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Are psychics real? 7 myths about psychic readers and mediums By Veselina


Psychics have been around since time immemorial and, even so, the bulk of the population doesn’t know whether to believe in their veracity or not. Are psychics real? How do they know what they know? Where do they get their powers? How much do they know about me? Can anyone become a psychic... Read more

The Mayan Calendar and the End of the World By Mikki Moneg


Today, mankind is faced with the challenge of fitting the individual paths of each person together in a unique picture of evolution. In many respects, many ancient civilizations knew much more about this process of evolution than we presently know, and one of those great civilizations were the Mayan people. One especially astonishing aspect of the Mayans was their calendar. The Mayan calendar is connected to the so-called nine cycles of creation, each corresponding to one level of consciousness or - in Mayan cosmological terminology - one of the nine underground worlds... Read more

Numbers Of Love And Relationship In Numerology By Rob Zane


When we explore the psychic or spiritual world we enter into the unseen side of our nature. We go beyond our real selves and look for answers to our life’s path in less conventional ways. We seek out the advice and counsel of spiritual specialists or psychics. A psychic has chosen one of many paths to spiritual enlightenment. Often when we receive psychic readings or medium readings, the reader will communicate with deceased spirits who can help in interpreting your problem and give a variety of suggestions for your consideration... Read more