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Tips For Using A Fruit Only Diet To Lose Weight

By Musa

A popular way for many people to lose weight and give their body a bit of a detox is to go on a fruit only diet. This type of diet means that you will only eat raw fruit for the duration of the fast. It is possible to go on this type of regime for just a few days or even for a few weeks. It can be possible to lose a lot of weight this way; maybe up to two kilograms a week. The fiber in fruit is a great way to clean out your intestines. Here are a few tips to help you have a successful fruit only diet attempt.


- You would probably be better off only doing a diet like this for about three days if you have never done it before. It is much more manageable to choose a smaller time frame because a diet like this can really affect your well being. And you could lose up to one kilogram doing this.


- The day before starting this diet, you should make a point of eating a lot of protein. In fact it would be better to make sure that you eat a variety of nutrients that day.


- It is important that you drink plenty of water during the fruit fasting period as this will help wash out all the nasty toxins that have accumulated in your body.


- Doing a three day diet like this at least once a month is the best way to get long term benefits from it.


- You can make sure that you look your best for a special occasion if you do your three day fruit only diet in the week coming up to the day.


- If you have any health problems it is always wise to speak with your doctor before attempting this type of fast.


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ryan says:

I don't think it's wise if we limit ourselves when it comes to food. Our bodies need different types of food and not eating them won't help at all. It will just make our bodies weak and it will even go against our goal of losing weight. I've tried so many diets in the past before but none of them worked. This article is a total life saver:

I've lost several pounds after following the tips from that article.

amy says:

This kind of diet can be dangerous. If you eat only fruits, you are depriving your body from important nutrients. First of all, you get no proteins. Proteins are important building blocks of the body. Moreover, you get hardly any fats, and fats are also essential nutrients for the normal brain function and functioning of the metabolism. I think that you will have a huge deficit of omega fatty acids and vitamin B, not to mention calcium and iron. Probably it is fine for a couple of days, but it can by no means be a long-term diet.

merc says:

Another point why fruit diet is problematic is related to fructose. Fruits are rich in fructose, almost all of them. Too much fructose can be harmful and directly leads to worsening of ones health. The dose of fructose a healthy person should not overstep is somewhere around 25 grams a day. That amount is roughly contained in 3 or 4 middle sized apples.

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