the richest natural foods in existence? Take a look at the nutrients in bee pollen. Just one teaspoon gives you 1.21g of protein, 4% of the daily recommended doses of vitamin C and Copper, 2% of the daily recommended dose of Zinc, Iron and Riboflavin as well as 1% of the daily recommended dose of Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin E and Magnesium; and all of that in just one teaspoon... Read more

15 Common Myths Related To Allergies By Alex


A sudden allergic reaction usually causes panic, especially when a person breaks out in hives. This problem is further complicated by the many myths that surround allergies, with everyone offering so-called well meant advice. Here are 15 of those common allergy-related myths... Read more

Make Your Medicine Cabinet Drug Free By Erika

pills stop

In a world where drug companies rule, people want a fast ‘cure’ and antibiotics are in everything from hand cleaner to milk, how do we say no to drugs? My nephews have had more antibiotics in their 6 years on earth than I have had in my entire life. Its no wonder that there are ‘super bugs’ that are resistant to most antibiotics. Going to the doctor for an annual check up is your personal invitation to prescription land. I’m not talking about diseases and conditions that require drugs to maintain health but the things that we have a choice about taking or not taking. So, the big question is ... how do we stay healthy and drug free?... Read more

Seven Things That Make Us Age Faster By Ryan Rivera

old couple

It’s coming and we can’t stop it! It’s horrible but true: the threat of getting old is inescapable. Many people want to deny it but growing older is a process that is slow but ultimately irreversible. As we grow old we lose fat from our face and bodies, which we might think is a good thing but in reality is not. When we lose that fat our cheeks sink in and our skin sags, giving us a more aged look. It’s biology and it’s working against us! Not only that, but we also lose estrogen and elasticity from the skin. Skin starts to hang in some places like our arms, neck, and face. One big mistake we often make is... Read more

Could Curcumin be the Cure to Cancer? By Eric Hirota

If you're not Asian or Middle Eastern, then chances are that you have no idea what Turmeric powder is. However, if you've ever lived next door to an Indian family, you might recognize it as "that smell" that is emanating constantly from their apartment. The yellowish powder, ground from a type of ginger root found in the rain forests of South Asia, is used in a litany of Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, but is most widely recognized for giving curries their spicy, pungent taste. Although Turmeric powder has been revered for its anti-inflammatory properties since it was first widely distributed in the 12th century, recent studies have shown that their benefits extend far beyond that... Read more

The Basics of Anemia By Brianna Elliott

“Anemia” refers to a condition where there are not enough red blood cells in the body for it to function normally.  Red blood cells are important because they carry oxygen throughout the body as well as remove a waste product, carbon dioxide from it.  There is more than one type of anemia, and they’re all caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency... Read more

Top Five Juicer Recipes For Pregnant Women By Olivia

The old saying "eating for two" doesn't, of course, mean pregnant women have to eat double the amount they did pre-pregnancy. But getting all the right vitamins and minerals is certainly important, and sometimes the easiest and tastiest way to make it happen is through juices. If you have a juicer, all the goodness you need is easily accessible to you! Here is my top five of tasty juices that will boost your vitamin and mineral intake quickly... Read more

Toxic Plastics: Bakelite, the Silent Killer By Barbara O'Brien

Right around the turn-of-the-century, the manufacturing of plastics exploded as the demand for the versatile and inexpensive material took off. One of the earliest and most adaptable forms of plastic is Bakelite, made with components including phenol and formaldehyde. Infiltrating virtually all aspects of our lives for decades, Bakelite manufacturing included jewelry, toys, electrical and insulation products. From floor to ceiling tiles and desirable collectibles, Bakelite permeated households for years... Read more

Fancy Camel Milk on Your Cornflakes? By Jong A. Ferrara

Camel’s milk has been the lifeline of Bedouin, nomad and other pastoral people over the ages. Camel’s milk is a full form of food; herders have survived solely on Camel’s milk for centuries. Herders have long taken their camels out to feed over long distances in deserts and arid environments. Recent research has shown it to be a health tonic and a medicine... Read more

