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DM 145 Watts Review

By Gregor Sullivan

If you are looking for a quality solar panel, which at the same time has a reasonable price, look no further. The DM Solar 145 Watt Polycrystalline Panel is one of the best priced solar panels currently available on the markets.

If you want the longer version of what I just said, please read on for a review of the main pros and cons of this panel.

DM Solar offers a quality 2-pack solar system that provides 290 Watts of power. This is enough power to run your laptops, recharge your cell phones and other devices off the batteries. Potentially, with this kind of power, you may start considering to run even some low consumption electrical appliances in your household (e.g., DC fridge, fan, smaller lights).

The Price

dm 145 Watt solar panel 2 pack

It is a known fact that mono-crystalline solar panels are more expensive when compared to polycrystalline panels of similar characteristics. The same holds also for this DM 145 Watt panel — it is relatively cheap, especially if we take into consideration its solid performances. You can read more on the subject of monocrystalline versus polycrystalline solar cells in this post.

The price is one of the features of this panel you will like very much. For less than $1 per Watt of solar electricity you will get very efficient, durable and sturdy solar panels.

The Efficiency

The price difference mentioned above is mainly due to the more complicated technology of production of the mono-Si based solar cells. In turn, this technology enables higher efficiency, or at least that is what one should expect in principle.

That said, it is amazing to see how in the last couple of years quality polycrystalline cells, like the ones from the DM Solar gamut, are catching up with the mono-crystalline cells in terms of efficiency, while at the same time keeping the prices low.

In this particular case, the DM 145W model has a respectable cell efficiency of up to 17 percent.

The Power

A couple of years ago you would have been able to able to purchase just one of these panels. Today, because of the affordable price, they are being sold in pairs. One panel with dimensions of 58 by 26 inch weights 32 pounds.

With this pair of panels, you will get a total installed solar power of 290 Watts. Given the affordable price, this is a remarkable number.

The Manufacturer

dm 145 Watt solar panel unpacked in the yard

Being a USA-based solar panel manufacturer, DMSolar is a member of U.S. Green Building Council. These panels actually use very solid solar cells made by GinTech in Taiwan. That being said, it is fair to say that the panel itself seems sturdy and very well made.

Durability and Warranty

When it comes to life expectancy, all standard solar panels have at least 40 year lifespan, so it is probably safe to say that you should expect nothing less from this model as well.

When it comes to warranty, the DM 145 Watt Poly Solar Module gives an output warranty of 90% after 15 years of operation, as well as 3 years of workmanship warranty.

This is probably less than what you will be able to find with some of the biggest names of branded solar panels. But, for a professional private label product, this is still a great feature.

What is Included

This solar kit includes two 144 Watt panels and parallel cables. Be aware that you might also need some MC4 cables (not included in this purchase), for example if you want to connect the solar panels to a combiner box or to some off grid power. This is because the junction box is not suitable for conversion to custom cabling. Apart from the MC4 cables, everything else is there to get you going very quickly.

The Possible Downsides

You might have already noticed the weight of this solar panel indicated in the text above. If it seemed to you a bit heavy, you are right. Note, however, that the extra weight is because of the quality of the frame around the individual cells. The whole construction is so solid that it seems that an average person can stand on them without causing any damage.

wiring of this solar panel

Some users complain that MC4 style connections are not included in the package. That's true. However, the extra cost of buying some MC4 connectors is not a big issue.

Another complaint is related to the panel's poor packaging. While I find it unlikely that any serious damage could occur to these modules during the shipping, it is probably a good idea to inspect them for possible visible damages immediately after receiving them.

Final Remarks

Some people engage into building their own solar panels from individual solar cells. This is exactly the kind of solar panel that will change your mind about home made solar panels. Compared to the amount of time, money and difficulties required for any home-made project of this type, DM Solar 145W is a real bargain.

voltage measurement

You can expect that even in the shade this DM Solar module will perform very well. The added benefit versus the mono-Si solar panels is in the better performance in mid summer (working temperatures beyond 110 F).

Another great feature is the ability to easily upgrade this solar set-up with additional modules. The DM Solar kit could be a great foundation for your future extended solar system.

In addition, the solar panels can be installed with ease and with no special tools required. All you need to provide is enough space on your roof.

Where to buy

You can buy this solar kit from Amazon. At the moment this product ships for free. By comparing prices with some other merchants, and given their excellent customer service, I believe that have the best deal. Click here to view this panel on

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