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How I Lost the 25 pounds With Strict HCG Diet In Just Couple of Months

By Aarti Singh

Have you ever gone shopping and felt like nothing fits right on you? It’s not the clothes you keep changing up the sizes as you put them on. It dawns on you when you stand there in that horrible changing room lighting that it is how you feel in your body.

I was here in this position over a year ago. I did not feel good in my body. My self-esteem was almost non-existing that I would not join social outings because I did not feel sexy in those jeans or blouse. The only thing I felt comfortable in was in my PJ’s and I couldn’t attend a cocktail party in my sleeping wear?!? That one Saturday morning I dashed into Whole Foods in my PJ’s doesn’t count.

Until that one day when I had enough, I needed something to change. You know when you know what to do. “Eat right” they say, “treat your body as a temple,” they say, the list can goes on but it never really motivated me to actually do it.

It was this one particular day that I realized the pivotal moment has arrived. It was the typical grocery day. I was carrying a basket, since all I purchased was frozen meals anyway. It was just a quick in and out. As I’m walking towards the frozen aisle, there was a man working on the left hand side. The space to pass him was tight. I saw three people pass him with ease. Not touching any items on the shelf on the right side. I didn’t think twice, I proceed to follow like everyone else. I ended up knocking some items off the right shelf with my hips. I was completely embarrassed. No one made it a big deal but inside I couldn’t make eye contact with one. I overestimated that I can actually squeeze through that tight space.

This is the day I wanted to change. You can say it might have been pure clumsiness or just not aware of my surroundings. But I know its because I let myself go and had no connection with my body to even maneuver to squeeze behind someone at a grocery store. This was it for me. I WANT to change.

It was a slow long process but I continued to do a daily vigorous activity at least 4 times a week. I changed my eating habits to a clean healthy eating regimen. I saw my weight coming off and I was excited. After a couple of months, I didn’t see anymore changes, I got frustrated. I still had those uncomfortable areas that I wish were smaller. I hit what is called a plateau in weight loss, or however my personal trainer described it. I didn’t want to work out harder, I wanted to keep doing what I am doing and keep loosing the weight. I really didn’t want the exercise to get harder, why? I was actually getting the hang of it.

It was that time of the day at the office, I need to chill out and clear my mind with nonsense senseless ads on Facebook. As I’m scrolling, an interview regarding Dr. Oz came out. I had to watch the short video. This is where my journey with HCG Diet began. While searching for "best hcg drops" in Google i have landed on a site which claims they review Best hcg drops . I found it promising as I heard testimonials and of course, Dr. Oz vouching for it’s effectiveness. I had to give it a try. But make sure to read reviews before you buy any such drops. Also, i have seen a site where they have updated more than 300+ reviews in a single page talking about HCG Complex brand. Even I heard positive about this product.

This is my personal journey I had with the HCD Diet, it was not easy but here are some ways I made it manageable. I felt fine the first week; I was able to adjust to the diet. I had my own tricks I used.

This strict diet allows you to pick a vegetable out of the food list. Celery was one of them. There are no restrictions on the herbs you can use to spice up your food. So I choose to make a celery soup with parsley and lemon. It was delicious and would fill me up. You can also switch to cabbage soup as well for the next week.

I did not feel any cravings as I kept my stomach full with soups, teas, or coffee and the HCG doses were easy to use. I am guessing that the HCG helped my cravings because I never felt that I was starving. I had cravings now and then when I wanted to eat something sweet or something salty. I saved those snacks options for these times.

Okay so week 1 is over. It wasn’t too bad. I think the most difficult part was what to do at lunchtime with my coworkers. I managed this by staying in my office and pretended I was busy with a project. I couldn’t be tempted from all that restaurant food while I’m over here eating soup. I notice a change in my face. My cheeks were smaller and you can see more definition of my jaw line. That motivated me to keep going.

During this time I want to point out that I was not working out. I still did my light walk instead of a jog in the morning but nothing more than this.

Week 2-3, I believe this was like the “Wednesday” in a workweek. It was harder to stay into the routine. I had to come up with different ideas to help me stay motivated with the diet. I used different types of tea at this point, mint tea, green tea, and cinnamon tea. You can drink all the teas and coffee you want just as long as there is no cream or sugar. I used stevia from time to time for my sugar cravings, it’s not my favorite but it helped me managed.

Here I am in my final week 4, I stopped here since I already reached my desired weight loss for this interval. I had lost 25 pounds. There were days I wanted cheat, I would lie to you if I didn’t say I didn’t cheat at all. However, when I did cheat it was just an extra serving vegetables or fruit. Even another portion of meat!

I love my results! I saw more of my muscle definition coming, especially in my arms. I felt my arms are skinner. Which I thought would never happened. All those stubborn areas felt smaller. My thighs no longer touched as much and I was able to walk with shorts for the first time in a long time.

One thing to take away here is that this diet is extreme. Always listen to your body and don’t push yourself if you are physically exhausted and check with your doctor if this diet is right for you. Good Luck!

About the Author

Aarti Singh, from India, has been a Freelance Nutrition Lifestyle Advisor since 2014. She is a Certified Dietician and Nutritionist who is very passionate about her work, and loves helping people by designing diets specific to their individual needs. Currently she is working on HCG drops project. She has vast experience in cases such as obesity, hypothyroid disease, and anemia. Feel free to contact her any time :


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