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Why Having Good Feng Shui Can Substantially Improve Your Fame and Reputation

By sunny breeze

Whether you are aware or not, the energies that Feng shui talks about work all the time. That holds true for all areas of our life, and in particular, for our fame and reputation. So, having your home arranged according to the principles of good, positive Feng Shui is very powerful for advancing your popularity and reputation.

Sometimes you can consciously put certain things or rearrange some items in your house to achieve the desired effect of good Feng shui.

Other times, it may happen that you already have your home unconsciously arranged in line with the teachings of this ancient art. In that case the energy of Feng shui works favorably, but without your conscious knowledge.

What if you don't want to be a celebrity or movie star? Do you still need to improve your fame and reputation?

Well, of course you do. Fame and reputation are important for everyone, even if you are not a celebrity.

We all need a bit of both, to be able to do our job the best we can. For example, we need a bit of fame in order to be recognized for our good work. And gaining good reputation means getting credit for our great work. So, you would want to have both in order to be successful in your professional life. Or if you are still at school or college to be accepted and popular there, for that matter.

What can we do to protect our good name, status and prominence?

bagua quadrant

Feng shui teaches that there is a special part your home - the so called fame and reputation quadrant. It is located in the far back corner of the middle portion of your living space. In total, there are 9 Feng shui quadrants, but this one is especially dedicated to your reputation, to what you and your family want to contribute to the world.

What belongs in this quadrant?


The main element of this corner is the fire element. This is a good place to put a fireplace if you are planing your future home. If not, you can put a large branched candlestick or a candle holder. Whenever you lit the candles, imagine that the flame burns to support your fame and reputation.

Moreover, any symbol of fire, including bright red color that represents fire, brings powerful Feng shui here. Orange and yellow are also acceptable.

What to put in the Fire and Reputation Quadrant?

  • fireplace
  • candle hodler
  • awards
  • trophies
  • cactus plant
  • sharp objects
  • wooden furniture

The fame corner is the right place for any personal accomplishments, including degrees, trophies, awards, medals, etc. This is the right place also for any item that would symbolize your future accomplishments. Wooden items, including chairs or desks, can also be put there, as wood as we all know supports the fire element.

Additionally, you can put there (and nowhere else) natural objects with points, for example, cactus plants or roses with thorns. Natural objects bring positive energy, and in addition, the points will work toward protecting your career and repute.


Anything else that can be associated with height and prominence, including pictures or statues of stars, birds, mountain peaks, belongs there.

But, what if your Fame & Reputation corner is located in the part of your house that is not ideal, like in the bathroom for example. Well, there is no need to panic. You can still adjust your bathroom to accommodate and your aspirations and enhance your reputation. All you need to do is include some elements to balance the water element that naturally dominates this area. For that, you would need to include some wooden elements. Next, you would need to add some fire elements to represent the feelings of brilliance and expansion related to your reputation. Examples of fire element in the bathroom are candles, lighting, and red tones.


I hope you have seen how using a couple of simple Feng Shui tips can help you improve your status and prestige in the society, even if you are not a celebrity. If you want to move up in the world, and want to gain higher esteem and respect, this quadrant is a good place to start.

Moreover, once you have set up the fame and reputation quadrant properly, the good energies of Feng shui will work for you all the time, even without your conscious cooperation.

Have you already prepared your house in accordance with Feng shui? What are your personal experiences?

About the Author

Sunny breeze is a member of sunnyray's editorial staff.


Rupesh says:

Hi Sunny,

Read your article. Good to know about placement of cactus in house. However, how about placement of cactus in the open space outside the house. I use a certain part of this place for gardening and have planted a cactus in garden yesterday. Please email me the reply.

sunny says:

No problem with cacti outside, as far as I can tell.

Asha says:

Hello Sunny.thks for all explanations. I believe in feng shui but very often am misguided and end up in confusion.according to your explanation cactus is not good at the entrance.that is outside the main living in an apartment.

I have in the fame quadrant one Buddha frame picture and colour is gold and a sofa just below it and the wall is is in my living that OK...

sunny says:

Yes, the fame quadrant should be OK.

Genevieve says:

Hi Sunny, I have a pot of cactus garden which I like to place in the fame & reputation quadrant. But that quadrant happens to be in the bedroom. Can I still place it near the window?

sunny says:

I don't see why not.

sasikala says:

I bought 3 cacti....2 with thorns....where exactly can I place it in my living room.

sunnyray says:

Hi sasikala
Maybe this can help? Thanks for commenting.

Tin says:

I place my cactus at the second floor terrace of the house which is across the entrance. Is the position fine? Thanks

sunnyray says:

Hi Tin. If I understand it correctly, I think that position should be OK.

saisha says:

Hi sunny the house i stay in is nice and good but continue water flow when the water is left for all in society every morning, which o feel un easy abt it when my water tank is full n until its stopped at its time, from d time m in this house i get sick a lot of time, i brought the cacti n plcd it just in my living room straight from my main door to fame of quadrant area as u said in above diagram...plz help me..thanks

sunnyray says:

Hi saisha, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, which to be honest I don't really understand. As for the position of your cacti, I believe it is correct. However, if you have serious flooding problems, which again I'm not sure if I get it correctly, I don't think feng shui will help mitigate the damage. You would need other more tangible means of help.

Veevee says:

Hello Sunny! We just bought 2 small, round cacti. I was planning to place it by thw window, we live in an apartment, so upon entering our main door across is the window, where there's a cabinet and also there is the place for tv, it's living room also. I'm not sure if it's ok to be placed there? Pictures are also placed there. Thank you in advance! I really need your help. Thank you!

sunnyray says:

Please check this post. Hope it helps.

Anna says:

Hi Sunny, I just got a new cactus and has placed near my main entrance that opens up to my living room, is that ok?? I a confused about my fame and reputation corner in my home. I have balcony opposite to my main entrance and living room in between...entrance has a small passage before we enter living room and I have kept my cacus i. That passage near main that ok??

sunnyray says:

I would put it close to the balcony on the inside, or outside on the balcony.

Suhasini says:

Hi.just read ur post. Very nice article. I have a problem of missing fame area in my house. it's in my kitchen area where d stove is kept. pls give some remedy. We don't get any fame or appreciation for what we do.

sunnyray says:

You can simply choose your living room, or another room in your home and prepare a proper fame and reputation area there. Or cure and enhance the current one. Like for example some fire elements, red colors, posters, bright lighting, etc.

Victoria says:

I just read from another Feng Shui website that it's NOT ok to put cactus anywhere in the house and now I'm really confused.

My home office is in the South, but behind its wall is the toilet & bathroom, so I thought I could use a cactus to protect this area using a beautiful gold sculpture of cactus.

From another feng shui expert, Fame is in the South while Business, Career & Success is in the North (which is my kitchen), they're not in the same direction so you can see where my confusion is coming from.

What do you think?

sunnyray says:

In general the advice is correct, but there are exceptions as to where cactus may be put within the house, as discussed in the post above.

The Fame bagua area is in the south, check for example this post.

Julius says:

Plase see the Sketch of my House,

is it ok to put the Cactus or succulent Plant in all the red square?

sunnyray says:

I cannot decipher your scheme, sorry.

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