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4 Simple Steps To Grow A Money Tree

By Wayne Tammons

The Money Tree, also known as the Jade Plant, Friendship Tree, and Lucky Plant, is known for brining good luck to it's owners. Its scientific name is Crassala ovata, and Feng Shui experts commonly prescribe Money Trees to those wishing to change their fortunes for the better. Whether the Money Tree will bring you financial bliss or not, they make beautiful house plants with their thick, dark green succulent leaves and star shaped flowers.

Growing your own Money Tree is easy if you follow these tips.


In order to get started, you will need:

* A cutting from a Money Plant

* A glass jar or small pot of moist but freely draining soil

money tree in a jar


Once you have the tools you need, you can get started! Follow these steps:

1.     Like most succulents, Money Plants are one of these easy plants to propagate from cuttings. Often branches will break from established Money Plants and grow roots where they fall on the earth. Choose a healthy looking specimen with glossy leaves to take your cutting from.

2.     Make your cutting with a clean, sharp blade to avoid spreading plant infections and diseases. You should make your cutting about 4” long and cut off any leaves on the lower inch of the cutting.

3.     Place your cutting in a glass or jar of water or plant directly into your pot of soil.

4.     If you are growing your cutting in a glass of water, roots should appear within a couple of weeks. At this stage you can plant on, into a medium sized pot of freely draining soil.


In addition the above, here are some helpful tips for growing your tree:

  • Since Money Plants hold water in their leaves, branches and trunks, they do not need to be watered very often. In fact, an excessive frequency of watering can cause the leaves to wrinkle and drop off. You should only water your Money Plant around once a month and let the soil dry between waterings. Never let a Money Plant stand water.
  • Money Plants have dormant cycles when the plant will stop growing and rest. At this stage watering should be cut down even further- perhaps to once every two weeks.
  • Although Money Plants grow well in the sunshine, changing their position from a shady to sunny spot may cause the leaves to get burnt. If you want to move your Money Plant to a brighter area of your garden, start by letting it get a few hours of sun at a time to prevent damage. A Money Plant which is getting sufficient light will get a red pigmentation appearing at the edges of the leaves.
  • Money Plants can be propagated at any time of year, although you will notice that root systems appear more quickly in springtime.
  • In hot climates Money Plants can be grow successfully out of doors.
  • Money Plants don't generally need feeding, but if you do decide to use a fertiliser select one which is specially formulated for plants in the cacti and succulent family.


About the Author

Wayne Tammons is an avid nature lover and environmentalist. He currently works for Atlanta Tree Services and lives with his family in Johns Creek, GA.


The above guest post is published based on the premise that it will be helpful and informative. The opinions made within it are those of the author and not of The links you may find within this post do not necessarily imply our recommendation or endorsement of the views expressed within them.


anonymous says:

All I needs is a picture of the soil and water.

sunny says:

Hi anon,
I appreciate your dropping by, but don't really understand your question. Could you be more specific?

Jey says:

Hi, my friend gave me a 4 inch cut price from the tree in the same way as above, and I was wondering can I put the plant outdoors for the whole year or do I have to keep it indoors, also can I plant the 4 inch tree outside, eventhough it has no roots?

sunny says:

Hi Jey,
I am not an expert on growing money trees, but I believe they are really picky plants when it comes to the outdoors conditions. For example, the outside temperature should not go below 41 degrees F. In addition, they are not really fond of direct sunlight. Hopefully Wayne, whose guest article the above text is, will care to comment on this with a little more detail.

ali says:

can money plant grow only in water?

sunny says:

I haven't tried it myself, but I know of people who used to grow them only in water. In this case I would suggest using only well water, not tab water due to the added chlorine in the latter which definitely affects the health of the plants.

Elpojohn says:

Moneyplant/friendship tree /lucky plant/Jade plant. Whatever you want to call it, as it's known by all these names. It is very easy to grow from a cutting. It requires very little attention. Does well in pots inside house, in cold climates and inside or outside on patios, etc. in sunny climates. I just love my Crassala Ovatas.

sunny says:

Thanks, Elpojohn, for this short but informative piece.

Anita Byrne says:

I have a money plant and I have tried the leafs in water with only one successful attempt .... but I have noticed further up the top of tree some roots are starting to grow out the side of trunk and was wondering what I should do with them !!

anthony Phillip says:

Once only I took the Money Plant Tree from my office and put at my house. It was growing good but my father by mistake pull the Tree. Then the Tree was broken into pieces and then I took the broken tree and put in waterbottle and then it was not growing and throw it away. But again I want to put it in my new House.

sunny says:

We wish you a lot of luck with your new money tree, Anthony.

gin says:

How much does a fend shui money tree cost?

sunnyray says:

It can be anywhere from $10 to several hundreds, depending on the size, quality, arrangement and other elements.

George says:

Any thoughts on where should I put my money tree in order to get the maximum feng shui benefit.

sunnyray says:

Hi George
The principle is to locate the wealth corner of your home. It should be the leftmost corner if you are at the dorway looking into your home. For individual rooms, the same principle applies. Once you have located the wealth corner, put your money tree there. That is, of course, if that place gets the necessary sunlight for your three to thrive.

tim says:

We have a money tree in our house and would like to repot it in a bigger pot. But what we don't know is whether or not it's ok to do so.

sunnyray says:

It should be ok. Using a bigger pot will allow the plant to grow bigger. Winter is great for that because most of the plants are dormant during winter season. Be careful not to damage the roots. Break the pot if you have to, rather than damaging the roots. Use quality potitng soil. That should do the job.

kamran says:

I love this

Liz Dervish says:

I have a lovely money tree that belonged to my mother. It is in the conservatory which has no heating. Is it ok to leave it there when outside if freezing or should I bring it indoors ? From Liz

sunnyray says:

Even though money tree is capable of handling short periods of cold weather, it is much better off indoors.

anonymous says:

This is very useful for my daughter in her assignment

Thank you

sunnyray says:

Great! Thank you for your comment.

Mamoona says:

My money plant is stop growing from many months. What should i do?

Tufail Yousaf says:

Off course you have a lot of experience.
White portion of egg is very much beneficial to grow fastly and keep money plant green.

mahmood says:

Which is best fertilizer for money plant tree

sunnyray says:

You can use any decent liquid plant fertilizer diluted with water. Don't provide any in winter.

James says:

Hi I have just brought a very small cutting from money plant repotted do you water it in or do you wait I have put it in sandy soil is that good for drainage

orce says:

I grow from leaf and I make a video 100% working

Grass guy says:

there are two money trees one is a succulent Crassula Ovata aka jade plant pictured above article the other money tree is pachira aquatica aka the money tree and has a trunk like a ficus tree sometimes braided w/skinny limbs with long slender leaves at end 5-6 if you have propagation info on that money tree please post

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