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30 Essential Oil Benefits (and the Cost per Drop)

By Stephanie Lynch

Essential oils, which are extracted from plants, are organic compounds that offer amazing healing properties for those seeking to improve their emotional, mental and physical health. For thousands of years, different cultures have used these healing plants to treat a variety of health conditions, and aside from this, these oils are also used with cleaning products, beauty items and simply for relaxation.

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I went ahead and researched the top 30 essential oils and listed the benefits, along with the price you will pay for each drop you use. As you can soon see, the prices for a better lifestyle can be done for pennies.

#1 Basil ($.11 per drop for 15 mL)

Basil can help if you have problems with the digestive system, colds, infections, poor circulation, nausea, and pruritus.

#2 Ginger ($.16 per drop for 15 mL)

At any time of day, Ginger will mitigate the feeling of nausea and a vomiting impulse.

#3 Grapefruit ($.09 per drop for 15 mL)

Grapefruit essential oil accelerates the decomposition of fat, which is known to help with weight loss. It also can stimulate your metabolism and brain activity, making you feel more energized throughout the day.

#4 Cypress ($.08 per drop for 15 mL)

This oil stimulates blood clotting in an open wound since this oil can constrict blood vessels, essentially stopping enhanced blood flow. It’s also proven to remove bacteria that cause respiratory tract infections.

#5 Cinnamon ($.32 per drop for 5 mL)

Cinnamon leaf prevents the growth of fungi, has an antimicrobial effect, increases energy levels and improves circulation.

#6 Black Pepper ($.34 per drop for 5 mL)

Removes flatulence, stimulates and increases circulation and relaxes the muscles.

#7 Bergamot ($.15 per drop for 15 mL)

Bergamot contains active components that stimulate the secretion of hormones, which in turn, can promote a sense of calmness and relaxation.

#8 Fennel ($.08 per drop for 15 mL)

This essential oil has an extremely beneficial effect on the stomach and the entire digestive system. Thanks to the diuretic effect, it stimulates the discharge of harmful substances from the body, and therefore, promotes the work of all systems in the body.

#9 Lavender ($.11 per drop for 15 mL)

Lavender significantly contributes to reducing the sense of pain that occurs after surgery, muscle injuries, rheumatism, arthritis, and lumbago.

#10 Eucalyptus ($.08 per drop for 15 mL)

Eucalyptus effectively alleviates respiratory problems, mental exhaustion, muscle pain, and sore teeth. It’s also known to help with parasites in the body and disinfection of wounds.

#11 Frankincense ($.37 per drop for 15 mL)

Thanks to its disinfectant capacity, this oil is known to eliminate invisible pathogens, viruses, thereby enriching the air with its wonderful fragrance.

#12 Clary Sage ($.19 per drop for 15 mL)

Clary Sage cultivates scars to prevent the occurrence of infections and complications. It also regulates your menstrual cycle, effectively relieving spasms and pain.

#13 Helichrysum ($1.15 per drop for 5 mL)

Helichrysum is known to reduce inflammation and improve your cardiovascular health since it promotes the healthy function of muscles and reduces blood pressure. All of these actions ensure the health of your heart over time.

#14 H. Sandalwood ($.95 per drop for 5 mL)

Eliminates urinary tract infections and encourages more frequent urination, thereby promoting the removal of toxins from the body.

#15 Coriander ($.14 per drop for 15 mL)

Under the conditions most people today live in today (polluted air, cars, foods contaminated with pesticides), coriander can be of great use for the detoxification of the body and health in general.

#16 Lemongrass ($.05 per drop for 15 mL)

Lemongrass has long been an ally in the fight against infectious diseases and fevers, and scientific studies have also proven antiseptic and antibacterial properties in this essential oil.

#17 Lime ($.07 per drop for 15 mL)

Lime disinfects wounds, cleanses the skin, and its scent stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and appetizing. Therefore, it is advisable in the fight against eating disorders such as anorexia.

#18 Lemon ($.05 per drop for 15 mL)

Lemon eases the symptoms of a cold, bronchitis and flu since it boosts the production of white blood cells, which are essential to help defend the body against colds.

#19 Marjoram ($.10 per drop for 15 mL)

Marjoram helps with eliminating constipation, bloating, pain and stomach cramps. It also stimulates digestion and ensures the balance of the digestive system.

#20 Melaleuca ($.10 per drop for 15 mL)

Melaleuca is effective against viruses and useful for the prevention of virus infections such as common cold and measles.

#21 Wild Orange ($.06 per drop for 15 mL)

Wild Orange is known for its positive, calming effect. It will relax you, fix your mood and prepare you to cope with all the problems the world may be bringing your way.

#22 Vetiver ($.18 per drop for 15 mL)

Vetiver affects the entire body, tones and adjusts its functions and boosts your immunity. It reduces the need for loud, negative reactions, restlessness and anxiety.

#23 Thyme ($.15 per drop for 15 mL)

Thyme stimulates coughing, thereby reducing irritation. It is the favorite solution in a case of persistent, long-lasting cough.

#24 Rosemary ($.07 per drop for 15 mL)

Rosemary is known to reduce the feeling of pain and stimulates circulation, which leads to faster healing of the injured area. Studies have shown it stimulates the liver and formation of bile, which plays a key role in the process of the digestion of food.

#25 Patchouli ($.16 per drop for 15 mL)

Stimulates the operation of all systems within the body, increases metabolism, boosts immunity, strengthens us and ensures our health. Moreover, soothes jangled nerves and helps us to relax and rest.

#26 Oregano ($.13 per drop for 15 mL)

Oregano reduces redness and the irritation of the skin, decreasing the feeling of pain in an affected area. It also protects against viral and bacterial infections in the respiratory, digestive and urinary system, and in doing so, it does not disturb the natural balance of the body.

#27 Myrrh ($.28 per drop for 15 mL)

Myrrh tones and strengthens the heart and circulatory system, and it’s also known to improve the digestive system.

#28 Melissa ($1.85 per drop for 5 mL)

Melissa oils will calm and relax you, and with this scent, you will fall asleep happy and relieved.

#29 Ylang Ylang ($.19 per drop for 15 mL)

Ylang Ylang can be used to aid in the proper regulation of the heart (for example arrhythmia caused by stress). Also, it reduces high blood pressure and is known that it has beneficial effects on depression and irritability.

#30 White Fir ($.11 per drop for 15 mL)

Stimulates and promotes excretion of toxins and accelerates the healing of painful muscles. It's a valuable addition to the therapeutic massage for alleviating pain in muscles and feet.

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