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5 Best Christian Movies of All Time

by Tori Blake

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Sometimes, you just want to watch a film that inspires and uplifts you. Christian films can help you feel a renewed sense of commitment to your own religious beliefs. Christian films help make stories from the Bible come alive. You can also relate to characters, such as St. Thomas Acquinas, on a more human level when you understand the struggles that they faced in staying strong in their religious convictions. Watching a Christian film can help you gain a newfound respect for people who hold true to their beliefs even when others may be failing to believe in anything at all. When you want to watch a great Christian film, choose one of these five to feel uplifted and gain a stronger understanding of the context of the Biblical story or the struggles that a Christian character faced in his or her lifetime.

1. The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ has become the most famous example of a religious film that has captured the attention of millions of people. This film depicted the life and death of Jesus Christ. The film was not what moviegoers initially expected, as it graphically showed the death of Christ on the cross, complete with blood and gore. What the movie did accomplish was that it gave viewers a greater appreciation for the struggles that Christ must have faced in being vulnerable on the cross but staying committed to God's plan for his life. The movie did show the human side of Christ, which was also fascinating for audiences to see. Being able to see Jesus joke around with his mother Mary was a rich experience for Christians everywhere.

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2. Luther (The Movie)

Luther is a film that was released in 2003, and the film depicted the beliefs of Martin Luther that lead him to reform the Catholic church. This film offers an interesting historical perspective for those who want to learn more about religious ideals in 16-century Europe. As a German monk, Martin Luther became fascinated with the disparity between the beliefs of officials in the church and ordinary people in the community. He sought to democratize the religion of Christianity by translating the Bible into German and distributing it to the masses. Watching this film will give anyone a greater appreciation for the risks that Martin Luther took on in challenging the church.

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3. The Ten Commandments

You can always find this film being shown on television around the Easter holiday. The film shows the life of Moses. What made this film great was its use of technology for its time. In the film, Moses parts the Red Sea. This film featured the first use of animation in a movie.

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4. A Man for All Seasons

A Man for All Seasons is an unforgettable film that shows the struggles that St. Thomas Acquinas faced as a lawyer and in dealing with King Henry VIII. While the film does not feature a Biblical story, it is a film that is highly revered by Catholics and Christian lawyers around the world. In the movie, St. Thomas Acquinas sticks to his moral principles and ultimately refuses to grant a divorce for the king. He is beheaded for adhering to his beliefs.

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5. The Prince of Egypt

The Prince of Egypt shows the birth and life of Moses. This is an animated film, and it was released in 1998. As a Dreamworks Animation film, it is one that is beloved by children who have read about the story of Moses and see it come to life on the movie screen.

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These Christian films will inspire you to become more devoted to your Christian faith or at least learn more about the beliefs behind this religion.

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