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Get High Amount of Omega 3 from the Mediterranean Diet

By Lyuben Georgiev

If you are looking for a diet plan that focuses on Omega 3 fatty acids, then the Mediterranean diet is best for you.  This style of cooking is primarily based on essential oils, beans, vegetables, fish and sea foods, and a sprinkling of spices and wine. 


Most healthy diets are based on vegetables, fish, and lean meat.  But the Mediterranean way of cooking added one more element: essential oil.  Fat is an important component of the Mediterranean diet.  But this is not just ordinary fat.  For many centuries, the people of Mediterranean have been consuming high amount of Omega 3 fats. 


The Basics of Mediterranean Diet


The Mediterranean diet is primarily based on fruits, vegetables, grains, essential oils, beans, seeds, legumes, herbs, and spices.  Every meal therefore should be based on these food groups.  A typical Mediterranean dish is quite oily and rich.  But there is no need to worry because the fats included in the dish are high in Omega 3. 


Based on the Mediterranean food pyramid, you should consume sufficient amount of fatty fish and sea foods at least two times per week.   Tuna, salmon, sardines, crayfish, swordfish, and snappers are standard fare in the Mediterranean diet.  These fatty fishes are very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.  Aside from fatty fish, you should include oysters, green shells, and shrimps in your weekly meal plans. 


Poultry and dairy products should be consumed in moderate amounts.  You can include cheese, yogurt, eggs, and chicken in your daily diet but in small to moderate portions only.  The consumption of red meat and sweets on the other hand should be minimal. 


Crucial Components of the Mediterranean Diet


The Mediterranean diet is not just a meal plan.  It is actually a lifestyle approach.  When you adopt Mediterranean cooking, you can ensure that your body’s Omega 3 needs can be met.  But most important of all, the Mediterranean lifestyle will teach you how to live healthy. 


Omega 3 rich foods are the most important components of the Mediterranean diet.  With this diet, you will be able to get essential fatty acids from plant sources and sea foods.  The diet also replaces butter with healthy polyunsaturated fats from olive oil, flaxseed oil, and canola oil. 


Aside from developing a diet that is rich in Omega 3, the Mediterranean way of life teaches you how to stay active to be healthy.  Physical activity is an important component of the Mediterranean diet plan.  You are required to develop an exercise program that will complement your meal plans. 


So if you want to eat delectable and rich foods and still get sufficient amount of Omega 3 fats, then the Mediterranean diet is your best option.  Take note that this diet strategy focuses more on fatty fish, vegetables, and beans.  All of these are rich in Omega 3 fats.  Once you adopt the Mediterranean lifestyle, you will surely enjoy your daily meals and at the same time get the benefits of essential oils. 

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Written by Lyuben Georgiev


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tony says:

That's a good advice. Using more omega 3 that is. I know because the ratio of omega 3 versus omega 6 is nowadays shifted heavily toward omega 6. Like 40 or 50 parts of omega 6 versus 1 part of omega 3. And it should be close to 1 versus 1. Therefore, you can't make a mistake if you take a lot more omega 3 than omega 6. If you are wondering what's the best source of omega 3, it's krill oil, by far the most superior type you can buy. Thanks and cheers.

sunnyray says:

Thanks, Tony. Very informative. And you are 100 percent right about krill oil. Great source of omega 3.

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