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Seven Easy Ways to Prevent Cancer

By Harold

Small changes in your life today can make a big difference tomorrow. Hundreds of people die everyday because of cancer. The bad news is, this illness is indiscriminate; anybody can have it. Moreover, an operation is required to get rid of it without a guarantee of getting treated permanently. Thus, if you can prevent the development of cancer cells in your body, why not do it before you get inflicted? There are different kinds of cancer prevention, and they are as follow;

Don't Smoke

Smoking has always been one of the causes of different types of cancers including cancer in the lungs, cervix, kidneys and bladder. If you are a smoker, you should expect that when your body gets old, you will start feeling all the effects of chemicals in your body and you are lucky if you will not develop a cancer inside you.

Recent studies revealed that even if you are not a smoker but you are exposed to secondhand smoke, there is a very high possibility that you will develop cancer in your body. According the most recent study of World Health Organization, there are 600,000 people who die each year because of the exposure to the secondhand smoke.

Observe a Healthy Diet

Food has great effects to your health therefore, choosing the healthy ones will lower the risk of having cancer. It is not enough to eat health diet for a day or two; you must be able to maintain it. Among the foods you should consider are fruits and vegetables. Fatty foods should be eliminated from your daily diet and alcohol drinking should be minimized.

Maintain Healthy Weight and Lifestyle

The fitter the body becomes, the lesser the possibilities of developing cancer. If you are an athletic person, remain being active and give your body enough physical activities to remain fit and healthy. However, if you are a busy person, at least, find some time to sweat out to prevent being over weight.

Obesity will often result to breast cancer and colon cancer. Besides, you are prone to cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Therefore, it pays a lot to maintain a healthy weight and observe healthy lifestyle.

Get Yourself Immunized

If you are serious in preventing cancer to inflict your health, you should get yourself immunized from any possible viral infections. For women, getting a shot for HPV (Human Papillomavirus) will considerably lower the risk of cervical cancer. This vaccine is given to both men and women between 15 and 26 years old.

Furthermore, you must be immunized for Hepatitis B which is often the cause of liver cancer. Hepatitis B is very common today especially for people who have multiple sexual partners.

Maintain Healthy Behavior

This aspect includes being faithful to one's partner. People having affairs or sexual relationship other than your partner may often lead to much serious diseases such as being infected with HIV/AIDS that will often cause cancer of the lungs, anus and cervix. Aside from that, your immune system will be greatly affected that you will lose your body's defenses against all diseases.

Also, do not share needles with other people as it is also one of the common causes of HIV, hepatitis B and C. Observing proper hygiene is important and should not be neglected.

Don't Stay Long Under the Heat of the Sun

Although, skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, it is also the easiest to prevent. Do not stay long under the midday sun as it is the major cause of skin cancer. Whenever it is inevitable for you to work without getting hit by the heat of the sun, don't forget to use sunscreen and reapply more often to ensure your skin gets the protection from UV rays.

Moreover, minimize staying under sunlamps or tanning beds as they are harsher than the sun itself.

Practice Early Detection

There is no better way to get yourself treated from cancer than detecting cancer earlier. You must remember that cancer cells are difficult to eliminate when they are in their advanced stages already. Any type of cancer will be successfully treated if they are detected before they advance.

Visiting your doctor every now and then for a check up really helps a lot in cancer prevention or early detection. You should take it seriously to get your lifetime reward of being healthy.

The Bottom Line

Your health is your responsibility; as early as possible you should be able to discover the things which are not normal in your body to prevent further complications in the future. Staying fit by not smoking, eating healthy diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are some things you can do for yourself. Getting immunization, having one sexual partner in a lifetime and not abusing your skin require your self-determination and action. All these are important in preventing or detecting the development of cancer cells inside your body.

Getting yourself educated about cancer will open your mind to the possibilities you may be able to develop cancer depending on your lifestyle. Health updates can be found over the internet for your perusal; cancer prevention early detection guides are often offered for free.

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