Seven Meditation Techniques for Beginners

I this post I will present seven meditation techniques for beginners. They should be performed on a daily basis, according to your own preferences and routine. Out of the seven available, select the one that you are attracted to the most. Then, try to practice it as regularly as you can. Just 10 to 20 minutes of meditation a day can often make a huge difference in your life.

These meditations will help you get a deeper understanding of your own being, your own problems and dilemmas. Even though the beginner's methods presented below are quite simple, they are no less powerful than any other more sophisticated meditation technique. It all comes down to your own self and your consciousness. Always be aware that your true Divine Self is very powerful, no matter the actual method of self-discovery you have decided to work with.

1. Meditation on a Cross

cross meditation Make your own wooden cross (if you don't know how there are plenty of ideas on youtube.). You should be the only one handling it. The cross you make should never find its way into somebody else's hands.

Put your wooden cross on the wall at the most eastern point in your room.

Purify your space with incense, sit down (preferable in a suitable chair or meditation bench), relax yourself, and perform your usual pranayama (pranic breathing) exercises.

Focus your attention on the cross. Keep your attention there for a couple of minutes.

Next, close your eyes and visualize a Cosmic Cross made out of Pure Light. It is positioned somewhere high in the sky.

Now visualize your consciousness merging with the Cosmic cross.

With your eyes still closed, meditate on the symbolism of the cross. The place where the horizontal and vertical lines of the cross are intersected is where you can find your own being. You have because the center of the Cosmic cross, the center of the Universe.

At the end, see yourself standing in front of your own True Self.

2. Mind and Heart Meditation Technique

mind and heart in love The aim of this meditation method is bringing your mind into your heart.

Purify your space with incense, sit down, relax yourself, and perform your usual pranayama exercises.

Your mind and heart should be one, not two.

Concentrate on your breathing, on your natural inhaling and exhaling. Observe it for a couple of minutes and then use the breathing process to bring your mind toward your heart.

You can do that by encouraging your mind to descend toward your heart while in-breathing. While exhaling, let your mind stay in the heart and feel the warmth, love, and peace present there.

3. Merging the Spiritual with the Physical

body - spirit - oak This meditation technique should be performed in a park or forest, or any other place where you can find an oak tree. Approach a beautiful, large oak tree. Sit down close to the trunk, relax, and perform your usual pranayamas. Then lift your legs slightly upwards, so as to enable your chest and head to be filled with blood.

Keep your hands folded somewhere in between the chest and the navel.

Breathe regularly, deeply and then let the breath become ever shallower and quieter. At the same time be aware of your inner warmth as being distributed evenly throughout your body.

This meditation can cure impotence, strengthen the heart, and clear up the mind.

4. Silence and Stillness — the Shortest Way to Enlightenment

Silence is golden You should perform this meditation daily. If you have problems making the habit of daily meditation, here is how you can achieve that. To begin with this exercise, purify your space with incense, sit down, relax yourself, and perform your usual pranayama exercises.

First, light up a candle and gaze at the flame for several minutes.

Next, close your eyes and ears, and let the inner silence of your own being take over.

Listen to your own silence for 15 minutes.

5. Concentration on a Yellow Rose

 flower is Divine creation Best time to perform this technique is early in the morning. Find a quiet spot in a park or garden. If possible, find a spot with yellow flowers nearby. Sit down, relax yourself, and perform your usual pranayamas. In your mind, be aware that separation is an illusion — you are in everything and everything is in you.

Focus your attention on a single yellow flower, but don't pick it up. Ideally, it should be a yellow rose or a dandelion. Again, be aware that you are in everything and everything is in you.

Gaze at the flower until you start to feel glimmer in front of you eyes. Be aware that you are in everything and everything is in you.

Imagine that you are passing through a Heavenly gate illuminated by the morning Sun, and then merge with the omnipresent Aura of the Cosmic Spiritual Sun. You are in everything and everything is in you.

Be at one with all beings. You are in everything and everything is in you.

You are in everything and everything is in you.

6. Focusing the Spirit on a Single Word Meditation

the love of Christ Sit down, relax your entire body, and perform your usual breathing exercises. Focus your attention on your own spiritual temple, which is positioned inside of your spiritual heart.

The word you are going to focus on is "LOVE". Do not write it down. Close your eyes and just create a mental image of that word in front of your mental screen. Represent it graphically within your mind space. Concentrate on every letter of that word, on every syllable.

Listen to those letters — look at them. Utter every sound in that word; at first slowly and quietly, gradually increasing the intensity. Feel the letters as they tremble with your singing of L, O, V, and E.

Know that your words are nothing but pure energy — they receive and emit energy. Words are the manifestation of God, and God Himself is the Word. Become aware that the core of your being is LOVE as well.

7. Pure Inner Light Meditation

the chakras glow Sit down, relax yourself, and perform your usual pranayamas. Light a candle and gaze at its flame for a while.

Press your chin onto the clavicle, but continue to gaze at the candle flame through your half-closed eye-lids. Be persistent in that.

After approximately three minutes, close your eyes and continue to gaze at the flame's reflection inside your mind with your eyes closed.

After a couple of minutes, open your eyes again and gaze at the candle flame for three more minutes. Then close your eyes and continue to gaze at the flame with your eyes closed.

Repeat the whole cycle once more time — so as to make three cycles.

Stay with your eyes closed for another couple of minutes, enjoying the awakened inner light.


Hopefully you will find at least some of these beginner's meditation techniques as simple and useful for your day-to-day meditation routine as we do. They are simple enough to be used every day. As with everything in life, the more you use them the greater the results. What is your method of choice? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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Hi Tsehaie Ghebresus

All you need to do is to start practicing some of these meditations, exactly the way they are described. As Lao-tzu, once said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - just make the first step and you will be one step closer to the limitless power of meditation.

With Light and Love!

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