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Infrared Sauna - A Modern Take on a Classic Therapy

By Brant

Sauna technology is nothing new. The Finns have been using saunas for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years, as have other Scandinavian and even Eastern European cultures. In climates that cold, the rare treat of being able to strip off your clothes and sweat in the dead of winter is something to look forward to every winter. Unlike these primitive pits dug into the sides of slopes in Europe, modern saunas rely on cutting-edge technology to bring people all of the benefits of this ancient method of heat therapy. The infrared sauna is the latest innovation to the centuries-old idea of heat therapy.


The way that the infrared sauna works is by using infrared heating pads to deliver infrared heat directly to the body. While traditional saunas focus on heating the air inside the sauna, infrared saunas are able to skip that step and deliver the heat directly to the body, where it’s needed most. This prevents the leaking of harmful gases into the sauna and out of the sauna. It’s a great way to enjoy direct heat without having to deal with the residual consequences of smoke or steam. And, because it bypasses the heating of the air, it’s able to raise your core temperature much more quickly.


If your core temperature rises more quickly, then you can enjoy the benefits of the heat for longer. You will relax as your blood vessels expand, allowing your blood to flow freely, bringing much-needed oxygen to every part of your body. Your systolic and diastolic blood pressure will drop, sweeping your stress and tension away. Your muscles will relax, soothing away any aches and pains. And your body will sweat, flushing out toxins and giving you the best skin you’ve ever had in your adult life. On top of that, your cortisol levels will adjust, preventing hard-to-lose belly fat from accumulating around your midsection.


The benefits of an infrared sauna are many. While this may seem like just a pipe dream or a rare treat for most people, it’s actually more affordable to own your own home sauna than ever before. You can even pay in installments to make it more affordable for you to take a sauna home and enjoy it today. The Finns aren’t the only people who can enjoy a mid-winter heat therapy session in a sauna anymore. Thanks to today’s affordable infrared technology, anyone can indulge in heat therapy.

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By Brant


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pap says:

I think it is only fair to say there are downsides to using IR saunas like overheating and dehydration. Also, people with pacemakers, silicone implants or other implants should be careful and possibly they should consult their physician before entering the IR sauna.

sunnyray says:

Thanks pap for the comment. It looks to me, though, that these adverse effects can be ascribed to any type of sauna for that matter, not just the infrared sauna.

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