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Are psychics real? 7 myths about psychic readers and mediums

By Veselina

Psychics have been around since time immemorial and, even so, the bulk of the population doesn’t know whether to believe in their veracity or not. Are psychics real? How do they know what they know? Where do they get their powers? How much do they know about me? Can anyone become a psychic?

The debate of whether or not psychics are real may never ever go away and the skepticism is perfectly plausible because this is a subject you need to view with an open mind and dig really deep into to have even just a nodding acquaintance with.

Your curiosity landed you here and this article looks to bring you as close to the answers you are looking for as possible. We will try to debunk all the myths you may have heard about psychics – both those trying to lay psychic abilities on thick and the negative ones – and let you decide what to believe yourself. Firstly, however, you need to understand that psychic ability is a wide topic. People tend to cram psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants in one bubble and that’s where the confusion comes in. Different mediums and intuitive readers have varying talents, with abilities ranging from plain intuition to the gift of communicating with spirits.

Now, let’s get down to busting misconceptions.

Myth #1: ‘Psychic’ and ‘medium’ are one and the same thing

We were certainly going to start with that. Well, there is the fact that psychics and mediums can both see what ordinary humans can’t, but that’s about where the similarity ends. A psychic is anyone with the ability to perceive hidden information by seeing, sensing, hearing, or feeling something. Mediums, on the other hand, have the ability to communicate with spirits of dead people and connect them with the living.

Myth #2: All psychics are scammers

This is one of the main reasons the majority of the people do not believe in psychic power. There are opportunists in every space, and this being a subject surrounded by a lot of skepticism, an encounter with a swindler could easily have anyone jarring every psychic with the same brush.

There are enough scammers to go around and just because one has a weekly show on TV doesn’t mean they are credible. The highest rated psychics are not necessarily popular. They don’t do it for the money either because intuitive reading is a calling and not an occupation.

Myth #3: Psychics and mediums can read minds

This has to be the biggest lie making the rounds. If you are going to be moving around vetting psychics by asking them if they can tell what you are thinking, then you are probably never going to meet a real one. It just doesn’t work like that. The information you get from a psychic or medium doesn’t come from their own perception, and instead the universe and higher powers such as spirit guides. The psychic is just the vessel those higher powers use to communicate to you.

Guardian angels and spirit guides are barely interested in what you are thinking and trivial things that will not help you choose the right path and live your best life. They are instead interested in passing along useful information that you need to hear and can make something out of.

Myth #4: Psychics can predict the future

There is obviously some truth in that. If someone can tell you to shun certain habits because they will put you or a loved one in danger, then they have, to some extent, predicted the future. However, anyone who claims to know what you will do tomorrow night, when you will meet your soul mate, or even when you will die, is a blatant liar that has had enough of your attention already.

The human mind does not rest. You literally have thousands of thoughts every day and the fact that you are not alone in the world should familiarize you with the impossibility of future prediction. There are simply too many thoughts floating around every day in the universe.

A psychic is able to turn his/her senses on when they are doing a reading. That’s how they are able to grasp your energy. Once they are done, they will turn off their senses and get out of your energy. In a word, it is impossible for a psychic that is legitimate to pick up on all the possibilities embedded in your thoughts and energy.

Myth #5: Only a few people in the world have psychic and medium powers

One big misconception about these spiritual abilities is that they were given to just a few people. It may sound farcical but everyone is born with psychic abilities.

Have you ever been in a situation where you just met someone and felt strongly about them, either positively or negatively, even though this is the first time you met? Or, has someone you have not met in years ever come in your mind then the next day you bump into them in the streets? That’s not coincidence. That’s you, through your sixth, picking up on another person’s energy.

What sets you and the psychics apart is the fact that they were able to recognize their powers and put them into practice. You can unlock your psychic abilities too and be able to pick up on other people’s energies at will. Willingness is all it takes because you have the natural powers!

Myth #6: Psychics have supernatural powers

This is up there with the most popular misconceptions about psychics and mediums. These are humans just like you. They are doing what you could be doing if you recognized the powers in you to connect with your higher self. Psychics die natural deaths; they need cars to travel around; they forget car keys on the table; and most importantly they have families and are subject to emotions just like everyone else. They have no connection whatsoever with paranormal activities, witchcraft, occult science, or ghosts and spirits.

Myth #7: Psychics can curse and remove curses

For the start, you don’t necessarily have a curse on you just because you are always dealing with negative energy. Secondly, psychics and mediums don’t remove curses, perform curses, or do anything curse related. They could however help you determine what the reason behind your concerns could be. In most cases, you are just dealing with a spiritual issue that is causing you to make wrong choices and choose the wrong paths.

If a ‘psychic’ tells you they have detected a curse on you that they can free you from, chances are they are lying to you and are just capitalizing on your desperation to make money. Simply put, that’s not a psychic. That is a scammer. Mediums and psychics do not do that. Clairvoyants do. A psychic can refer you to a clairvoyant if they feel your concerns are beyond their understanding.

That said, always keep in mind that you are likely not cursed even if it feels like your affinity for bad luck has been too high to rule it as a curse. Always seek spiritual readings and guidance from tested-and-tried psychics. That is the only way to ensure you are making adjustments to your passions, habits, and lifestyle for things that are truly worth it.

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