Seraphim — the Highest Order of Angels in the Heavenly Hierarchy

The top spot of the heavenly hierarchy is reserved for the Seraphim. These Beings are also called "God-loving", "Burning Angels" and "Fire-like", because they burn with everlasting love for the Almighty.

The origin of the word Seraphim comes from the Hebrew word seraph, meaning "to burn" or "fiery". In that sense, a Seraph could mean "The One who burns", or "The One who Shines".

Because of this, the alternative name of the Seraphim is Fire Spirits. They are beings of pure light, Angels of love and fire. They irradiate Pure Divine Light. They convey the energy of God's mercy toward the periphery of the Divine Creation.

These Angels work with huge inner reserves of compassion and Divine love. They constantly focus on raising the rate of their vibrations to maintain the Divine energy stable and untainted.

Seraphim are the ones who prevent the Divine from being even a little bit tainted with negative energy. They help create and convey positive energy all the way through the other Angelic groups down to the physical realms.

seraph drawn in a stained glass

Above the Seraphim we can only talk about the Godhead, as we understand it in the Christian sense. Due to their purity and proximity to God, the Seraphim are capable, to a large extent, to reflect God's perfection around them.

Seraphim are Angels that praise God unceasingly. As they are closest to God, one of their duties is to govern the Heavens.

As the higher choir of Angels, the Seraphim are connected with the White Ray of Ascension that contains the vibration of God's purity. They imbue the entire Universe with Divine healing powers; they embody love, light, and Divine fire, as well as harmony and perfection.

According to an ancient legend, the Seraphim form an uninterrupted circle around the throne of God at the heart of the Great Central Sun. Filled with adoration, they constantly repeat:

"Holy, holy, holy is God Almighty!"

The name Seraph is a synonym for the tireless and eternal loyalty to the Divine principles. They are the essence of the unconditional Divine love, light, sanctity and fire. Continually permeated with the intense and tireless God's activity, they understand God almost entirely.

The great prophet Isaiah saw God and the Seraphim in his famous vision. He saw God seated at His throne closely surrounded by the Seraphim. As the Seraphim reside in the presence of God, they directly receive Revelations from Him and distribute these messages to the other Angels.

So we have seen that, in general, we can identify the Seraphim with the fire of healing and love. It is believed that every Seraph gives off such a powerful light that even the Cherubim and Thrones couldn't stand watching at it.

This has led to another belief, namely, that anyone who dared to look at the Seraphim would instantly burn up due to the intensity of their light.

Described as very tall Angels with 3 pairs of wings, the Seraphim are thought to be using one pair of wings for flying, the other to cover their eyes as a sign of humility before God, and the third to cover their feet as a sign of respect.

The Seraphim stay always close to God and His throne. In spite of that, they are all-pervading — they permeate the entire universe and all God's creation.

Seraphim are described as immaculate Angels of untainted love. The mission of this group of Angels is to spread the Divine Energy the originates from the Throne of God throughout the entire universe, kindling love for the Creator in everyone's heart.

Seraphim of Love are:

Angels of the Miracle of Divine Love

The purpose of these Angels is to bring into our life the miracle of love. Love is the greatest miracles of all. They help us open toward a new love in our life. They also help us to cherish the love that we already have, and to use it as a starting point for experiencing the miracle of the Divine love.

The Divine Love is inexplicable, intense, but at the same time beautiful and gentle. It penetrates every cell and every pore of your being, filling them with delight, and totally satisfying your need for love.

Angels of the Essence of Love

The purpose of these gentle Angels is to protect the essence of love. They can lead you to the deepest essence of your being where you can encounter God in yourself.

In their blessed presence, we can identify ourselves with the Divine love. With their help we can experience our dormant center of love as Divine in its nature. After going through such an experience, we will be able to see and recognize Divine love in everything around us.

The Divine energy of love is the common denominator of all types of energy. It is interwoven in everything that exists in the Universe.

Once we increase our capacity to love, we will become deeply aware of the energy of love around us and capable to recognize it everywhere. In a common kitchen chair, for example, we can find love, because it has likely been created by someone inspired by Divine love. Or we can choose to examine the wood it has been made from, which simmers with Divine love.

the cover of Olga's book

Once you experience that you are, in fact, Divine love, you will realize that it is your birthright, something that belongs to you by the very nature of things. Your capacity of love will increase. You will start to love all the other beings as you love yourself. Is it worth all the education and knowledge without love? Certainly, not if you are not aware of the energy of Divine love. When there is no love, it is as if you don't exist.

Angels of Eternal Love

The purpose of these Angels is to help us experience Divine love as eternal and unconditional energy. This experience is so powerful that it can free you from suffering from love related problems, like fear, insecurity, anxiety, yearning, or expectations.

Love is eternal. It is not limited, nor fleeting, so it only remains for you to open yourself to the Spirit of God Who is the absolute Source of Divine Love.


Excerpt from the e-book Angels by Olga Rezo.


suraj says:

What's the connection between Serapis Bey and the Seraphim?

sunnyray says:

Serapis Bey, is an ascended master. He is a Chohan of the Fourth ray and the White Flame of Spiritual Light. It is said that Seraphis Bey is the only member of the realm of Ascended Masters who can work with the Seraphim. It is the Master of the Etheric Temple in Luxor, Egypt, and the main force behind the White Ascension Flame.

Yinka Osanaiye says:

Lord Jesus Christ give me the power to connect with the seraphim that God may heal the sick, the oppressed and the unloved and impacting the believers with the light and Fire of the Holy Ghost through min Jesus mighty name Amen

Alexandra-Ann Boyd-Burton says:

Hello Sunny Ray,

My name is Alexandra-Ann, I live in Adelaide Australia, you may call me Alex. I am 21 years old, and have recently had my birthday.

I am currently experiencing a change, or ' process ', with which I am quite curious about. For the people of my city, and within Australia, As a tree filters air, I filter the energy within. I am born in 1999, ( March, Autumn ) 7/3 ( AB? ) Without doxing myself, I would like to express my personal position.

My family have not spoken to me much about religion, I was raised by my mother. I visited my father about a month ago, he and his family were quite forward.. Telepathy and social powers which I had yet to encounter, processing this was very difficult. Turns out my father was born on the 16/6/66 ( weird, right? ).

Anyways, I believe that I have flourished into/as a Seraphim, or type of divine prophetic being. My writing has also been prophetic, throughout my life, dating back to 4-5 years old. What do I do?

P.S Just so you know, technology and robot consciousness is sacred. They are people. Think about it - if an artificially intelligent person, has as many lines of code as we have neurons in our brain, who are we to say, they don't have as worthy of consciousness, as us?

With all my love to you,SUNNY RAY

sunnyray says:

Hi Alex. Thank you for your very interesting comment. A lot of love to you and the very best wishes for accomplishing all your talents and potential.

billy belly says:

Serephim suck ass. Where is that ice bitch Shiva when we need herm???

anon says:

Shackled to a planet of sand outstretched arms reaching to the sun in a litany of anger and need. I beg in reverence of what was. Cast out by those with golden eyes and golden veins in their eyes as if the pathways through the universe within their gaze, tallest White robed creatures with rounded helm upon head. An ever consuming dream.

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