The Effectiveness Of Acupuncture For Anxiety Treatments By Oktay

If you happen to be Chinese, chances are that acupuncture may prove to be a terrific treatment for anxiety if you ever need it. But if you grew up in a culture with an aversion to pins and needles, acupuncture for anxiety may not work for you... Read more

Homeopathy for Autism By Oktay

Homeopathy for autism is a treatment that sometimes works but seldom is tried. If you have a person with autism in your care, you may want to try some or all of the simple and safe homeopathic remedies listed here... Read more

5 Foods That Will Lower your Cholesterol By darren05

Soluble fiber reduces cholesterol absorption in your bloodstream - in particular it affects the absorption of low density lipoprotein which is the bad kind of cholesterol. If you eat approximately 10 grams of soluble fiber each day you will decrease your cholesterol levels significantly. Good sources of soluble fiber include oatmeal, oat bran and bananas... Read more

How to quit smoking: methods that really work (and why the ones you think work don't!) By James Dunworth

"Right, I'll bet you one hundred pounds that you'll start smoking before me," my friend said to me.
We were both at university and were discussing ways to quit. This rather bizarre method seemed ideal - the financial motivation would work with cash-strapped students like us. ... Read more

Know Your Gym By Alex

Most of us exercise for one main reason: to be healthy. Whether you're maintaining or reaching for a healthy lifestyle, you want your gym to make your efforts worthwhile. Of course, health is more than just looking good. It takes work and conscious effort and a will to be truly healthy, inside and out. But as you spend time at your local gym, working off those extra pounds, keeping your heart in shape, or clearing your mind, make sure that your gym isn't robbing you of your long term health ... Read more

Get High Amount of Omega 3 from the Mediterranean Diet By Lyuben Georgiev

If you are looking for a diet plan that focuses on Omega 3 fatty acids, then the Mediterranean diet is best for you. This style of cooking is primarily based on essential oils, beans, vegetables, fish and sea foods, and a sprinkling of spices and wine ... Read more

Sleep is the Best Meditation By sunnypopali

"Sleep is the best meditation", as said or we are all aware. So it is essential for us all to have a high-quality sleep. If you are maintaining a normal routine and having enough sleep, then your body will wake up obviously on time. ... Read more

Seven Easy Ways to Prevent Cancer By Harold

Small changes in your life today can make a big difference tomorrow. Hundreds of people die everyday because of cancer. The bad news is, this illness is indiscriminate; anybody can have it. Moreover, an operation is required to get rid of it without a guarantee of getting treated permanently. Thus, if you can prevent the development of cancer cells in your body, why not do it before you get inflicted? There are different kinds of cancer prevention, and they are as follow; ... Read more

How to cure Insomnia By MemeBridge

Sleep is very important for every human being. An uninterrupted and peaceful sleep is necessary for the following reasons - 1.To keep your metabolism and weight in check, 2.To strengthen your immune system, 3.To keep your nervous system working properly... Read more

Candida Infection And Your Health By James Schreiber

Candida infection, also known as thrush or candidiasis, is a little known medical condition that can negatively affect your health in many different ways. This article will explore its causes, symptoms and treatment options. Read more

An Indian Tradition for Healthy Hair By Maria Rainier

Some women would rather go into hiding than have their hair withstand the damage it takes from the winter months. This is not a mere superficial matter - hair has for centuries and for innumerous culture signified strength, fertility, power, and beauty. In Sikhism, hair is intentionally grown long for some of these very reasons. Read more

Tips For Using A Fruit Only Diet To Lose Weight By Musa

A popular way for many people to lose weight and give their body a bit of a detox is to go on a fruit only diet. This type of diet means that you will only eat raw fruit for the duration of the fast. It is possible to go on this type of regime for just a few days or even for a few weeks. Read more

Unlocking the Secret of Musical Beats Per Minute to Master Your Exercise Routine By Jessy Troy

As most people know, music can be an extremely powerful motivator, especially when it comes to exercise. Read more

Naturally Put an End to Your Pain By Tim

Chronic pain sufferers know the value of an effective treatment program. However, effective doesn't always mean healthy, or ultimately, even helpful. Modern medicines, prescription pills, surgeries and procedures can actually cause more pain than they treat. Read more

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